Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons

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A prison is a place were people who have committed crimes are sentenced to that doesn't mean it should not be clean prisons should be clean at all times because people live in it. The image I put shows a prisoner who is actually doing his work he is working round to check whether the prisons are clean. Prisons should be a sacred place because that is were rehabilitation takes place for example we cannot learn in a dirty environment because the odour will be disturbing us that is how a prison is the cannot stay in dirty places and be able to be reformed. If we stay in a dirty prison prisoners will contact deadly diseases which will lead to the death of some prisoners.

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  • Personally I agree because many people don't talk about this but it should get talked about. People are living there. Even if it's for a day or many years. When the prisoners get released they might not change due to the environment they were put in. Personally, I believe that the environment they are put in will affect their decisons.

    1. I disagree with your comment because... prisoners don't live there forever except live in prison. However, prisoners change for about 75% of their bad behaviors under crime , so it's so important for you to understand your own self before committing.

    2. I doubt this implies to prisons of this present day and time because looking at the picture of the prison fito was put in we realize that the prison he was put in was equivalent to a 3star hotel this shows that nowadays prisoners right has been put in place cause the reformative system is now the new trend in prison so the inmates are also treated like every human being just the fact they are not free.
      Thank you

    3. You've made a really valid point and I completely agree with you this is usually a topic that is pushed aside but I just have to say some prison conditions or the hygiene in some prisons are just uncaring and inhumane. I understand that it is a correctional institute, but it still does not change the fact that the people in there are humans and although some of them have done some cruel acts it still does not mean they should be treated like animals. These harsh or inhumane prison conditions could make prisoners choose to harden their hearts and decide not to reform.

    4. I completely agree with you, it is shown that the environment we are brought up in directly correlates to the sort of person we become; so why is this any different for prisons. As you have said the prisoners may never change due to their environment, it is important that we ensure prisons are not only clean and safe, but also a positive place for prisoners to serve their punishment in.
      Some people may believe that if it is a good place to live then it is no longer a punishment but a reward for criminals, which I completely disagree with. How you act does depend on how you are living, if where you are living is happy and positive then that is how you will be. However if where you are is unclean and negative, you will reflect that type of environment.
      All of this shows that a clean and positive prison leads to a positive prisoner.

  • I agree with you because a prison serves as a correctional facility for people who have been convicted of crimes. It is essential to maintain cleanliness within the premises to ensure the overall well-being of inmates and staff. A clean environment helps prevent the spread of diseases and infections which can lead to serious health issues. Also a clean and organized prison can have a positive impact on the mental well-being of inmates and could potentially aid in their rehabilitation.
    The responsibility of providing a safe and healthy environment false on the prison authority and maintaining cleanliness is a crucial part of their job.

  • I agree prisons should be clean and nice. It doesn't matter if the people there have done wrong things they still deserve to live in a clean environment. Also, you are right how can someone fully rehabilitate if they are in a disgusting environment. Over thousands over prisoners in one year alone have died in jail/prison because of diseases. Jail is a place where people who have done bad thing learn to do the right thing and to learn to be more happy and just better overall but how are they supposed to do that or even be happy in a dirty environment.

  • I agree with you succinct_ cheetah. No matter what prisoners do, they are still people and should be treated with respect. Giving them clean living spaces shows that we value them and helps them keep their dignity. Clean cells also keep prisoners healthy. If cells are dirty, it can make prisoners sick and spread diseases, which is bad for everyone in the prison, including the innocent staff.

    1. I agree with you because it does not matter what the prisoners do they should be treated with care and respect. Giving prisoners a clean environment means a lot to them and it makes them get a very clean hygiene and get good health. If prisons are very clean prisoners will get very healthy but if prisons are dirty prisoners will be getting diseases and the disease may be spreading to workers, other prisoners or even outside the prison.
      Thank you!!!

