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A new topic means a new quiz! This one tests your knowledge about sporting bans, the Olympics and the Enhanced Games.

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  • I scored 13 out of 16. I have learn a lot of things from the quiz.
    Most shocking news was that 44% athletes use performance enhancing drugs but only 1% are caught at Olympics, according to the World Anti- Doping Agency. Though performance enhancing drugs are banned at Olympics, still athletes use these drugs. It may help the athletes to win big but they forget that it will cause a great harm to their mind and body. Also, it raises concern that real athletes are not able to win big because of those athletes who uses drugs. I think that every countries sports association should be strict to their athletes to maintain these rules. Olympic Committee should have a strong team to catch this illegal work and solve it.
    I was also shocked to know that women's were able to play at the Olympics in 1900, many years after men.

    1. I agree because I got 7/16 and the one that also shocks me the most is that 44% of athletes use game-enhancing drugs and only 1% of them are caught, this got me wondering if the athletes are paying and bribing the game officials so that they wouldn't check them for drugs. This may be an unfair advantage to other players who do not use drugs because it may seem to them that the other teams have trained harder than them. And I am also scared for 1 reasons and the one reason is: criminal offense. Why I say this because if an athlete tries to bribe a game official and the game official does not agrees and feels offended and he/she might feel angry and may have banned the player or even gotten him/her arrested. And even if the athlete gets released, and is allowed to compete in a game, he may loose things like his/her fans or even their reputation.

      THANK YOU.

      1. I agree with you i got 10 out of 16 i have knowledge on the enhancing games and i am shocked by number of athlete use performance enhancing drugs which means there is a possibility that more people are going to use performance enhancing drugs and only one percent is caught players bribe the officials and are not checked for drugs which give people unfair advantage in order to sustain there reputation.

      2. I do agree I got 7/16 and i learnt that spectators had to stay away from each other due to the COVID-19 in 2021, and women were not allowed too perform in Olympic games. Also i learnt that Olympic games started a long time in ancient Greek 3000 years ago. out of everything i wrote i am most surprised about number of athletes use performance enhancing drugs and how many athletes or people in the world rely on the use of steroids and performance enhancing drugs out of 44% only 1% is caught which means there lots of people who are bribed to rig the games or prevent other people from wining in order to prevent their image or reputaion.

      3. I got 12 out of 16 and it shocks me as well that 43% of the athletes using drugs are not caught and have to pay their personal consequences, such as disease and possible death, in fact its almost saddening, and its not even that it just affects the player but the reputation of their competitors by making it seem like they have not trained at all.

      4. Imagine being an athlete. Every time you come second or third you question the credibility of the whole competition, whether the winner is part of the 43% that don’t get caught, or maybe that medal or trophy you should have one that one time, you might ask, what if I was supposed to win that?
        I would feel paranoid and angered. The fact that only 1% get caught would even make athlete willingly enhance themselves without fear of getting caught further increasing chances of disease death, unfair advantage and more.
        The Olympic officials should really crack down on these things because there are adverse effects.

  • Good day everyone, I scored 14/16 and I must confess that I learnt so many things after the quiz, which I would like to share with you guys.
    Firstly, I learnt that the Olympic Games are an international sport where athletes from different countries competes and also that it began 3000 years ago and of course spectators are allowed at any Olympic apart from during the era of COVID-19, but women did not compete in the Olympic Games when it was first modernized in 1896, but as time goes on women competed for the first time in the Olympic Games in 1900.
    Secondly, it is been held every four year’s.
    Furthermore, I also learnt that performance enhancing drugs makes athletes jump higher, run faster,and it makes them to be stronger and gives them energy.
    The enhanced games are similar to the Olympic Games but compititors are not checked for performance enhancing drugs, athletes, gymnastics, cll combat, and many more are sports categories that are included in the enhanced games.
    44% athletes worldwide use performance enhancement drugs and finally anyone can take part in the enhanced games.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful quiz, I must confess that this quiz has impacted so much on me, and all thanks to the topical talkers who made this possible.

