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In future, I think the way people will get their news will be somehow fake because often time... Competition #9 winners 21/3/24
I agree with you because crime prevention is the primary responsibility of government. The... Prevent or protect? Poll results! 18/3/24
I agree with you. They should come out in the open so that their other contenders will know who... Performance-enhancing drugs: poll results! 18/3/24
I must say that it does me good to be part of this festival because i have always been... Festival snapshots! 15/3/24
I agree with you because it's very harmful to those who use to take enhancing drugs so that is... Are the Enhanced games a good thing? 15/3/24
I agree with because people have rights and make their choices by following the law of the... Stereotypes 14/3/24
I agree with option B that women are more caring. This because inbuilt in women is the ability... Stereotypes 14/3/24
I strongly agree with this comment young people should learn and be willing to live in harmony... Competition #8 winners 14/3/24
I agree with precious swan because by allowing or relaxing the immigrational laws, it will go a... Ageing populations 13/3/24
I agree because It is good to take care of the environment because it is your home . So let us... Profits or the planet? 13/3/24
I'm not sure about this............. But for the candidate. Will he help address the problems... Who should fund news about elections? 08/3/24
I agree with you eloquent pie. Media is the work of finding out information about past and... The media and elections 08/3/24
I strongly agree with you if not for voter no one will be a leader. Democracy is about voting to... Who has the power? 07/3/24
Hi active _ coconut... i am neither with party A or B because i feel we should not focus only... How does the Indian election work? 07/3/24
It's about 40% people vote for party C meaning it still wins, even though the remaining 60% did... How does the Indian election work? 06/3/24
I scored 5 out of 10 I think my result was very poor but I learnt a lot of new thing like the... The elections quiz 06/3/24
I agree with you but managing the country is hard too . To be honest you have to make series of... Your country in your hands! 05/3/24
I think that usually people are unreliable but they become reliable throught them choosing the... How would you respond? 05/3/24
in my own perspective I think it is important for young people like me to learn about the news ... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 04/3/24
I agree with you @respectful song that sports is about talent and hard work so taking enhanced... How did the lesson go? 02/3/24