Future leaders: poll results!

We asked: would you like to be the leader of your country one day? Yes or no?

The results are in...


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  • Hi there! I believe that I'll be a wonderful thing. First, you have to work hard and push yourself, put pressure on yourself and plant the fruit so that you can harvest it. Finally, We will take nothing but what God has written.

    1. I disagree with you miraculous _ explanation. True, being a leader comes with great responsibility which is being tolerant, accommodating, goal-getter, oriented, don't give up easily and self motivated, which means that the leader must be well informed to know at what point to rest and reflect, putting pressure on oneself to plant a fruit can cause the leader to break down. Yes work hard and push to be better and to achieve set goals but careful enough to know when to take a break.

      1. Hello funny twilight,
        To become a leader is definitely difficult. People would abuse you and try to discourage you to give you the impression that you can never be a leader. One has to strive and work hard to become a good leader. Leadership comes with its own share of sacrifices. One might not have access to certain privileges anymore, he or she might end up spending less time with friends and family, and they might be prone to sicknesses due to stress from work.

        One needs to be physically and mentally prepared for the challenges that arise when one wants to become a leader and the sacrifices that have to be made when one becomes a leader because it is not easy to become and stay as a leader. It requires determination and hard work to be successful.
        THANK YOU!!!

      2. I agree with funny_twilight because if you become a leader you will have to learn how to make sacrifices on things that matters most to the country,the leader most be responsible to his country and must be willing to listen.

  • Yes, I would like to be the leader of my country because people will know me for being a credible, self aware, decision making, empowered, communication, inspiration, and open mindedness. So, if I am going to be a leader, these are just a few of the things that I will be known for.

    1. I would agree and I would like to become a leader so I can strongly show my support for these attributes, through being an example future leaders can look up to , and they would be saying " Yes that's who I want to be". They would seek these attributes whole heartedly looking to be better people as a whole.

    2. Hi faithful nation,
      I strongly disagree with you because as a young person I think that I wouldn't want to be a leader of my country because if I am going to be the leader of my country I might not be able to attend to their needs or even be able to solve their problems within them. Sometimes I think that be a leader tomorrow or someday might be too easy for some people who work hard enough to be in the future. So now Faithful nation Do you still think that you want to change your mind about becoming a leader? And do you think it will be easy for you to control your people, answer their needs and solve their problems?
      I think that I wouldn’t want to either become a leader than to be answering peoples their needs and to solve their problems.
      THANK YOU!!!

    3. That is true faithful nation because people would know me for good thing that I would do for the country because I would be a good president to my nation. By me inspiring people to do a lot of things as a citizen of my country. But in my mind know I think that I would be known for so much good to a county.


    4. I agree because it would teach me how to be an independent leader and listen to others ideas and make my country a better place. It will inspire other future leaders to do the right thing and how to be a good,humble leader. If I am one day the leader, I will make my country a better environment for everyone.

  • This not quite what I expected because I though that you will have less people seeking for political office because of the pressure it comes with. But with the failure of leadership across the globe, people are beginning to think maybe they should come out from their conservative positions and give a short at leadership. I guess this is why the poll stand at 50:50.

    1. Actually I feel the need to help an serve one's country and be useful to it far out does the fear of failure and that brings me joy, because it lets me know just how many people care about their countries and how many future leaders we might just have talking with each other here on the hub!

  • From my point of view, the leader in general should be born in the same state or country in which he wants to be a leader, and it is preferable for him to be from the middle class, as the years and circumstances have enabled him to deal and interact more with both the poor and the rich classes, and there is no doubt if he is from the rich or poor classes , he can also be a leader... It depends only on his knowledge of all the social, economic, political, etc. conditions of his country and his ability to solve and deal with them, and this must come from his heart and not just a job that he must perform, and this confirms True to my words, it’s preferable to be born in this country for which he is nominated.

