Is there any hope for the future?

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My standpoint is about wether or not with the state that the world has come to concerning Eco - anxiety is recoverable because with the amount of carbon emmison throughout the years is increasing rather than decreasing in 2022 we released all together 36.8 BILLION TONS of carbon. This is a huge amount when you consider the amount that was released in the year 1750 when the industrial revolution had began. Sometimes you ask yourself "why?"

To answer the question why

First of all, most people usually have the goal set in mind but don't take action well, not for long research shows that people have carbon emmission reducion as a new years resolution but since only 9% of adults stick to a resolution the whole year and 23% quit after the first week. With this information it means that there is almost no change at all and with no change at all being done how can we expect to just magically go back to the point where the air was much cleaner and we didn't have to worry about getting diseases from just breathing the air in our homes.

Seconadlly, some people in general just don't care and some people don't even believe that such a thing like Eco - anxiety even exists in the world today. 13% of Americans from my research have said that they think it's already too late to come back from what we have brought the world to. interestingly 18% of people don't even know what Eco - anxiety is. So not only do people need to take action, stop giving up, learn about this topic but they also need to spread awareness to the cause.

Conclusion and my point of view

To conclude, I strongly believe that we should start to speak to our family and friends about Eco - anxiety because if you tell your friend about Eco - anxiety they could they could tell another person and that person could spread it to multiple people and those people could also spread it and you just took telling one person to possibly telling a whole nation. In my country specifically there are many people who don't care about it, When driving you see alot of cars emitting black exhaust and its not in small amounts its in large amounts we need to take action and make this year a great year.

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  • I do not think there will be any hope because how fast trees in the Amazon are being cat Down a whooping 2000 per every minute! So stop the chop. So if you want a better planet stop the chop and stop using car and eating beef. So do you whant a healthy planet? Earth is the only planet we can live on so make worth of it because we do not have enough time to terraform mars.

    1. I disagree with you because even though they are cutting down trees in the amazon at a very fast rate natives of Brazil are protesting against the President and if they continue to protest and put pressure on the president and get support from big people and businesses, the president will rethink his plan and stop cutting down trees. It is important for us to know that there is always hope and there is always a solution to a problem even if the problem is very bad .their is a saying " if another door closes another one opens" meaning if there is a problem their is always a way out but we have to be patient.

    2. I see where you’re coming from about the rate of deforestation, and the way trees are being cut down. But I disagree with you because I want you to consider that the news of climate change is known and heard All around the world, and we have realized the effects of our actions on the planet, And to reduce personal carbon footprints. Renewable energies like solar and wind are available and it making it easier to reduce burning of fossil fuels.
      More so there are agreements like the COP 28 and Paris agreement which have brought countries together to ensure the reduction of carbon emissions. So @ convivial_piano I want you to consider all these factors that assures us that there is still hope and that something can be done. Even the simplest changes can help.

    3. I'm not sure about your comment, in my opinion I strongly think there is hope for the future, because we humans' soul dwellers of this planet and it is our duties to protect this planet. Yes, over the past centuries' we humans are destroying the planet dew to our negligence and irresponsibility. We have been cutting down trees, spilling chemicals and trash in waterbodies etc., and because of this we are faces intense warmth around the world and many disasters. People are dying dew to our negligence and it up to us fix our mess. And we are fixing our mess, people are find ways to help stop climate change, by growing trees, recycling plastics and paper, using eco-friendly equipment's, and banning any act of burning. People can help by having little clubs dedicated to stopping pollution, children are using scraps to create drains that help stop water pollutions around the world , children can reducing screen time to help stop carbon emissions. Children are no more taking the bus , instead they are waling to scholls just to help stop climate change. In my opinion there is hope for the future, we are the hope.

  • I don't think so because lots of trees are being cut down already so in the future there will be not much trees and trees give us oxygen. The Amazon rainforest produces the most oxygen but the Brazilian president won't stop cutting those trees down so we are losing hope and who will stop them.

    1. You are right if the cutting of trees in Amazon rainforest is not stopped by the Brazilian government, they are risking our lives because trees provide oxygen and if the act of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is not stopped or controlled, it can lead to reduce in the amount of oxygen produced and it can also lead to global warming.

