Drugs: Are They Just Medicines? Should They Be Consumed In Any Case?

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Medicines & Drugs

According to me, medicines are taken by people to heal themselves from disease, disorder or illness. While, drugs are medicines but, I believe that if medicines are taken in large quantity for several times, it causes physiological and psychological changes, which should be called as a drug.

I feel the difference between drugs and medicines is that, medicines have minimal side effects and almost no addiction mentally or physically, whereas once if a person consumes drug, the person may feel the necessity to consume more drugs and might become quite threatening if drugs are not provided.

Are Drugs Just Medicines?

Scientifically, a normal medicine may also be called a drug, but I feel that drugs' usage and consumption level is different from that of medicines. I have observed various times, in from of large group of people, if we ask or talk about medicines, people are free and their view is straight. However, in case of drugs, many a times people relate it to illegal or malpractices. Thereupon, I believe that drugs are not just 'medicines', they have a wider meaning.

Should Drugs Be Consumed In Any Case?

I feel that drugs should not be consumed in any facet of life by anyone of any age. People should have enough control on themselves, specifically their control should be on their mind, they should know that drugs must not be consumed, even if someone force them. But, people exactly don't consider the negative effects on their psychology and physiology. It's important, I feel, to let people understand both, positive and negative impacts, along with the necessity, and it is possible if doctors, psychiatrist, others who have knowledge on the subject including government should make people aware.

And, few times, drugs are provided to save a life, and in my perspective, I won't contemplate it as illegal or ethically incorrect. But, its usage for the person should not change into addiction.

Altogether, I believe drugs should not be taken, whatever the case may be. Present youngsters get easily influenced and addicited to intoxicants, which includes alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc., which control them and create intoxication in the body. Additionally, many people support such items, which is completely wrong in my opinion, and I feel, this is one of the major reasons why young people go for drugs and alcohol.

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  • Hi
    In my opinion the drug are not medicine because medicine used to help hell our pain.the drug are just to make young ones to take that can affect their health in a bad way that can make them unstable around the country progress.medicine can not affect their health if taking it more than the doctor prescribed.in my say the drug should be illegally remove from the country.
    Thank you 😊

  • i think that they should band drugs/medicine in a competition because it could affect the players/athletes in a way that they could win against the people that don't take it and also the people that do take it it could affect the way that they act on sports in a way that it could hurt them.But if people want to they can make a separate commission that the rules are a little bit different than the olympics and let them know what they are signing up for so they dont think wrong
    by outspoken_frog from the uk

    1. I really agree with your comment , because it could really affect their health. It should be band and stay that way forever, because if one person takes drugs someone else might think it is a good idea. If they try it they could get addicted and it could impact their mental health. Also it is unfair to the people that aren't taking drugs , because they will have traind very hard for it and they wouldn't even have chance of winning.

  • In my opinion drugs are medicines. They are also very helpful cure our diseases or heal our wounds and pain. Yes I agree that they are medicines and they are very helpful also but I don't think that it should be used in all cases. Although drugs can cure us and heal us but consuming of more amount of drugs is very harmful and it can take the life of the person. It can make person physically and mentally unhealthy.
    So in my opinion drugs can be used as medicine but it should be used as need.

    1. i agree beacuse they should not be used all the time when u can visit the hospital or visit them for a medicine so i dont think they need to always be used they dont always cure everything.

  • I don't think that the contestants should consume drugs because it wouldn't be fair that they are taking drugs to make them faster. If one a person consumes drugs then all the contestants should consume drugs to make the race fair.

    1. I disagree with you because, that is why we have the enhanced games.
      For the people that know that they do not like to follow the rules or the regular sports, they can choose to attend the enhanced games.
      For those that know that they can follow the rules of the regular sports.
      THANK YOU.

