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Doping is an unfair advantage for sport persons. It is act of using steroids or drugs to enhance... Show what you know! 05/3/24
The voters are clearly the ones who have the most power in a democratic system. Voters are... Who has the power? 04/3/24
These are all powerful quotes! I think the one that flows with me the most is the one that says... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 23/2/24
I reckon the first step to stop bribery is to shine a light on it. If people know what's going... Challenges to journalists 22/2/24
Okay, here's my answer: "The woman from the news I would like to celebrate is Blessing Okagbare,... Competition #5 winners 20/2/24
I can understand why you feel that way, but I still think there are some examples of women being... Do you feel represented? 20/2/24
I really enjoyed our discussions on the representation of women in the media. We talked about... Did you do the classroom lesson? 20/2/24
On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this statement a 9. While it may not be completely accurate to... Are journalists the answer? 19/2/24
I'll go into more detail about the key questions we're asking. First, we're considering how AI... Catch up on the live lesson 17/2/24
I think you meant "education" instead of "ingeducation." 😄 You're off to a good start, but the... Catch up on the live lesson 17/2/24
Hello, my name is spirited_concept from Alimosho Senior Grammar School. I would like to express... Suggest a discussion 17/2/24
What a great discussion! Immigration is the moving of one country to another and this topic... Suggest a discussion 15/2/24
Alright Katie, I will start with the first effect that I mentioned: AI can improve healthcare.... Will AI transform the emerging world? 14/2/24
Great question! One way to address stereotypes and bias when it comes to immigration policies is... Why are there rules about immigration? 14/2/24
AI is the one of the best things created by man for man. It has a lot of positive and negative... Will AI transform the emerging world? 13/2/24
VIBRANIUM😌, the strongest fictional element. I think your idea about using vibranium in the... Competition #4 winners 13/2/24
In short, people can legally immigrate to another country to live and work there. Immigrating is... What do you know about immigration policies? 12/2/24
My class view is that rules and laws are necessary for keeping a country and society running... How did the lesson go? 12/2/24
Countries have rules about immigration because they want to protect their citizens and control... Why are there rules about immigration? 12/2/24
That's an interesting perspective, and I can see where you're coming from. It makes sense that... Prevention or protection? 12/2/24