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I agree that humans would be nothing without women because they are the greatest... Why do we need women? 18/3/24
I have to say that I would definitely nit want to became the leader of my country, and I can... Your country in your hands! 11/3/24
Many people believe that countries shouldn't hold elections during wartime. However, my... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 11/3/24
Media have the power to influence the public a lot . In a way they are the ones that can inform... The media and elections 09/3/24
It is so difficult to answer. On the one hand having elections during war can give people the... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 06/3/24
I really want to disagree with the opinion of Aaaron that because already 44 percentage of... An interview with the President of the Enhanced Games 01/3/24
International games are very important as they promote international bons through the spirit of... Which sports “matter”? 29/2/24
Some of the advantages could be considered fair and some unfair. For example, when you have... Unfair advantage? 28/2/24
I almost agree with opinion A. I definitely believe that discussing abou the environment can... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 26/2/24
Yes you are right. That was the conclusion of our survey. More female teachers especially in... Did you do the classroom lesson? 25/2/24
I can't even think why girls should be excluded from education and hopefully this seem not to... Gender inequality: have your say! 25/2/24
I am mostly on project C Youth Court in New Zealand because it includes children or very young... Reformation 22/2/24
They can implement a careful plan which will provide first safety in an area designed for them... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 20/2/24
Well, boycotts can be useful when they aim to not harm the business and its employees but to... Are boycotts helpful? 20/2/24
In my opinion, journalists face many challenges. One of them is the threat of censorship ,... Challenges to journalists 19/2/24
The UK policy seems a bit unfair to me. That why I chose confused. I thought that governments... Poll: the UK’s Rwanda Bill 18/2/24
It was a really thoughtful lesson. After our first presentation on business and some dilemma... Topical Talk in your classrooms 18/2/24
It is well said. We study in our history lesson so much about wars and how our country suffered... What are the benefits of immigration? 15/2/24
In my opinion,I think it would be a bad thing to let robots on the hub. AI shouldn't have a lot... AI bots on the Hub? 14/2/24
One topic that has emerged the last few years and seems to be popular is veganism. It is a... Suggest a discussion 11/2/24