  • I scored 12 out of 16.
    I thought I Knew more about Olympics as they were first held in my country.
    What really surprised me was the existence of enchanted games.
    I must be considering something wrong as I thought enhanced is connected to using drugs for better performance.
    By finding out that a competition like this exists t means that humans will take everything is needed to achieve the best results. Even drugs. We want in a way to make superhumans like superheroes.
    A false perception for me . People need to use their own capabilities in order to feel the real success.

  • I scored 14/16 . Best thing is i have learn so much things by it . I was in shocked to see 👀that in Olympic 44%of athletes use performance enhancer and only1% get caught. First thing in Olympics performance enhancer are banned and if you are using it it is against the rule and it is unfair to people who work4 years and just lose in main is something thing is banned than there is reason behind it and performance enhancer also have some reason. It may make you win the match but it also can make you lose your good health and it can createa men

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • I scored 12 out of 16. Interestingly, the first Olympic games date back around 3,000 years to Ancient Greece; spectators were only banned in the 2021 Olympics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Women competed for the first time in the Olympic Games in 1900, which are held every four years. The next Olympics will be held in Paris, France, in 2024.

  • I scored 14/16 and now I know more about the enhanced games. The one that shocked me was that women were not allowed to participate in Olympics till later in time, this brings back gender bias. Also, I learnt that anyone can participate in the enhanced games and 44% of the worlds athletes use drugs but only 1% of athletes are caught in the Olympics. I also got that enhanced drugs as used to make athletes stronger, faster, jump higher etc. It is used in combat, aquatics, running etc.
    In conclusion, the enhanced drugs us a way to help athletes boost up in different ways but remember it always has consequences on the athletes.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?

  • Wonderful, I had 9 out of 16. It was very nice to know more about the Olympics , how it started and many others

  • I scored 14 out of 16.. I was shocked that around 44 % are using performance enhancing drugs and only 1% is caught during the Olympics .. I want to say that athletes who are consuming these drugs would not be fair enough to the athletes who are not consuming and they are showing their honesty.i think all the athletes must be checked before the games about the drugs they have consumed or not .. if they ve consumed then they would be disqualified otherwise then the organisers would not maintain fairness by other athletes. Or , all the athletes should consume performance- enhancing drugs.

    1. I agree with your point, chatty_ nature

      I do not support the act of athletes taking performance- enhancing drugs because it would be unfair that other athletes win competitions with ease, while others struggle and put their bodies on the line to win a competition. The people that take performance- enhancing drugs are not superior or better that those that use their physical and natural strength to win sporting activities. Also, taking performance enhancing drugs may help athletes win competition, but it can also cause some issues to the athletes body physically, mentally and socially. Athletes may get life threatening health implications or hazards like heart diseases, cancer and many others. They may also lose their sanity because of the gravity or effectiveness of the drug. Taking performance enhancing drugs can also ruin their reputation if they are caught using them, which may lead to depression, insomnia, and even retirement at an early age.

      Thank You!!!

    2. I scored 14 and I discovered so manythings, for one olympians actually used drugs but only very few were caught and when your caught you get disqualified but this got me thinking enhanced sports is actually a good thing now people don't have to spend years practicing and training to make it to the Olympics, because most of the times after spending about 5 year training for the Olympics and you don't make it you would feel wasted but with the invention of enhanced sport you don't have to spend a lots of years practicing you could just apply train and boom you get in and you also get a fair chance to play. So this quiz actually revealed to me the advantages and usefulness of drugs

    3. That is very true, but I believe that all athlete should not consume the performance enhancing drugs because they would influence the aspiring athletes of the world to do same and soon after there would be no genuine sport or spirit of winning (not to the extent of taking the drugs) anymore and the world would filled with fake sports (unless you call drug using sports a stand alone sport)

    4. I'm not sure about this because these games are meant to enable the use of drugs, so disqualifiying someone based on their use of PED's isn't really accurate and the use of drugs generally affects the body usually with destructive side effects, that is why i'm not even sure these games should exist.