    2. Thank you for that wonderful comment, but in all I vehemently believe that is hope, as far as there is life, there is hope.
      Even though the Amazon rainforest which produces the most oxygen are been deforestated, it is not enough reason for us to give up, rather it should trigger us into planting a lot of trees.
      I will like give a vivid example, when the poplars tree were been felled Gerald Manley's Hopkins did not give up but rather he wrote a poem called the "Binsey Poplars" which later went viral there causing the government to replant the poplars tree.
      So you there are many ways by which we can tackle this problem, we don't need to give up if the Brazilian president refuses to stop down the trees then we also will refuse to stop planting.
      And also climate changes is not been caused by cutting of trees but also paying def ears to recycling of used materials, burning of bush pouring of dirt in water bodies and contaminating the water with chemicals, and as we said earlier cutting of trees, and I solemnly believe that any day that we agree to come out of our shell and face our fears which is eco-anxiety even though it will not be easy because it has eaten deep into us, but there is nothing impossible as far as we believe that we can do handle it.
      Encourage afforestation instead of deforestation, start recycling of used materials, slow the rate by which we make use of electrical devices so that carbon emission will be refused, and many other ways.
      I will like to end my comment by saying that we do not need to give up up in the fight to eradicate eco anxiety, but we should rather encourage and educate others who are yet to understand what is going concerning climate changes.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH......

    3. Even though the rate of deforestation is really high, i believe that there is still hope. The Brazilian rain forest does produce a lot of oxygen but the actual place that produces the most oxygen on earth is actually the ocean. When we think about climate change, we think about trees and put the ocean aside. The fact is that both of them are being affected. Tress will be cut down but more can be planted in replacement but it will take years to purify the entire ocean. Moreover, hope should not be lost on this matter. With much persuasion i am sure that the rate of deforestation will reduce with time. We should also keep in mind that we should not focus on only one aspect of climate change.

    4. I also agree with you because brazlian goverment are destroying themselves. They have lots of sources like amazon rainforest, etc. but in place of saving the recources they are destroying them. They will never understand the importane of natural resources. The brazilian goverment cutting trees and plants, they are taking their country into the phase of global warming. So they should not deforest, harming natural resources , etc. to make a good and healthy lifestyle in their country.

  • In my opinion, I strongly believe there is hope for the future, we humans are the protecters of this planet, it our duty and responsibility to care for our home. One major problem we humans our facing is climate change, and we are cause this, we cut down trees, spill poisonous chemicals in waterbodies, burning trash frequently, using devices more all time, refusing to recycle and reusing plastics etc. I believe that there can hope if only we fix the mess we created, and only way we can do that is if only people try to face their fears of eco-anxiety and take and action. I know trying to face Eco-anxiety will not easy, but we all have to work together to stop climate change, like Joycelyn said Eco-anxiety will always be part of us, by rather than feeling sacred we turn that fear into motivation to find effective ways to stop climate change. People plant seeds at areas where trees have destroyed after all there is saying "after death comes new life" Putting up signs in around waterbodies can help warn people that it wrong to dump trash and dangerous chemicals it waterbodies. People can Dontate more Recyling bins on the streets, parks and communities. Using less devices can help reduce carbon emissions, people should start riding bicycles more and taking walking this can help prevent smoke and fumes from reaching the atmosphere. I believe there is hope I edge you to believe that there is hope for the future.

    1. I completely agree with you. We may not have any hope right now, but if it gets to a point where everyone is seeing the effects of climate change then more people will begin to take action. When more people get involved hope will be restored amongst the earth's population.
      As you have said facing eco-anxiety will not be easy, but we will have to face it if we want to regain our planet from our climate crisis. Sometimes the most difficult things to face are the things that we have to do if we want a safe planet to live on.
      It is also important to remember that it isn't only our planet, it also belongs to the trees, the animals and the ocean. So it is worth saving for all of us.

