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dedicated_conclusion I agree with this, but, I do feel as though men in media do get pushed to the top, if you... my stand point 12/3/24
joyous_whale In my opinion, It depends in what way you mean bad, bad as in its unclean or bad as in not good... What if prisons aren’t working? 12/3/24
serious_television another way to describe the reason for prisons, is simply protecting citizens from those who... What’s the purpose of prisons? 12/3/24
terrific_location i agree with president joe biden,because if a lot of migrants would be coming into america then... Fair or unfair? 12/3/24
peaceful_seahorse i would agree with you intelligent_orchard because women were not treated the same way as men... Gender inequality: have your say! 12/3/24
resourceful_atmosphere Hello i personally think that the only thing that shouldn't is the springy shoes because the... Unfair advantage? 12/3/24
intuitive_agency Yes I would like to be the President / Prime Minister / Leader of a country, however that would... Your country in your hands! 12/3/24
spontaneous_twilight I agree because they could possibly need a new leader to make things all stable and balanced. How does the Indian election work? 12/3/24
hardworking_environment So i think that eco-anxiety is not that serious of a problem but it is a good thing, I think... Is Eco-anxiety a serious concern ? 12/3/24
spontaneous_poem I believe people with eco-anxiety should try and get out there and make a change because the... The Cure to Eco-Anxiety 12/3/24
openminded_language I agree with option A and B. Option A because the company who made AI in the first place... AI accident: who is responsible? 12/3/24
dedicated_conclusion Unemployment is a big problem, even more so with self checkouts being in most shops in the UK... Unemployment 12/3/24
terrific_location i don't think it is good because sometimes you don't know what is in the enhancing drugs, and it... Enchanced games! Is it worth taking the risk? 12/3/24
humble_sheep Hii i think that AI would be better to go to war rather than humans because imagine one of our... AI: and the future of war 12/3/24
communicative_olive I think its really important for young people to lean about AI.As our world evolves,technology... Competition #8 winners 12/3/24
hardworking_environment Hello!I agree to your opinion creative_personality,but the AI would only have the strategies... AI: and the future of war 12/3/24
articulate_banana I disagree because if some has done a serious crime like killing someone i think they should... Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons 12/3/24
humble_sheep Hi, Eco anxiety has affected a lot of people across the world and firstly i did not think about... ECO-ANXIETY 12/3/24
joyous_whale In my class, we were discussing whether or not AI is a good thing for jobs. Some people in my... Classroom spy! 12/3/24
resourceful_atmosphere Hello, I honestly think a boycott can be good or bad depending on which side you are on for... Are boycotts helpful? 12/3/24