  • I do agree with this statement, because even if the person is a prisoner, everyone deserves to be kept in a safe and clean environment. It is not right for a judge to sentence a prisoner to stay a long time in jail, and the cell is not clean. Based on my research, a lot of places have made it mandatory for jails to keep cells clean at all times. If someone disagrees with this statement, I think people should keep in mind that prisoners can get sentenced to a long time in jail, and they should not have to live in a cell with odor, insects, and just an unsanitary area in general.

    1. I agree because... prison staff want the prisoners to be men of integrity though the prison staff and treat in a right way . Most of prisons are not well kept and prison staff are also not clean for them to clean the prison. Prison staff are not comfortable with their own cleaners and also prisoners aren’t comfortable too.

  • I agree because I cannot stand when I am in a dirty place it just throws me off balance and I can't think.So imagine what the prisoners go through.There is already a lot of stuff that will throw a person of balance like prison fights and murders,so now not only that stuff happens they also have to use dirty facilities such as bathroom, table,and beds.If I did something bad and went to prison I understand it is not supposed to be so nice that I want to come back but it can at least be clean. So I feel like the prisoners have the right to have clean facilities.

  • I agree, even if they have committed crimes they should at least have clean clothes, a clean bed and drinkable water. Prisons in Norway are clean and are not violating a human's health and safety, yes prisons in Norway are different but a prison does not have to be luxury for it to be hygienic

    1. I agree because... most of criminals commit crime because of poverty, but they prison staff/ government are to take care of their health and maintaining their personal hygiene because they might be who will bright the future of their country if the government took care of them.

  • Honestly i agree with your point. A prison is rehabilitation to people who have committed crimes. They mustn't learn in a dirty place. A prison is like a school for people who need to be taught the rules again because of their actions. Even though they have done something wrong, it doesn't mean that they should be made to live in a dirty place which may have deadly diseases that may cause the deaths or some prisoners, just as you said. For someone to learn, they need to be taught in a clean place. Everyone, even prisoners, deserve respect and a clean environment.

  • I agree a prison place where people who has committed crimes are kept for reformation but hygiene still needs to be practiced so diseases won't be transmitted to those who has only few years to stay, so they wouldn't die before they leave the prison.
    Hygiene is important no matter where you go in life.

  • Hello,
    I totally agree with you. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the prison is not only important for health and well-being of inmates and staffs but also contributes to a safe and secure prison environment. I believe that regular monitoring, enforcement of regulations and collaboration between inmates, staffs and prison management is the key to ensuring that hygiene standards are met and maintained in correctional facilities.
    Thank you!!

    1. Hi unbiased groundhog

      I vivetly agree with you. Yes maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the prison is not only important for health and well being of staff's but also contribute s to the safety of everyone in the prison environment.
      Because A prison is a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers. It is not because prison is a place for those that break's the law, doesn't mean that the prison environment will not be clean, because Hygiene is the process where we keep our body and environment clean. We should take care of environment clean to avoid the prisoner from falling ill and the staff from falling sick. Also I believe that staff and prison management is the main key to ensure that hygiene is being well maintained in correctional facilities.
      We should keep our body and environment clean no matter you find your self.
      Thank you!!

  • I believe that criminals should not be in dirty prisons. To clarify I am not saying to make prison an enjoyable place because it is a place of solitary for criminals who have committed crimes and need to do their sentence. They should keep prisons clean to help keep diseases and sickness to spread throughout the prison and spread that to staff who bring it home and give it to their families. They should also have a routine clean up during the room check. Keeping a prison clean helps the prisoners keep hygiene in prison.

  • Firstly what is prison?prison is a place to reshape and restructure someone’s mind. It is essential to maintain cleanliness. when there is no cleanliness what will happen to the well being of the prisoners?Prisons are supposed to maintain cleanliness to ensure no diseases or infection can be transmitted and can lead to a serious health issue. A clean or organized environment can have a positive impact and their mental health. With maintaining maximum cleanliness they will be able to naturalize more easily and.with cleanliness there will be general comfort and the prisoners will be more focused on reshaping their character.there are a lot of pest and parasites like rat, cockroach, and insect like spiders and mosquitoes who are very dangerous towards humans and might end up killing them.

