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The information that surprises me the most is the unpaid work that women do and receive because... Gender inequality: have your say! 13/3/24
I've chosen to discuss opinion B and C. I agree with both opinions heavily and here's... How would you respond? 11/3/24
I chose no and here's my reason. Other leaders of my country have started thousands of problems... Your country in your hands! 06/3/24
I chose a good 8, and here's why. When journalists go through an event of things, they like to... Are journalists the answer? 06/3/24
I feel strongest to opinion to A, but C definitely comes close to my attention as well. As time... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 20/2/24
I think the age limit for these actions vary depending on how mature a person's mindset can be.... Age restrictions 09/2/24
It's decreasing as a whole-- not even just young people. As more and more people vote, there are... Are young people politically engaged? 09/2/24
A big political/social issue that I would love to see change is gender inequality in the United... How could businesses make positive change? 09/2/24
I think young people should focus on learning sustainability and recycling. This is because as... Are green skills the future? 08/2/24
I would not continue to do business in Country A. I decided this because all the customers that... Countries behaving badly 08/2/24
I think brands should have some control over the celebrity. Not total control, but some. I've... The “face” of a business 08/2/24
A particular news story that might affect businesses is covid-19 coming back. I am aware that it... How might the news affect businesses? 06/2/24
I chose opinion/option B because it caught my eye today. I am between both sides, because I see... What if prisons aren’t working? 02/2/24
The opinion I chose is opinion C. I disagree heavily with this opinion because even though the... What if prisons aren’t working? 01/2/24
The top priority of prison officers should definitely be number 5, prisoners learn how to be... What’s the purpose of prisons? 01/2/24
I agree with option A the most. Why "hire" an AI if bad things like this will happen? As being... AI accident: who is responsible? 01/2/24
Looking at opinion C, it really caught my eye. I agree with this opinion because for one,... Will schools exist in future? 01/2/24
One piece of news about the climate that makes me feel good is the decrease from cold waves. ... Finding a balance 27/1/24
One job robots can do better than people in the future is customer service. Now it may be crazy... People v robots 26/1/24
3 ways people can be reminded about climate change from the picture are "Yet another species is... Climate change: regular reminders 26/1/24