  • I scored 15/16! I never noticed 🤔that anyone can take place in the Olympics and that spectators were banned in the COVID-19 pandemic and women were also banned at first because they did not finish in the 80s and I agree that the performance enhancing drugs don't make people into robots 🤖.

  • Hii ,

    I scored 8/16, and the quiz was a great learning experience for me. Discovering that the next Olympic Games will take place in Paris, France, in 2024 has heightened my anticipation for this global event. Moreover, gaining insight into the issue of doping and how it can artificially enhance athletes' strength and performance has raised my awareness about the challenges faced in maintaining fairness and integrity in sports competitions.

    Thank you .

  • I scored an 11 out of 16, and I learnt a lot about Olympics .but most importantly I learnt that the enhanced games don't have much restrictions and it is open to everyone who is interested.

  • I scored 12 of 16 I learned more than one thing from this test, it's called in my opinion that women were allowed to participate in the Olympics in the 1900.This supports the idea of the topic about the role of women in society and their impact on it, as well as being influential to many since birth. I also learned that sports doping can make athletes faster, but it doesn't make them more skilled compared to others.

  • Hello,
    I scored 14/16 and learned a lot too. I was really shocked to know that 44% of athletes use performing enhancing drugs, but what was even more shocking is that only 1% of them are caught. I believe the Olympics should have more accurate testing before the games. The players using these drugs are indirectly cheating which makes the game unfair. If this continues, It can cause great harm to the people using these drugs. The worst part is that the people who actually put in efforts and work really hard are unable to win because they are defeated by someone who has restored to unfair means by using "performance-enhancing drugs" and not their actual capability. This also demotivates the people who are really hardworking while being true to the game and the spirit of SPORTSMANSHIP.
    Thank you.

  • I scored 12 out of 16, and I learnt that the Olympics are held every four years, just like the FIFA World Cup. I also learnt that performance-enhancing drugs can make athletes jump higher, run faster, and become stronger. But they can't turn athletes into robots, meaning that the performance-enhancing drugs may have advantages such as jumping higher and running faster, but that doesn't mean that they are machines. I was flabbergasted when i saw the fact that 44% of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. But only 1% are caught at the Olympics. This could mean 43% of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs and are not caught.

    1. I agree that performance-enhancing drugs can only make an athlete run faster, jump higher, etc., but these drugs cannot make them robots. This can be a way through which athletes can do better but after all they are cheating, and this means the don't believe on their potential to achieve success. And, so they are consuming artificial substances to convert themselves into more powerful being.
      Although, there are many drawbacks of taking drugs, people can simply lose their life, can cause hallucinations, there can be permanent damage to different organs, can also lead to memory loss, and can make drug consumers easy targets for many diseases and psychological issues. Additionally, makes the economy of any country fall.

  • I got a 5 out of 16
    It's goes to show how little I know about women's participation in the Olympics . I have also learnt from this quiz that it after every four (4) years that the Olympics game is carried out.
    Well, the quiz was interesting and enlightening to me .
    Thank you !!!

  • I scored 7 out of 16 on second attempt of the quiz. What I learnt was that spectators were ban and not everyone can participate in the Olympics among other things. What I also learnt was that every 4 years the Olympics are being held, I the quiz was actually a bit difficult but quite enlightening. Thank you.

    1. Hello super_engine,
      I agree with you because spectators were ban from watching sports during the Covid period and so the Olympics went on without spectators having to watch them. I got that the Olympic games are held after every 4(four) years. So, in 2024( this year), the Olympic Games will be held in Paris. People who were part of the game were not supposed to keep long hair so they would not keep drugs in their hair.
      THANK YOU.

  • I scored 14/16 and I learnt that the Olympic Games are an international sports event where athletes from different countries compete and that it was dated back to 3,000 years in Ancient Greece. A shocker was that women did not compete in the Olympic games when it was first modernized in 1896, this is still gender bias I got that at a time spectators were not allowed at any Olympic events because of the Covid-19 virus, I also got that only 44% of the world’s athletes use performance- enhancing drugs but only 1% is caught at the Olympics according to the Anti-Doping Agency. The Enhanced Games are similar to the Olympic Games but competitors are not checked for performance-enhancing drugs, that is the only difference. This quiz as quite easy but I learnt from my mistakes so I learnt a lot from this quiz.