  • I am totally agree with you.
    There is a saying "Health is Wealth."
    If a person is not healthy, how can he be a good person instead of a bad person? A prison is an institution for reforming inmates. It should keep the prisoners in a good environment. Otherwise they will get sick and die. Moreover, it can spread diseases like Covid-19. Moreover, keeping the prison clean will also be good for the health of the prison officials. So I think that you have presented a completely correct and logical opinion.

    1. Hello, there.
      I totally agree with storytelling _crab because a clean prison will help the prisoners to become better citizens. A prison is a place where criminals are kept for a fixed period of time for correction. If the prison is untidy and dirty, the criminals will not be able to correct their mistakes. I think the most important thing for a man to correct his mistakes is a healthy body and a healthy mind. Cleanliness is essential for a healthy body and mind. I think, as a human being, a criminal also has the right to live a healthy life. Also, the unsanitary condition of prisons will create a lot of bad smell. Also, germs and bacteria will grow, which will spread infectious diseases among the prisoners. Due to the unsanitary nature of the prison, the number of mosquitoes will increase. This can result in criminals contracting serious diseases like dengue and malaria. To solve such problems I think -
      1. Appropriate initiatives and steps should be taken to clean the jail.
      2. Prisons should be reformed.
      3. Every inmate shall clean his surroundings from his own position. For example, he shall ensure the cleanliness of his body, the cleanliness of the room, etc.
      4. Institutions should be created to monitor the cleanliness of each prison.
      Thanks a lot.

  • In my opinion, I agree because you can't have people stink just because there a prisoner. All people have human rights. Do prisoners now not because of a crime? We know to be in prison is a bad thing but they still have human rights. The phrase " Treat people how you want to be treated" shows that not all bad people stay rotten. If we had them stay dirty, Imagine how many diseases could just simply kill them because you didn't keep them clean. You should treat all people with respect. In summary, there could be many things that happen if you don't keep them clean.

    1. I agree because like you said creative elephant you can't let people stink just because their prisoners and even though they have done a bad or dangerous crime then they should still be kept clean. Everyone should be treated equally, no matter what their race, religion, personality and look. Despite being a prisoner, they should be kept clean and their rooms should be kept clean too otherwise they could get diseases and this could spread to multiple other people like their friends, the security, police officers or family members. Also, if the prisoners get used to cleaning their own prison cells then when they are released then they would be so used to this that they would anyway be keeping their own house clean and themselves.

  • Hi I agree with you maintaining a clean prison helps in keeping it healthy but also changes the minds of the prisoners, A Virgin Islander Proverb states that new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners, if a prison is clean it can help in changing the mindsets of the prisoners, another reason to keep prisons clean is because of the fact that the prisoners are human and also suffer unhygienic diseases like diarrhea, body lice, ringworms and many others, we should keep prisons clean because the prisoners are humans that need to be corrected and they should not be corrected in a dirty environment.
    Thank you.

  • I disagree because what if the prisoner came to his/her senses and wanted to become a better person. The prisoner could live a better life without crime. We can't just put people in a dirty cell because they could die before they're even released. Just because they did a crime doesn't mean they deserve to be thrown in a room full of sickness.

    I agree with you because if a prison is not clean at all, the prisoners will have the urge to get out and this can cause serious prison problems. Like we discussed earlier, if a prison is clean them the chances of the prisoners wanting to escape will get less and less by day.

  • Hello guys, first I will love to define hygiene, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases. what is cleanliness well according to Wikipedia "Cleanliness is both the state of being clean and free from germs." a prison is a place where people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial and also a place where criminals are being reformed. So, when a prison it dirty the criminals will also have the mentality of dirtiness in them and that is not meant to be, so the head of prison should make the prisoners to clean their environments and take care of their selves also if a prison is dirty it can make the staffs the prisoners and even visitors to fall ill and when they fall ill it will be on the government to take care of the people who gets ill.
    So, a prison is meant to be clean and so if our environments.