  • I didn't expect this poll result because I thought most people would want to be leaders of their country one day. They could help make their country better and everyone proud. It's surprising that not everyone feels this way. Maybe some people have different ideas about what makes a good leader or how to improve their country. It's important to understand different opinions and work together for the best of our country. Even if we don't all agree, we can still find ways to make our country a better place for everyone to live in.

  • I didn’t expect because I thought most people will say no to become a leader. In my on perspective they say no because, the pressure will be to much and they will not have enough time for their family they will be to busy to attend family holidays like birthdays, Christmases, Halloween and graduations because they will be followed by people who don’t like them and might harm their family members. So, in my opinion being a leader would be though too him/her family. Thank you 😊

    1. I agree because most people fear being a leader mostly because of the pressure it brings to them, not only that but it also it draws them back and prevents them to do what they want to do because of the work load. That's why most people don't like being leaders.

  • Yes I thought this result only because in such a vast world everyone cannot be the leader of their country as not all have the ability to become leader but it doesn't mean that they cannot put efforts to improve their country...they might have their own preferences and can support the leader by working and showing up their best in different fields..!!

  • I do say (YES) I would love to be the leader of my country after seeing how people support candidates that help in making my country underdeveloped people who support tribalism and corruption it is very disappointing if I am given a chance to be the leader of my country I would use the past ideas from great leaders of my country and try to correct the damaged that have been made from the leaders that have corrupted my country

    1. This is an interesting perspective - what past ideas from the leaders of your country would you use and why?

  • Being the leader of my country would help me to fix some mishaps in my country that I as a citizen has seen.

    1. Can you explain some of the changes you would make and why?

      1. The changes I would like to make to country are pretty simple. first I would like to return the fuel subsidy ,the removal fuel subsidy has greatly affected a lot of Nigerians. It has made a lot of people park their cars and make them useless.
        In my opinion a good leader would only be good if he or she attends to the needs of the citizens.

  • Communication, empathy, active listening, vision, integrity and delegation. These are few things that I will be known for as a leader.
    So, becoming a leader is something that I want to achieve in life.

  • I must say, I didn't expect this because I think everyone will want to also put things right or make their parents proud. I was expecting that about 95% of people will say yes. Also, being a leader speaks much of you in the sense of your determination, perseverance and hard work.

  • Actually, this is what I expected from the poll because half of my thought was that I had all the qualities of a good leader that my friends have said but half of my was based on the fact that I had some of the solutions to my country problems.

  • I would not like to be a leader of my country because being a leader comes with great responsibility and not every one can look after a country and supply their needs and support a country because many people live in the country and a lot of money will be spent in the country take India for instance imagine if your the leader and every week you spend 1 million and if something goes wrong you will have to pay the consequences so that is why I say I would not want to be a leader.😗😇👼👩‍🎤

  • Hi topical talkers!
    I will like to become the leader of my country in the future I believe it will be great to rule. Ruling is a big responsibility and it comes with a lot of challenges and advantages, like travelling, meeting different people and experiencing different cultures and different ways of life of people. And will like to have that experience also I want to make people happy by my actions and make rules fair for everyone and i wont be bias. That is why I will like to be a leader in my country some day.

  • Leaders have an essential role in inspiring, motivating, making difficult decisions, effectively communicating, actively listening, establishing trust, and nurturing relationships to guide others towards success in their endeavours. Leaders must develop and enhance these key skills to lead and motivate those around them effectively.

  • So I can see there is a balance on their choice and I can understand that because it seems so attracting to be a leader but also you wonder if you are strong enough to have so many responsibilities.
    In a way the result of this poll seems to me a logical one why it is divided into two equally parts.
    I believe as young people we have new ideas to implement but we need first to be educated more.

  • Hey! I would love to be the leader of my country because I would include everyone’s ideas and votes. I promise that I will made the world a better environment and happier place. If I was one day the leader, I would be known for my independence, communication and peace. I would work my hardest for the country everyday. It would be a very proud experience.