  • I scored 8 out of 16. The quiz was not quite easy but it was so enlightening.
    I never had an idea that the first Olympic games started around 3 000 years to ancient Greece because I formerly kept in my mind that it started not quite long around 100 years ago. I also learnt that the Olympic games are held every 4 years and the next will be held in Paris, France this year. I loved the quiz really much because it opened me to things I never knew about.

  • On my attempt I scored 13 out of 16.
    I learnt that not only the athletes can participate in the enhanced sports the athletes can also participate in the enhanced Olympics the regular people can also participate as long as they use the drugs that they need to, to make the people.
    People will be very happy to compete without having to train or practice for the Olympics. Training for the Olympics take a lot of time.
    It will be a lot easier to do the Olympics.

  • I got a 9 out of 16 in the quiz. I was shocked at how many years ago Olympic games existed (3,000 years ago).
    But I wasn't surprised that it originated from Greece. I also didn't know that a lot of games where included in the Enhanced games. I really learned alot from the quiz.
    Thank you.

  • I scored 13 out of 16.
    After taking the quiz I realized that women started competing in the Olympic games in 1900. I used to believe that both male and female participated in all events since the beginning of Olympic games without realizing that women were not allowed to participate till later on. This is a positive development because women are now able to participate which signifies a step towards gender equality. It is great to see that women are given more opportunities to showcase their abilities in sports and this improvement in gender equality is a good sign

  • I got 11/16 and I learnt a lot. What stood out to me in this quiz was the fact that in the Olympics 44% of athletes already use enhancing drugs, what I think is that the enhanced game is now the perfect way of making the breach to equality. Since a lot of athletes already use this type of drugs, I think that the enhanced games are the perfect way to see everyone for who they are. Since up to 73% of the rest of the athletes are being cheated, the approval of using friendly ability enhancing drugs would allow us to see the true potential of these athletes, because the usage of drugs cannot be monitored it should be openly allowed.


  • Hello, I scored11 /16 and learnt that with the invention of the Enhanced Games, anyone can participate in sport, which shows that there is no discrimination in this games, making sure that everyone despite their differences in age can be able to compete in different categories, and now understand that to participate in the Enhanced Games, you will not be checked and not you must take stimulants as I have been thinking all these while, but am a bit sad about the side effects of taking stimulants. In conclusion, I now think that the Enhanced Games is a good idea because people of different ages can be able to compete but I am not sure about the intake of drug stimulants because they have terrible side effects on the individual.

  • I have scored 13/16 and i have many things from it too. Most shocking thing 44% of athlete use drugs in olympics and only 1% got caught on olympics . In my opinion i think that is unfair because if the rule says it is banned to use proformance enchancer than it is unfair to the real athlete who have work hard for 4 years just for one competition its not about unfair game it is about the health of the person because proformance enchancer also make mental diseases and paralysis.

  • The statistic that 44% of athletes take performance-enhancing drugs in the Olympics while only 1% of them get caught highlights a significant gap between doping prevalence and detection rates. Factors contributing to this gap include the clandestine nature of doping, advancements in evasion techniques, logistical constraints in testing, and variations in enforcement across sports organizations and countries. Additionally, the culture of doping and the allure of success may incentivize athletes to engage in doping practices. Addressing this gap requires enhancing anti-doping measures, improving testing protocols, and promoting integrity within the sports community.

  • I scored 11 out of 16. The statistic that shocked me the most was that 44% of athletes use performance enhancing drugs, but only 1% are caught at the Olympics. The prominence of the use of doping is surprising to me as personally I thought the drug testing they use at the Olympics was more accurate than that.

    This shows that most likely some of our favourite athletes use these drugs when competing, so the performance that they are putting on and showing us is not theirs but the drugs. I think it also shows that the technology we use to try and spot the use of drugs is simply not effective enough because most competitors use them and are never caught.