      1. I respectfully disagree because consumption of drugs can be harmful for the athlete, although it is said that they are of least risk, but what if an athlete takes drugs which are risky and not allowed. In Olympics, 44% consumes drug but 1% get caught because machines or testers aren't efficient or easy going. Similarly, if an athlete consumes different drug, he/she may not be caught while risking his/her whole life.
        Secondly, if people are allowed to take drugs, then drug consumers should compete with themselves, not with those who are on their natural potential. This is why, according to me it is unjust.

    2. I have a balance of emotions. Well, I think it is their opinion, if they think that they can handle or take it, it is okay because they have agreed to that while others who do not want can stay because it all depends on them but other way round it can affect them in future leading to serious or deadly illnesses .

    3. If all the athletes should be taking drugs and you know that all drugs have side infect which means that if an athlete is to notice that another athlete is taking drugs he will want to take more so that he will run faster even if the athlete retires he will be addicted to taking it and it can cause heart pian . So if everybody is taking enhanced drugs which everybody is allowable to die young.

  • I would say that drugs are basically not like medicines. I say this because some drugs like hand sanitizer are harmless, because hand sanitizer is for your hands, and to keep germs away. Also hand sanitizer is helpful and not helpless. I think drugs shouldn't be consumed in any case because, yes some drugs can be helpful but not this type. Some types of drugs like cigarettes, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are bad drugs. Like, if you are on track and you've won multiple metals then, if you take one of these drugs to cheat in the race yes it will make you faster, but in the middle of the race your heart beats faster, then you will collapse and fall. Then the Olympics may never be held in a certain country.

    1. It's not true that all performance enhancing drugs are dangerous. Does this change your mind about anything?

  • Hello!
    I certainly think that drugs are not just medicine as it can cause serious damage to your body.It does not just effect your phisical attitude, but your mental health too.Drugs also cost alot of money so it is also effecting your financial side and say you get addicted you would be spending hundreds even maybe thousands of pounds in the bank.If you get so addicted than you may even catch an illness, maybe even a really bad illness,maybe even death.

  • I believe that drugs are not just medicines, but substances that we ingest into our bodies to make us feel better. I think they should be consumed if they have been verified by NAFDAC as they are responsible for checking if a drug is safe for a person to take. It is important to take drugs when they are needed, as consuming them unnecessarily can lead to drug abuse which can result to loss of lives, academic failure, and high blood pressure. Therefore, I believe that instead of relying on drugs to enhance our abilities, which should work hard and strive to achieve our goals without them.

  • Hi medicines and drugs are not the same drugs for me are way worse so In my opinion I think that they should make the doping test because it could really affect all the athletes and also because drugs is really bad for the health of the athletes and all other people so they should save their bodies from drugs and I think all countries should bann drugs from the cities
    Thank you 😊

  • In my opinion drugs are not all medicines and most drugs have nothing to do with medicines for example Heroin and weed are not medicines . Medicines are drugs but that doesn't mean that all drugs are medicines because cannabis is a drug bus is mostly used for medical reasons same for magic mushrooms. The way I see drugs is its a waste of money just to harm yourself and buying these substances from sketchy people is never gonna be worth the risk, what is the point of wasting 1000's of great British pound or any other currency on illegal substances when you could go on holiday for the money you spent on cannabis or cocaine. Drugs are worthless thing sold for high prices by dealers who are and want you to get hurt from taking amounts of a substance to earn money of of you and other people around you in your local park or around the corner of a street.

    drugs are not medicines ''most are not''

  • I don't think that althletes should have drugs. Sport for me is about teamwork, the spirit of competion and resilience. If you use drugs as medicine if your injured that's fine. But to cheat with drugs I just don't think that's good.

  • Medication and drugs are used to cure sicknesses and diseases not to help the way we perform. Using a lot of these drugs can cause an addiction. Then athletes would feel that they can't perform well without the drugs. Athletes should have a prescription for these types of drugs.

    1. I completely agree with your point! I don't feel that athletes can do much better if they take drugs, if they really believe on themselves including their gameplay, be honest and work hard, they can achieve the best without harming their physiology and psychology.