  • Hi
    In my experience prisons should be clean, some prisoners may have diseases that can affect prison guards that can affect their children if it transfers through hugs. The prison should be always clean without cleanliness prisoners will not learn good morals and can lead to health issues for example, it can lead to the flu etc. Every day prisoners should bath before touching any one it can transfer diseases from one place to another ,their prison cells should always be clean and properly arranged to prevent infections.

  • It is indisputable that an inmate's capacity for successful rehabilitation is greatly influenced by the setting in which they are kept. In addition to improving the health and wellbeing of the prisoners, a tidy and well-kept jail also promotes an atmosphere that is favorable to education and personal development. This is so because an individual's capacity to concentrate on their schoolwork and general health can be greatly impacted by illnesses and diseases, which are less common in clean environments. Additionally, a clean jail can act as an example for the prisoners, showing them how important cleanliness and hygiene are in their own lives. This in turn may encourage individuals to take up better routines and behaviors, which are critical to their recovery. In the end, rehabilitation's purpose is not.

  • In my own perspective I think that prison should be always clean and hygienic for the prisoners living there.
    If prisons are not well cleaned the prisoners will not be comfortable.
    Cleanliness is very important in a prison because of the prisoners are not comfortable they can start thinking of escaping and it will not be good.
    My conclusion will be, the prison should always be clean and hygiene.
    Eager to see corrections.
    I am grateful.

  • This is a very important point and why I say this is because, if a prisoner is sent 3 years in prison what will then happen to the person if he gets sick and dies in the prison it might be caused by uncleanness,the family members would blame the prison for not being clean.

  • Hmmm such an interesting topic succinct_cheetah.
    In my opinion I think prison rooms should be clean at all time because out of 100 95% of people die because of some people body ordure.
    This can cause so much diseases such as:
    Overactive thyroid.
    Liver disease.

    These some caused by only body ordure

    1. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

    2. I disagree because... firstly you spoke about how clean prison should be at all times and then you came to speak about body odor. These two are not exactly related. And what! do people actually die from body odor? And secondly there is no way body odor could cause these mentioned diseases like menopause. I think they should be kept clean because though they have committed crimes living beings should not stay in an unhygienic place. Their health also matter.

      1. Dear helpful_idea I did not mean to get you upset but what you said is not grabbing my attention please explain further.
        So, first of all, I think body odor cand and a clean prison room relates in so many ways because if there is body odor cause if there is body odor the prison room then it practically means it is not clean.

  • I think that, like everyone, we have the right to stay in a clean place, even if it is the prison, because is like the ¨home¨ where prisoners stay. As I think, people like to have their house clean, principally because hygene, if we have this right, they should also have it , and not also for prisoners but also for the image of the prison and for the people which work there. Is true that prisons do not need necessary to have a good image, but I am sure that if a person needed to work there, even if it is for a short period of time, it will appreciate the hygene of the place.

  • You are right. Hygiene is something very common to us buy it should be attributed to every aspect of life, even in prison life.
    A clean place should be connected to rehabilation of prisoners. What is more if they are responsible for their cleanliness, then this could make behave better and understand that even this small act is part of a system that could make them better citizens.

  • I agree with you. Even though they are in prison, the prisoners are still human beings that need basic necessities. Prisons should be reformative facilities, not a filthy environment. It would be unfair to the prisoners to live in a dirty cell and eat and drink contaminated water. This would lead to sickness, or even death. Prisons should be a clean place for all to stay, no matter what crime a prisoner committed.

  • I actually fully agree with your opinion but I also have to add that this topic has multiple reasons why people might disagree. One could be an emotional one. People might feel anger toward the prisoners because of what they did to them. So here arises the question, why they should be in a clean environment, when they for example killed someone’s daughter. In conclusion, this creates a conflict between the diverse opinions about the cleanness in prisons.
    Furthermore, we also have to get to know the other perspective of dirtiness in prisons. Everyone in our world has a right of the human rights. So, no one should sleep, eat or live for years in such bad conditions. In Addition, no prison guard would work in an environment where the smell would make you ill. At the end of the day we can not say that prisoners who did a mistake for what any kind of reason should live in a dirty and maybe like you said dangerous environment.

