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Good Day Everyone, In my opinion the use of drugs in games is not meant to be so. I believe... DRUG USE IN SPORT 18/3/24
Good Day Everyone, I completely agree with you that the fairest system a country should operate... What is a democratic election system? 18/3/24
Goodday Everyone, I completely agree with you that using AI in wars will be better because... AI: and the future of war 11/3/24
Hello articulated butterfly, In your comment above you stated that there aren't sports that... Which sports “matter”? 02/3/24
Good Day Everyone, I strongly agree because... it is true that sports people have a negative... Sports and politics 28/2/24
The woman/girl from the news I would like to celebrate is Mrs Dora Akunyili because some time... Competition #5 winners 21/2/24
Good Day Everyone, Well from this quiz I learnt a lot but what caught my attention is that men... The women in media quiz 21/2/24
Good Day Everyone, I will give it an 8 because I strongly agree that journalist play a very... Are journalists the answer? 21/2/24
GoodDay, I agree with you that yes the pay gap between women and men is unfair but you said... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
GoodDay Everyone, well not speaking for serious_keyboard because he/she may have a different... Do you feel represented? 20/2/24
Hello Everyone, The piece of information that surprised me the most is that north Africa was... Gender inequality: have your say! 19/2/24
Hi, I do agree with option A which states that “International Women’s Day is great because it... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 19/2/24
In my opinion the best option to go for is option A which states that " Increase the pay of... Prison staff 18/2/24
I strongly disagree with quote D which states that “No one person is so important that without -... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 18/2/24
Yes I am one of those people who believe in second chance, therefore I believe that all those... What are the benefits of immigration? 17/2/24
I agree because... I believe that the issue of electricity is a big problem as it affects the... Create a headline 14/2/24
Yes, i can see where you are going. Most of the rich people who go into the oil business hurt... Climate change and inequality 13/2/24
I agree because... the discussion of food prices in Nigeria is something that needs to seriously... Create a headline 13/2/24
Well, sitting back and letting AI do everything for you might lead you to think that there is no... Will AI transform the emerging world? 13/2/24
Hello, After my research I found out about the cop28 which was held in dubai and was surrounded... Global action! 12/2/24