  • I believe that the use of drugs in athletic competitions such as The Enhanced Games could prove useful towards research purposes. For example, we could learn more about the drugs and how they affect the performance of participants. Furthermore, drugs could influence the actions of athletes in ways unseen before. This could help prevent worse situations in the future which we cannot control. Therefore, I think that The Enhanced Games could be used for good.

  • Well the answer to this topic depends on the state, if its a drug written to you by doctors or chemists then it may be acceptable but if you take drugs for fun then thats an easy NO! Drugs afect your brain in awfull ways , overdosing on drugs will lead to death . Drugs turn you into a zombie like state where you dont know whats happening or what you're doing. I believe drugs aren't all bad since some drugs are recommended by doctors but overdosing is awfull and in my opinion drugs are really dangerous and bad.

  • In my opinion it is totally unfair that performance enhancing drugs are consumed. This is because drugs like these give a clear advantage such as running faster than those who have not taken them. If one person consumes the drug then all contestants should to make the race equal. However not all drugs are bad or dangerous and many have medicinal purposes such as being painkillers. The downside is they can become addictive (hence the name drugs) but many are prescribed and can cure and prevent diseases. The trust is put in patients to not abuse the drug and use it for the wrong reasons.

  • I personally think that drugs should be optional to be used in the enhanced games as some people might be too weak if they might have a disability, but if you use it to much than that can affect your mental and possibly physical health. For example, if a paralysed person wants to fulfil their dream of going to the Olympics, they can obviously use the drugs to compete, but can change their future.

  • I think that drugs should not be used in enhanced games because the people who consume those drugs might not make it to the Olympics. Drugs are a type of medicine , but they are more dangerous and some are illegal . Others could argue that consuming those drugs could help them by making them stronger and faster.

  • the use of drugs in competitions should not be allowed or if so, they should sort them as different kinds. because if somebody consumes drugs in a competition it would not be fair to people that do not want to use drugs. Also, these legal type of drugs are sorted as medications and i think if its used at frequent times it can cause different behaviour than usual or lead to addictions too.

  • It's true that some people think that drugs and medicines are the same things.
    Medicines are what you take to cure a diseases or illness but drugs have a whole different meaning, they are substances people take in large quantity which people call over dosage. Even if the person has been taking it for a while it shouldn't turn into an addiction, taking drugs is very dangerous to be consumed repeatedly. When they have a problem instead of intoxication they should seek better help like therapy .

  • I have an opinion about drugs and medicines too. I also believe there is a difference. According to the oxford dictionary, "a drug is any substance that affects the structure or functioning of a living organism." and still from the same source, "medicine is any drug or preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease, particularly a drug that is taken by mouth". Anyone can interpret this in any way they want but I have my own personal interpretation.
    According to my prospective, all medicines are drugs but not all drugs are medicines. Medicines is used for treatment or prevention of disease meaning it is good and helpful but drugs aren't exactly the same to me. Drugs affect the structure and functioning of a living organism, it was not stated whether it was positive or negative. This means that a drug can be extremely harmful. I also see it as medicines can be drugs if their dosage is abused.
    The main point I am trying to make is the fact that while both drugs and medicines can alter bodily processes, the key difference lies in their purpose and effects. Medicines are specifically aimed at healing and improving health, while drugs can be used for a lot more things including harmful things. Medicines are designed for treating or preventing diseases, with a positive impact on health. However, drugs, in act in a broader sense and can affect the functioning of our bodies either positively or negatively.
    The difference between drugs and medicines is important. While all medicines are drugs, not all drugs serve as medicines. It’s essential to recognize that misuse or abuse of medicines can turn them into drugs. Ultimately, the purpose and effects is the difference between medicines (which are aimed at healing) and drugs (which can have various uses, including harmful ones).

  • I think drugs should not be consumed unless it is for medical purposes. Drugs should not be used, illegally, irresponsible, or just because. Between all three of these, it could lead to many concisques like death, overdose, and more. Many argue that drugs should not be used at all, which is completely okay, because some people used homemade remedies for cures, but I think that if a disease is critical, it should be mandatory for medicare if prescribed by a doctor.