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Hello Steff, A modern example is North Korea/DPRK. The population of North Korea is about 26... How would you respond? 14/3/24
I disagree with Option A because the importance of an election depends on perspective. A person... How would you respond? 10/3/24
Hi, I got an 8 out of 10. I was surprised to learn that 80+ countries are having an election... The elections quiz 10/3/24
Hi Jason, Now I know I'm not the original commenter, but I believe I have a decent idea of... AI: and the future of war 09/3/24
I would not like to be the president of my United States. I am firmly rooted in the belief that... Your country in your hands! 09/3/24
I did, energetic_expression ! All the time we had was great fun! I was actually one out of four... How did the lesson go? 09/3/24
I great time with my class today. We made the decision that the first past the poll election... How did the lesson go? 07/3/24
I did not know that, but I fully believe it! These boycotts are quite common as a form of... Are boycotts helpful? 07/3/24
Hi, I think there should be a Hub discussion post about, "Are the Enhanced Games a Good Idea?"... Suggest a discussion 04/3/24
Hi, I mainly agree with opinion D, because when analyzing performance enhancing drugs, there's... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 01/3/24
The information that surprises me the most is that there is a 27 cent pay gap between men and... Gender inequality: have your say! 24/2/24
Hi, My headline would be "Trump on Trial Again!" In my United States of America, there's a... Create a headline 21/2/24
Hi, I feel an angry confusion. I mean like, why?! Why would you [try to] deport immigrants all... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 19/2/24
Quite indeed, thoughtful_hedgehog and chatty_nature! chatty_nature said boycotts can have... Are boycotts helpful? 19/2/24
HI, I agree with opinion A because if businesses don't help to protect the environment, people... Businesses v the environment 16/2/24
I think boycotts work because when an entire group of people, which can number in thousands,... Are boycotts helpful? 16/2/24
Hi, A positive effect of a boycott is it would usually drive companies (or countries) to stop... Are boycotts helpful? 16/2/24
I got a 10/12. While I try to stay up-to-date, I never knew businesses spoke up about these... The business and politics quiz 15/2/24
I agree with your opinion of option A, talented_cicada. Prisoners let go will most likely return... What if prisons aren’t working? 09/2/24
Hello, I agree with opinion B because it's always critical to learn for ourselves. AI can... Will schools exist in future? 09/2/24