    It also makes you consider whether some of the world records people make at the Olympics are actually their best or whether whatever their score was was because of the performance enhancing drugs they are taking. Leading on from this, you have to consider how many people who got second at the Olympics who didn't use doping may have won because of the person in first taking drugs to boost their performance.

  • I scored 12/16. The quiz truly expanded my knowledge about the Olympics and the figures regarding PED using athletes was shocking. What stood out to me the most was the fact that enhanced games allow everyone to participate, from amateurs to professional athletes. Athletes generally back off from choosing their sport as a profession because its back breaking to get through the ranks to reach an international game. In such case, the enhanced games would not only allow every athlete to showcase their prowess but also inspire those who every aspired a career in sports.

  • In the quiz above, I scored 14/16. Due to my origin from Greece, I have learned in school about the Olympics and everything about their history.

    One thing I actually didn't know is that everyone can take part in enhanced- games. I thought that only advanced athletes with experience and skills could participate, like in Olympics but now that I am aware I find it very unfair. Moreover, one more thing that astounded me is that athletes in enhanced -games get paid, when the ones in Olympics don't. I don't think this is valid as in Olympics athletes are forbidden to consume any kind of drugs and therefore they are based only on their capabilities when in enhanced -games athletes can use any performance enhancing-drugs and other manners so they are helped.

  • I scored 11 out of 16. Actually I learnt a lot of things during the quiz.
    What I learnt was that up to 44% of athlete's world wide use performance enhancing drugs but only 1%mare caught, so know most people don´t know the effect of the performance enhancing drugs they do not know that it greatly affect their health negatively, and they are not ready to look at the negative aspect of the drugs in which they take into their body all they care about is to make sure they win the game which is very bad. In the case that 44% of people world wide take performance enhancing drugs and 1% are only caught why because maybe the people in charge of that are being threaten or bribed in other to keep their mouth shut.
    And it's not also fair because the other team might not want to engage in such an act and decides to participate with their own strength causing the team which has taken the pills to win which would make the other team feel inferior.

  • I scored 12 out of 16. A lot of things were really fascinating to me. One of which was the fact that spectators were banned in the 2021 Olympics due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This simply means that the norms of olympic games can be changed to suit the situation. This was done by Japan because of the covid 19 pandemic. I think this was a really good strategy. They sought to protect the health of their citizens first before any other thing. This was not all Japan did to protect her citizens, fans who were foreigners were banned also banned. Japan also created many safety measures for athletes. One of which was daily testing of athletes in order to monitor any potential or possible infected people. Athletes were also asked to wear masks at all times except during competition, when they were eating or sleeping. I think that the enhanced games should have preparations or general rules for unexpected situations. Just like Japan, the new enhanced games should be able to keep athletes, spectators and citizens safe and still carry out a fun and interesting olympics during unexpected situations.

    1. Hello articulate_moment, I got 9 out of 16, I agree with you that there were a lot of fascinating facts from the quiz, the Olympic games can be changed to suit the situation at hand, just as the covid19 pandemic caused a change(ban, use of face masks etc.) in 2021, the Olympic games was also changed that women were also allowed to compete starting from the year 1900 till date this change is the reason both men and women now participate in the Olympic games.

  • I got 7 of 13 but I learned a lot of things such as that Enchanting games are for all people to play or anyone can join it, the enhanced games are similar to the Olympic games but competitors are not checked for using drugs which is unfair in my opinion because you are stealing the thunder of someone or you are taking the hard work that another one deserves it so they need to be checked carefully, Performance-enhancing drugs can make athletes jump higher, run faster, and become stronger so that they have higher abilities to win also the Olympic games are held every 4 years and women competed for the first time in the Olympic Games in 1900. The most shocking information which was a fantastic one that I didn't know is that 44% of players are using enchanting drugs nevertheless 1% got caught so it's an unsecured game at all.

