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I think it is very important for young people to learn about eco anxiety. As most of us know,... Competition #8 winners 13/3/24
In my opinion, nothing can be done about these unfair advantages because people will always be... Unfair advantage? 27/2/24
The woman I really think should be celebrated on international Women's Day is the late Coco... Competition #5 winners 21/2/24
I am absolutely certain that AI will change the world in amazing ways and completely change the... Will AI transform the emerging world? 13/2/24
Hello! The topic I'd like to suggest as a hub post is STIGMATISATION. Firstly, Stigmatisation... Suggest a discussion 09/2/24
I strongly disagree with you, ethical apricot. In my opinion, killing animals is only considered... Animal rights 08/2/24
Hello, fellow topical talkers! I really appreciate the opportunity to share my ideas on this... Competition #3 winners 08/2/24
I scored 12/12 in the quiz. Before taking this quiz, I never knew some companies actually cared... The business and politics quiz 06/2/24
To be very honest, I do not have a specific answer for this question. AI helps us complete... AI and the planet 03/2/24
I think staying informed about local news plays a crucial role on our well being. Being updated... Responsible citizens 03/2/24
I think the picture that best describes my country is B because I have heard Ghana is in no... Climate change in your country 02/2/24
I strongly disagree with A because all the AI technology we have now were created by people who... Will schools exist in future? 26/1/24
The news story that caught my attention was the inflation rate in Ghana. In 2020, the inflation... Competition #1 winners 26/1/24
I think there should be a discussion on THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT. Firstly, the greenhouse effect is... Suggest a discussion 25/1/24
I strongly agree with your stand point. Why should a person's age determine how smart or mature... Suggest a discussion 24/1/24