  • Hi,
    My view on the future of eco-anxiety is that there is hope. A lot has to be done rather than just complaining about the climate, we need to sit up as humans to see to a better planet, that is free from eco-anxiety.
    Eco-anxiety is as a product of personal experience, and this is where the deviation comes in. The cure to eco-anxiety obviously differs among individuals and some cases need to be taken more severe than others. A person with a bad experience needs a lot of attention and someone with a hearing experience needs to focus on help those who are experiencing the more severe version.
    From my studies on this topic, I have seen that encouraging people will help a lot in the issue of eco-anxiety, we should try our best to encourage those with eco-anxiety.
    In conclusion, there is no need to give up on solving the issue of eco-anxiety. I think that we should rather try to boost our morales and strive to find the answer.


  • I like your points there can be hope for the future if we all work together and think of ways to help combat climate change. For example, we can make eco-friendly objects, recycle old cups and bottles, use solar energy don't use things that emit gases like generators, plant tiny trees; afforestation, and don't throw trash which can harm aquatic animals and land animals. So we can try to help each other with eco-anxiety by telling them that it is not something we should feel like we can not use, we can think of it as something to motivate us to come up, with great ideas. Thank you 😊

  • I believe there is hope for the future because everyone has a second chance to make things better.We as humans do things that affect the weather which can lead to devastating problems.we should try to reduce the way we release toxins from the air in modern day.The reason why some people are saying there might not be a future is because people worry too much the do not want to hear any bad news of the weather instead of channeling our energy to worrying we should try to speak to our family friends and control the way we do bad things then I fully know if 90% of the world does this I know there will not be a topic that is asking "is there hope for the future".I agree because if we continue to cut down trees there will not be a place for species to live in this will lead to no food because there will not be animals,deforestation and from cutting down the trees it can lead the land becoming a desert.

  • On my opinion, the Climate change is a rising issue throughout the world. Deforestation, Pollution have been a major cause leading the world to a bigger threat. Hope is the emotion which brings rays of light in the darkness. Hope is the feeling which brought fire to Humans for they hoped for a success. There is hope in every human until it's last breath. Hope is the necessary part of success. There is still hope for us to reorganize the earth. Every people has the power to control the climate change. If every person would minimize their energy consumption, there is a brighter future awaiting for everybody. Deforestation should be completely controlled while people should be encouraged on Afforestation. Pollution should be reduced mainly because population has been increased at a high rate. Different organizations and government can organize public awareness and policies should be made and acquired related to pollution management.

  • I don't think there is any chance that our planet is going to survive,unless people get serious very quickly and improve environmental awareness and sort trash the way they should!

    1. Can you explain ways people can be more environmentally conscious?

      1. In this time of climate crisis , we all have a responsibility to do our part and help the environment. We can be more environmentally cautious by taking small steps like reducing plastic use, reusing and recycling materials which can make a big difference. Let us inspire others to join us in this effort and work together to find creative solutions. With our collective actions we can combat these crisis and create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come

    2. I agree with your comment strongly, to make people see there is hope for the future we have to act now to help stop pollution. People should find effective ways to help show others that climate must be stoped now and not later. There is a saying that goes "we must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope". some reasons why people do not to act now is either there are afraid or they are waiting for people with power to make a difference, people like activists, politicians etc., but I disagree to this , there is saying "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams", we must be the solution if there want to make a world a better place, stop being sacred of your eco-anxieties rather using it to motivate yourself and others will show how important eco-anxiety is in helping to save the planet. People can help by start clubs that help people embrace their eco-anxieties. People can help the planet funding money into projects to help save trees, recycling plastics and using trash to do effective things to help the planet. Every little things we do to help the planets is important because at the end the reward will be beautiful and be noticed by others.

    3. I'm not sure about this because we need to see hope in order to make a change and especially due to the rise of climate change it is most needed now hope plays a crucial role in driving change, especially when facing challenges as monumental as climate change. Despite the daunting nature of the problem, hope provides the motivation and optimism necessary to take action. When individuals and communities can envision a better future, they are more likely to work towards achieving it.

      Addressing climate change requires collective effort on a global scale. It demands innovative solutions, sustainable practices, and significant policy changes. However, without hope, people may feel overwhelmed or powerless in the face of such complex issues.

