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well news stories which can influence an individual's perspective of a leader to vote is what... The media and elections 11/3/24
Left to me I think that news on election should be funded by the campaigners, this can prove to... Who should fund news about elections? 10/3/24
Yes I do agree with you @phenominal_technology people will be people and because of that the... The Cure to Eco-Anxiety 10/3/24
This is a very beautiful and detailed essay @talented_chemistery young people need to learn how... The Importance of Learning Coding at a Young Age 10/3/24
What I feel about eco anxiety is that it is when someone tries to express their points about... What is eco-anxiety, my opinion 09/3/24
Hi topical talkers, AI's role in the upcoming future is very pivotal as there are many jobs that... Unemployment 08/3/24
I think that the president of Nigeria can help the country by focusing more on agriculture and... “What do young people want from their elective leaders?” 07/3/24
I feel that the person that has more power in a democratic system is the citizens, the prime... Who has the power? 07/3/24
Hi I agree with you maintaining a clean prison helps in keeping it healthy but also changes the... Cleanliness or hygiene's of prisons 07/3/24
I agree with you @glad outcome we must encourage other who go through eco anxiety and fear of... Eco-anxiety; Being Encouraging 07/3/24
I do not feel that elections should be held during wars, this is because of the fact that if a... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 06/3/24
I scored 7 out of 10 and what I have learnt is that elections have a great impact on a country's... The elections quiz 06/3/24
Hi I said yes because I know that my country needs good leaders and we need a change, if I were... Your country in your hands! 05/3/24
I agree with option B, large countries are very hard to maintain as the whole population is... How would you respond? 05/3/24
Very true, left to me an election comprises of two sides, the voters and the campaigners, but... Who has the power? 05/3/24
I side with you independent reflection, businesses need to utilize the machinery which they use... Businesses v the environment 02/3/24
Very true, the enhanced games open a doorway to those with a desire to use technology and... An interview with the President of the Enhanced Games 01/3/24
I side with your point truth be told there are some athletes that will feel as if all of their... Unfair advantage? 01/3/24
I strongly disagree with you strong tornado, yes drugs can be of use at times, but drugs have... How did the lesson go? 01/3/24
What one rule would keep your event safe? The fact that there would be no doping and medical... You make the rules! 29/2/24