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People aren't changing their behavior because they feel that whatever they do will not make an... Why don’t people change? 28/3/24
I do not think that elections should be held during war because people might just vote for... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 27/3/24
I believe that the number of young people that are politically engaged in my country is... Are young people politically engaged? 27/3/24
If political parties pay to make news about elections voters may not choose the person that... Who should fund news about elections? 26/3/24
I believe that there are not any sports that really matter. All sports are different and they... Which sports “matter”? 26/3/24
I believe that prisons should focus on being more reformative rather than being a punishment.... What’s the purpose of prisons? 25/3/24
I believe that the voters have the most power in a democracy. Voters have the choice to choose a... Who has the power? 25/3/24
A job that might be created is AI maitenance because AI might need to be fixed in case something... Jobs of the future 25/3/24
I agree the least with option C because it is not the worker's fault. The robot just... AI accident: who is responsible? 25/3/24
I believe that is is fair that athletes are required to stay in a neutral zone because political... Sports and politics 24/3/24
I agree with C because I am worried about the risks. Many people could possibly overdose and get... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 24/3/24
If you are more informed about local news, you can help more. In my state, there are people who... Responsible citizens 22/3/24
I believe that the media is the most responsible for supporting women in football. The media... Women's sport 22/3/24
I agree with option A because if nations are not supporting the women that live there, that... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 21/3/24
I think that there are rules and policies about immigrants to make sure that they are not... Why are there rules about immigration? 21/3/24
Boycotts are helpful as long as the business that people are boycotting is bad. If the business... Are boycotts helpful? 20/3/24
One way that a business can create a positive impact is by reducing emissions. Since businesses... How could businesses make positive change? 20/3/24
I think that AI will transform the world in a good way because AI is helping us with more... Will AI transform the emerging world? 19/3/24
I expected because a lot of people are going to be curious about something new that could really... The future of AI: poll results! 19/3/24
I agree with option A because businesses also affect the environment in a way. Everyone does... Profits or the planet? 18/3/24