      Hope inspires individuals to believe that their actions can make a difference, whether through personal lifestyle changes, activism, or advocating for policy reform. It encourages collaboration and solidarity among diverse groups, fostering resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

      Moreover, hope is contagious. When individuals witness others taking positive steps towards addressing climate change, it can inspire them to join in and contribute to the collective effort. This ripple effect can lead to broader societal changes and accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.

      Therefore, while the challenges posed by climate change are undeniable, maintaining hope is essential for driving meaningful action and creating a better world for future generations. As we continue to confront this existential threat, let us hold onto hope as a beacon of possibility and a catalyst for change.

  • In my opinion, there will be hope for the future, because humans are supposed to protect their homes and they are a lot of ways they can do that
    1.their should be less cutting down of the trees. because that will bring deforestation.

  • If people start planting more trees and try to protect their environment, there will be some hopes for the future. but if they don't care about the environment even a little bit and do not start to protect the environment from now then I think there us no hope for the future.

  • I believe there is a hope for the future, although it's no secret that climate change has been a hot topic within the realm of environmental science and policy. However, much to the dismay of environmentalists and policymakers and some citizens like Ghanaians, the general public has been slow on the uptake and reluctant to engage with the increasing severity of the current environmental crisis due to climate change but I feel this also needs to be addressed Stopping climate change starts at home, It is important for potential parents and childcare providers to be aware of the emotions and feelings of anxiety in relation to climate change in order to understand how these anxieties shape the perception of the world future generations may have. With artificial intelligence and the number of things that will grow and predictions on them, however, there is an ongoing and scary rate at which the environment is destroyed day by day, and that is presented to utilize both technology and scientists. There has never been a unified call on the world for strategies to address climate change because some countries are better off in certain areas in the greenhouse gas score and they will have to sacrifice more for others. As in the example given above, China is doing worse than the U.S. on the greenhouse gas score. However, most Western countries are doing better than the U.S. Could it be our leaders are not sincerely moved by what's happening?
    To conclude, we may feel powerless and terrified of losing the world that we have grown comfortable with. Cultures around the world, consider anxiety to have different degrees of severity. In Western culture, like Ghana, Nigeria and so on there is a lot of temporary fears and more mild scales of panic disorders and phobias within the public but the truth is If we all put our minds to end this, we can!

  • I strongly feel there is hope for the future, despite the many challenges we face, including those related to climate change, gender inequality, and global conflicts such as the Russian-Ukraine war. Across the globe, young people are demanding action on climate change and other concerns. Movements like Fridays for Furture, made by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, have encouraged millions of people to take action on the streets and call for meaningful change. In conclusion, while the road ahead may be challenging, it's essential to hold onto hope and continue working towards a better future. By choosing to be positive, doing important things, and helping each other out, we can overcome challenges and build a future where things are better for everyone for a long time.

  • By seeing the condition of our world nowadays, like plants being cut, people not caring about it and taking it lightly, pollution increasing, etc. if it still happens in the future, there's no hope for the upcoming generation, As many creatures are being disappear and some are in the stage of being extinct like giant pandas, mountain gorillas, etc.
    But there is a little bit of hope if the people of earth try to improve the condition of climate change by reusing, recycling waste materials which will reduce the amount of garbage thrown in the streets, here and there. As we are the living beings that live in this world, then of course, it is our responsibility to protect the earth by hrock or crock. Even though at this age we can't do that much, but we can encourage people to protect their environment through many types of social media platforms.

  • I don't think there's any hope. People are dying faster and older people are dying faster. We are getting sick faster and its also a lot of people getting sick easier. When kids get's sick they don't fully recover from their sickness so when kids go to school or go out. More kids are getting sicker and it spread faster and gets around the world. Also its more trees getting cut down and the trees is getting cut down more and more by the day.

    1. I'm not sure about your comment; people are starting to blame their actions and find effective ways to stop climate change. Yes, the elderly are dying and children are getting sick, but that doesn't stop others from finding ways to stop climate change. I strongly believe there is hope for the future because people are funding money for projects to help stop deforestation. People are protesting against illegal projects that are destroying our planet. Companies have started using paper bags instead of plastic; here in Ghana, KFC has started using paper bags to package their products, which I find very effective in their environment. People are recycling and reusing plastics. People are finding effective ways to dispose of leftover trash and plastic rather than leaving them in water bodies. Children are planting trees in local areas and doing little protest to show people that there is hope for the future. There is a saying " the little things we do will make a huge difference at the end". I believe that there is hope for the future, and I also encourage you to believe that there is hope for the future.