  • It is a rather diveded issue split into two different opinions.
    It may seeem challenging to be a leader especially if you are a young person because we are at an age where we want to change everything and make our future better.
    On the other hand there are some people that don’t feeel responsible to be a leader and Iam one of these as I think I am to young and inexperienced to be.

  • Hi!
    Yes, I would like to be the leader of my country one day. Being a leader of a country is such a great thing.I will make make self stronger, communicative, helpful and more. I will do always good for my country. If I can be the country leader, people will know me for my good work that I hope so.I have to work hard for my country.
    In that poll that's an coincidence 50:50. That's good.
    Thank you.

  • Actually,
    No i wouldn't like to be a leader for my country just I would like to be the leader of all the world I would like to change the world and simply, i believe in my self that i can do everything, maybe that will take time effort but if i want i surely won't stop trying till i do what i want to do
    from another side we will find that the idea of ​​changing the world is an imagination idea don't related to reality any more, simply If any person changed him self to a better person he would live in a better life with much better people in a better place with a better lifestyle and that is the most important thing, to live and be in a way that you totally had choosen and do thing that would change
    even if it was very_simple thing in the world to better.

  • I am quite surprised about the results because I thought a lot of people would not want to become the leader of their country as they will have to speak for over 1 million people, maybe over 1 billion. I believe it is going to be really hard to be the leader as there is going to be a lot of pressure against you. You will also face some really extreme problems such as climate change and you might have to make sure that every citizen can have their voices heard.

  • The result is quite surprising. There is a balance between these two options.
    I thought most of the topical talkers would choose "Yes" that they wanted to be the leader of their country one day. As a citizen of a country, we all have duties to do for our country. We will get the best opportunity if we become the leader of our own country. We can take part in decision making processes. We can give our opinions about important topics. As a leader, we can learn many new things too. Also, we all wanted to remove social stereotypes. By becoming the leader of a country, we can remove these stereotypes and make our country a role model.
    In my opinion, if I get a chance I would obviously become the leader of my country. Being a leader, I can make my country a role model in front of the world. I can remove social stereotypes like gender inequality, racist etc. In my community gender inequality is a big problem. Women gets less money than men in same work field. I want to make similar rules for both men and women. I will make my country corruption free as it is another major problem of my country. I'll make sure that corruption will be kept in museum one day.
    Thank you

  • Well I thought that most of us would say no. As I would not like to be the leader of my country one day. Being leader for one day is of no use as change cannot come within a day. To bring change in a nation firstly we have to change ourselves. As change starts from within, and until and unless we haven't change ourselves we cannot change a country.

    Thank you.

    1. for this one, respectful_atmosphere, "one day" means "in an imagined future", not for a duration of one day. So: would you like to be your country's leader in the future, for a period that might last years?

      1. Yes I would like to be my country's leader in the future, so that I can bring useful changes in my country. Though we can spread awareness for a change in society through social media, but a leader is the one who is the role model for the society. A leader's words are like an inscription on a stone and many people believe in a leader's voice more than a social media influencer. I will cut down the roots of corruption and make sure that everyone in my country has faith in the justice system. Though it is hard to be a perfect leader but one can achieve any goal in life with hardwork and dedication.

        Thank you.

  • I aspire to be the leader of my country one day, but after years of research, I discovered that a woman has never been president of Ghana. The age-old question of who is better, men or women? I believe our economy is corrupt, and our leaders are misusing the people's money to fulfill their personal needs while the citizens suffer. It is appalling, and I strongly oppose it. A man has held the leadership position for too long; this gender inequality must cease! A woman should lead; a woman is a natural leader with the capacity to envision grand ideas and inspire teams. IN MY OPINION, I BELIEVE A WOMAN should lead Ghana because as we progress, our economy continues to be stifled by incompetent leaders, greatly impacting the populace. In conclusion, I firmly believe a woman should lead.

