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Hi, the topic I am most interested in is “AI: education and the future of work” because it was... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 11/3/24
In my opinion, all of the mentioned factors will definitely give an advantage over others. ... Unfair advantage? 02/3/24
The woman from the news I would like to celebrate is none other than “Gloria Marie Steinem”- a... Competition #5 winners 23/2/24
I disagree with the first quote which says “Nations that fail women, fail.”. It isn’t true that... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 22/2/24
In my opinion it’s everyone’s responsibility, whether they are teachers, manager, colleagues,... Who has the power to stop social bias? 22/2/24
In my opinion, it doesn’t depend on gender. You asked that are women better at reporting about... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 21/2/24
This topic is a bit controversial, It can’t be all right or all wrong. If you choose that women... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 21/2/24
In my opinion, everybody has divisive thoughts as each and every person may have a different... Why so divisive? 15/2/24
In my opinion, all the options fit to India. The environmental situation in India is alarming.... Climate change in your country 13/2/24
I think that Son Goku from the Dragon Ball manga series could help people as he possesses... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
In my opinion, Joe Biden is much more appropriate. His point of view is much more valid than... Fair or unfair? 12/2/24
I scored 6 out of 8. In my opinion, everyone should have the right to live anywhere they... What do you know about immigration policies? 12/2/24
I disagree because... It's the fault of the manufacturer and the injured person because, 1.... AI accident: who is responsible? 11/2/24
You are right that it's the company's fault but it doesn't mean that it's not the fault of the... AI accident: who is responsible? 11/2/24
According to me the developers of the AI bot and the worker itself are responsible because,... AI accident: who is responsible? 11/2/24
“Mission recreation – Making Earth a heaven again” This Earth belongs to all alive creatures on... Caption this! 10/2/24
I would like to suggest a hub discussion on POLLUTION. Contaminated environment: The silent... Suggest a discussion 10/2/24
I would like to suggest a hub discussion on the Influence of movies and social media on our... Suggest a discussion 10/2/24
12/12!. This quiz made me realize my potential and knowledge about businesses. It made me... The business and politics quiz 09/2/24
The response to this question is a bit confusing and maybe controversial too…. From my aspect... Countries behaving badly 09/2/24