  • In my opinion, I strongly believe there is hope for the future, we humans are the protectors of the planet. We are they cause that climate change came into existence, by carry to much load in the cars which causes smoke to the ozone layer that affect our breathing, also producing oils that go to the water that causes water erosion in the society, so we the cause of our problems, but we can still make a change out of it.
    So their is hope in the future, If everyone join hand together to make the world a better world to live.

    1. Hi,
      I strongly agree with your comment, there is a saying" when people come together then change will come and we can achieve almost anything, so instead of looking for hope start creating it", as the protectors of this planet it our responsibility to care for the earth. We created climate chnage due to our negligence toward the earth and its inhibitors. Burning trash openly , cutting down trees , spilling chemicals into waterbodies has caused natural disasters , global warming and increase of carbon footprint. In my opinion every little thing we do matters , meaning recycling trash, putting hazard warnings near water bodies, starting fundraisers to help regrow forest. Starting protests to help ban any illegal activities that causes more climate change to the planet. Using more natural rescoures like , the sun , water and wind to pwer businesses can help decrease carbon footprint. We must creating hope for others, so not dont be afraid to othrs ways that can help stop climate change, like I said every little thing counts.

  • Hello,
    Even though your statistics say that there are 18% of people in the world that do not know what eco-anxiety is that is still a whopping 78% that do know what it is . This would mean people knows what it is and can take action. What I am saying from this that I think there is still hope for the future as we are seeing slow progress to turning things eco and environmentally friendly .

  • I feel that there is not much hope left for the future regarding eco-anxiety because attempting to change your way of life is difficult and as stated most people will eventually give up making it difficult for people to adjust their lifestyle to promote a better environment. The only way people will change and stick to it is if there is some reward incentive for them to be more eco-friendly, for example the government or goverment program could possibly people who use less electricity and have a lower carbon footprint.

    1. I'm not sure about your comment,I strongly believe that there is hope for the future,infact we are the hope and solution. Yes, we are cause of climate change ,and we refused to anything it about it,due to that the world showed it wrath by increasing sea levels, global warming,natural disasters, wrong whether conditions etc. In West Africa the heat levels are rising causing extreme drought and sacacity of food,because citizens in West Africa are going hungry and livestocks are dying. Cutting down trees has also affected whether, every year approximately over 1.8 billion trees are cut down. Illegal mining has also affected our waterbodies,impacting fear in citizens whether to drink the water. Although going through these difficult times, I still believe that there is hope for the future,bieng positive and sharing idea's to help climate change can help show others that we are hope,we is a saying that goes"we must create the hope we want to see" meaning we must take action now all of us together as one mind,more recycling,more planting, less devices,less vechiles,more riding bicyles banning of illegal activities and more eco-friendly,no more waiting for people of high influence to fix our messes we are the hero's of the planet and I encourage you believe there is hope for a brighter future. There is saying "we are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it".

    2. I'm not sure about your comment, in my opinion I strongly believe there is hope for the future. Over the centuries we humans have been destroying the planet. We have neglected are responsibility to care the planet, as we cut down forests the trees cry in pain, but we ignore, we destroy waterbodies and at the end it come back to affect us by giving us illnesses and diseases. Every pain we have afflicted on the planet has come back to us and it has affected humans in may ways, heat temperatures are rising, global sea levels are rising, extreme whether conditions and droughts. Many humans lost their life because of climate change and who is to blame? Many humans are going through eco-anxiety and other climate mental health issues all because of us. But there always a rainbow after every storm, there is hope and we are the hope we can fix this mess we started , can help show other that there nothing to afraid of and rather using this fear as a motivational tool to help climate change once and for all. It takes all of us to make a difference, all hands on deck to help stop climate change and bring back the planets we once cherished.

      Thank You!