  • I disagree because if some has done a serious crime like killing someone i think they should loose the right to have a clean place to stay. people go into prison and have a free place to stay for however long then come out and continue with crime

  • I agree because if you get sentenced to however many years in prison, you want it to be clean, or atleast most people. If I was a prisoner, I want it to be clean otherwise I would have to go with however many years with a dirty place to live. Think of prison as your house and your family is coming round, would you want it to be clean or messy? If you chose messy, why? If you chose clean, why? If it is not clean it can effect your health.

  • I do believe the cleanliness of a prison is important. When a prison is not clean the inmates catch diseases. Since its a prison and most people live close together it would spread fast. This could lead to death as most prisons cant provide the services needed to fight off these diseases. Uncleanliness can cause order and may affect the mental health of inmates ruining the purpose of being in prison in the first place.

  • I agree that cleanliness is everything.even their is everything without hygiene even when the prisoners get free their hygiene will not change.prisonars are supposed to be a change agent to the society so if there have zero hygienic habits they will not be a change agent.

    1. Can you explain what you mean by a "change agent"?

  • Prisons must be kept clean for several reasons. First, cleanliness prevents the spread of diseases that can be dangerous, especially when people are in close quarters. Second, a clean environment shows respect for those incarcerated and helps them feel more dignified. Third, it's much easier to focus on rehabilitation and positive change in a clean and healthy space. Finally, proper sanitation reduces safety hazards and benefits everyone who works in the prison, including staff. Inmate work programs that contribute to cleanliness can be a valuable part of rehabilitation efforts. Overall, prisons should be safe and healthy environments that encourage positive change.

  • Yes, I agree with you . Prisons should be very clean because it is not objects that are staying there, there are human beings. If prisons are dirty, we would have a lot of prisoners that can fall ill and die. If prisoners die, then the aims of prisons will be defeated because the prisoners are to be reformed to better people. It is inhumane to care less about their wellbeing just because they are prisoners. These prisoners when well reformed can help in the development of the country and teach others on good behaviors. Some even become better citizens when they come out. In conclusion, prisons need to be clean for the development of countries.

  • I agree because even though they are prisoners, we should not overlook the fact that they are still humans who needs to be taken care of. Now in a case whereby a prisoner has only but one year to stay in prison and it happens that the prison is unclean, and before he finished his jail time he contacted a disease (s), that means when the person goes out of prison, he is likely to spread the disease around to other people out there and remember that prevention is better than cure.
    I will like to conclude by saying that cleanliness and hygiene matters no matter where we found ourselves or go in life.

  • Prisons should be clean at all times because the moment when it is dirty police staffs will not be concentrated and this might lead to a prisoner breaking out. Cleanliness is an aspect we need in every part of our life that is why it is considered essential,if a prison is clean both the prisoners and police staff will be concentrated and change will occur.They are humans too they should not be treated like animals to the point that when they become ex-prisoners some people even discriminate them in the society and wish the were still in their cage but if it was them the will hate it but they are doing it to other people ,prisoners should be encouraged not discriminated, us as humans are taking it in the wrong way.

  • I agree that people need a clean environment to learn. Things like dirt and insufficient ventilation can make someone unable to learn at a particular time. A lot of prisons need reforms , the prisons that need reforms are mostly dirty and overcrowded, and because of the unfavorable living conditions, instead of influencing the peoples behavior positively, every one is interested in surviving so the struggle tends to be so real that they keep indulging in negative behaviors just to survive. at the end of the day, the prison don't even change people's habits.
    There are is prison that I know that is like that, the name of the prison is KiriKiri maximum security prison, it's located in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the worst prison that a person can go to, that prison is terrible. Many people that go their are innocent and some are serious criminals in that place their is no hope for that prison. Still prisons need serious reforms.

  • I think that prison should be neat and tidy. All the prisoners should be hygenic and clean to keep germs far from them. They should maintain high quality hygiene. They should make their environment clean for not to be suffer from any disease in prison because there is no one your own to take care of your. So prisoners should be careful about it.