  • Hi,
    I scored 7 0ut 0f 16. I didn't know much but now I learned a lot . Firstly, I learned that anybody can take part in the Enhanced Games. That is really good because people with no experience can take part in various sports, learn a lot and win medals! I also learned that 44% of people use specific drugs in the Olympic Games but only 1% is caught! I think that the Enhanced Games needs to check if the participants use these specific drugs or not. Secondly, it would be unfair for the athletes that are not using drugs and try to win the game fairly. I think, that the Enhanced Games is a great sports event for people who want to be athletes with no experience but the problem is that it needs to do a test on the participants and anybody who wins a game wins it fairly.

  • HELLO!
    I scored 8 out of 16. This test helped me realize that 44 percent of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs and only 1 percent are caught I thought at least thirty percent are caught. The agencies need to catch more of the athletes doping.

  • I scored 13 out of 16. I learned that the olympic sports consist of martial arts, swimming, and other sports. Also a lot of people use performance enhancing drugs and almost none of them are caught. one of the most surprising things I learned was that women were taken out of olympic sports then put back in, in 1900.

  • Hello Topical Talk,
    I scored 13/16. To be honest I do not think that enhanced games are necessary. It does not make any sense that people risk their health just to make money. From my opinion it is more beneficial to use your natural physique while participating in sports. Enhanced games are life threatening and if caught can completely ruin the lives of individuals.
    THANK YOU!!!

  • I scored 11/16
    I learned a lot during the quiz. Previously, I only knew about the ancient Olympics, but I was surprised to discover that they've been around for 300 years. I also found out that women weren't allowed to participate in the tournaments. Additionally, I learned that only the pentathlon games were introduced before the modern Olympics. It was shocking to hear that 40% of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs, but only 1% are detected due to the Olympics' long existence.

    However, I don't think this is fair. The host of the Olympics is typically from developed countries, which gives them an advantage. I believe they should provide better drug detection systems to ensure fairness. Some athletes may choose not to use drugs but could still suffer from the unfair advantage of those who do.

  • I Scored 10/16 On The Test.
    I thought that only 25% of Athletes use enhancement drugs, but I saw that 44% of Athletes use Performance Enhancing Drugs. Our Teacher had told us and gave us information about this topic yesterday in class.
    I was even shocked that only 1% of Olympians are caught doping in the Olympics. I thought that the Olympics had began just 100 Years Ago! But I was surprised to find out that The Olympics began 3,000 Years Ago in Ancient Greece. I personally think that doping or using these performance enhancing drugs should be banned and not allowed because it is just so expensive. There is one performance enhancing drug that I've heard of; and it is Steroids. I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of it!
    It's just unfair because there are people who can afford performance enhancing drugs and some who can't afford it.

  • I scored 12 out of 16.
    I was really shocked after hearing that 44% of the athletes use drugs while performing and only 1% of athletes are caught at Olympics. It is temporary and the athletes can jump higher and it also helps the athletes to get stronger but what about their health. If this will continuously happen then that persons both mental and physical health will get worse. So, I believe that doping should be stopped and it's not fair for the other 66% people who don't use drugs while performing.
    Thank you!

  • I scored 10 out of 16. I learnt a-lot from the quiz about enhanced drugs. Actually I don’t know anything about it but with the help of this quiz I have a little knowledge about it . I now know what enhanced drugs do for athletes, it gives them the strength and make them to be fast to able to win the games. It got me shocked when I had that 44% of the athletes are using enhanced games , I thought that it was all athletes that uses enhanced games to win for their team and only 1% of them are forced to use enhanced games for winning without working hard and this will lead to unfair games from the athletes.
    For me I think athletes should use it for winning in the competition and avoid using it overmuch to avoid damaging their health.
    I enjoyed knowing more about this topic and I which to get to know more about enhanced games

  • Something else that caught my attention was the fact that anyone can take part in the enhanced games. This means that whether you are an athlete, a retired athlete or even a common citizen, you are allowed to participate in the enhanced games. It will be really fun for everyone to take part in the enhanced games. This will have many advantages. One of which is the fact that athletes will not be the only ones physically fit. It is mostly athletes that see the need to stay in shape, by allowing even non athletes compete in the enhanced games, they also will become physically fit. It will be a fun way to stay in shape and increase the physical health of everyone. It will also improve endurance of non-athletes. enhancing endurance can benefit everyone's cardiovascular health. People participating in the enhanced games may experience improved oxygen transport and way better stamina. The enhanced games will really go a long way in improving the health of both athletes and non-athletes.