    1. I exceedingly approachable_wolverine, in a country like Ghana, most of the citizens have the mindset that men are better than women when it comes to politics or affairs connected to the country.
      You are absolutely right, our leaders are corrupt- they are selfish and feed on people's hard earned money. Since men have been ruling Ghana, and the country is still in a poor state, we should have a major change such as giving women some big positions in the country.

  • Hello, there.
    The results of this poll were similar to my expectations because I thought half would want to be the leader of the country for a day and half would not want to be the leader of the country for a day. Many would think that being a leader is a matter of great pride and an opportunity to present one's country as a role model to the world. Out of deep passion for public service would like to be a leader for one day to serve people. But according to the results of this poll, half did not want to be a leader for one day. Many people think that it is not possible to become a leader for one day and do great things. Being a leader is a big responsibility. Many people will not want to do this big responsibility. Not everyone will be able to go to all the people of the country and solve their problems or improve the country. Also, to become a leader, you must first win the votes of the people. Many don't. Also not everyone will be able to fulfill the promises made to the people. That's why almost half didn't want to be a leader for a day. As per my guess and expectation the result of the vote stands at 50:50.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Hello,
    I also was expecting this result because in my opinion, our new generation is disheart about the current situations of the leaders and their efforts for country so they thought that they also could not bring change without the power of nation. But other half have passion to bring change and courage to make the hurdles.

  • I really expected the result listen above, because a variety of people prefer to be a leader of a country, thinking they can perform a good job by solving all the problems in the country. Whiles people who chose the option "No", have their reasons for their answer, which I think is because their leader is performing really well in his/her position given, and I think some people can't handle the stress given to a leader, or them knowing they don't have the leadership skills to be a great leader. I think people should follow their dreams, and if it's to become a leader of a country, they can study topic leadership to improve their courage and leadership skills, which could help them get an opportunity to be a leader of a specific country.

  • I wouldn't really want to become one of the leaders of my country as it comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges which I don't think I can handle at once. The position requires a lot of carefulness and a mature mind which can resolve problems in minutes. Problem solving is an important skill when it comes to leadership and not just that, the leaders have to make promises and these promises can sometimes exceed ones limitations and can end up not fulfilling the needs or requirements of the common people. This can cause many people to dislike you and can lead to a lot of criticism and hate. I don't think I am ready for this responsibility and would like to vote for the worthy candidates rather than being one of them.

  • The results show that half of people said no but the other half said yes and this means that some people think that it's a great responsibility as well as they won't be effective for a whole country and that was the opposite of my expectations and I need to say that all can be effective as well as hanging a great responsibility but you need to be confident upon yourself and recognise what you did to reach this so you know how effective you are .
    Finally I need to say that success is not easy but when you work hard you will reach your target.

  • I wasn't expecting this in the result because I thought that most people would love to help in the development of their country and to make their country a better place not only for the citizens of the country but for the people who are visiting the country, but I also understand why people don't want to be leaders of their country maybe its because they don't want the pressure and workload of being the leader or maybe they just want to lead their country. Even though after the result of the poll I respectively understand the reasons why people don't want to be leaders of their country because everyone has their own perspectives.

  • Hey there! 👋

    I want to share some thoughts on leadership 🤔. It can be a tricky role to take on ⚔️, and I totally get it if it's not for everyone 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️ as shown in the results of the survey. Being a leader means taking on a lot of responsibility and being accountable for a team's success ⚖️.

    In my experience, when things are going well and your team is performing at their best 👏, you're likely to get a lot of credit 👍. But when things don't go as planned and your team falls short 😞, you might find yourself taking most of the blame 😔. We saw this happen during the Covid-19 pandemic , where leaders who struggled to contain the virus were heavily criticized , while those who managed to mitigate its impact were praised 🙌.

    It's important to remember that leadership isn't for everyone, and there are definitely challenges that come with the role 💪.