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I pick A. Firstly International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic,... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 19/2/24
Gender inequality is the social phenomenon in which people are not treated equally on the basis... Gender inequality: have your say! 19/2/24
Some humans do not care about the Earth solely because they are mindless and inexperienced. If... Why don’t people change? 04/2/24
To be free is defined as the condition or right of being able to do whatever you want to,... Freedom v safety? 29/1/24
I strongly agree on this point of yours. Bad people should be punished accordingly for any crime... What if prisons aren’t working? 29/1/24
From remembering appointments to prioritizing tasks, managing daily activities can be a juggling... Jobs of the future 26/1/24
Although the specific reasons why you can't do something until a certain age will depend on what... Suggest a discussion 26/1/24
I very much agree with you, there are some things as well as jobs that human can still do... People v robots 26/1/24
The quiz helped me alot, I wasn't able to score that much but I am priviledge to partake in it... Test your knowledge 25/1/24
I Strongly agree because AI should not take over us but to help us in our time of need, it was... Jobs of the future 25/1/24
I feel more concerned than excited though, but Artificial intelligence may boost our workplaces,... What's your reaction? 24/1/24
I agree because AI has the ability to teach and assist teachers, but cannot and will not take... Will schools exist in future? 24/1/24
I agree because nowadays people migrate from the country due to problems like this, symptoms of... Too much negative news? 24/1/24
we might consider becoming an environmental lawyer, a climate scientist, or a sustainability... Climate change: regular reminders 23/1/24
I agree because... AI has been a helping hands to human and not to take over. AI can help... Jobs of the future 23/1/24
I strongly agree with you cause..... the absence of human touch could make it challenging for... Will schools exist in future? 23/1/24
I strongly agree with you because more frequent and intense drought, storms, heat waves, rising... Too much negative news? 23/1/24
I personally agree because AI lacks genuine empathy, and relying on it in these situations can... People v robots 22/1/24
I feel negative about it,such reminders of the dangers of climate change can lead people to feel... Climate change: regular reminders 22/1/24
I strongly disagree with you The most obvious risk is that AI systems will sometimes be wrong,... People v robots 22/1/24