  • I scored 8/16 and it broadened my horizon on the Olympic games and enhanced sports.
    For instance, I learnt that only a few people are caught with enhancement drugs.
    I am against the use of enhancement drugs because it doesn't allow participants express and develop their potential, skills and physical abilities.
    And for me enhancement drugs such as steroids have done more harm than good most of them end up causing long term defects such as:
    -Anger and aggression (“roid rage”).
    -Heart attack.
    -Kidney failure.
    -Tumors in the liver.
    -Blood-borne diseases from injection use.
    Thank you!!!

  • I score 14 out of 16 and I can really say that I had learn many things in this quiz.
    I knew that enhancing drugs makes competitors to do a better performance but I did not knew exactly that it could make people jump higher, before I though that it was used only for strength and for running faster.
    But the thing that most shocked me was the fact which says that 44% athletes are taking enhancing drugs but only 1%are caught in the olympics. I think this should be more supervised and take care of this because it will make the world think that what we see are people with real talent in Television and maybe children want to imitate them in a future and get upset because they see they are not able to make it because they did not knew the fact that they were using enhancing drugs in competition.

  • I scored 11 out of 16, and I was shocked to find out that according to the World Anti-Doping Agency 44% of the athletes that use performing-enhancing drugs only 1% of them are caught at the Olympics, I think most of the people that took this quiz was to! I still think that it is unfortunate that people still use them even though the BBC states that some performing-enhancing drugs are linked to illness, high blood pressure and/or kidney failure, as well as being banned in the Olympics.

  • I'm trustworthy_music and I scored a sum of 11/16 in the quiz. The quiz has blessed with some powerful info, which I would share with you.
    Firstly, I learnt about the need for strict anti-doping guidelines to sustain fairness and honesty in athletic games. Also, learning about the Enhanced Games and the sports categories they have like Athletics, Combat, and Strength can gave me insights on the other competitions where drug testing might not be as strict as in other events like the Olympics. Moreover, the information that approximately 44% of athletes in the world use performance-enhancing drugs acts as an alarming reminder of the rampant nature of doping in sports competitions, enlightening me about importance of boosting clean and fair athletic practices. Meanwhile, i also learnt that women did participate in the Olympic games when it was first modernised in 1896. Also, that the Olympic Games begun 3000 years ago in Ancient Greece. By incorporating these facts into discussions sports policies, and regulations, anyone can boost their arguments with factual-based information, promoting a more informed discussion on the subject.

  • I scored 14/16 and I learnt a lot from this quiz. but the information that struck me was '' 44% 0f people use enhancing drugs but only 1% of them our caught in Olympics. That can not be possible because people are supposed to know if someone uses enhanced drugs. the drugs make them run faster, jump higher and be stronger. people should know the actual strength of a human and can recognize if a person used drugs, it might make a person act in a different way. for only 1% of people to get caught, to me they most have been bribed to not catch others.
    Games should be free and fair, no bribery.

    1. This statistic also shocked me, I thought that the drug tests they used at the Olympics were more reliable than they apparently are. Considering the mass amount of athletes that may have used performance enhancing drugs, it makes you wonder how many winners actually won because of their ability and not because of the supplements they used to make them perform better. I think that if we are going to continue to test for the use of drugs in sports, we should make them more accurate.

  • I took the test again. I managed to get 14/16 on the test this time.
    I tried to find more information on this topic. When I was trying to find the information on this topic, I found out that a Billionaire "Peter Thiel" had invested in the performance-enhancement-drug friendly sports and he did it as a reinvention of the Olympic Games. I was pretty shocked seeing that some people think that "Enhanced Games will help people to learn more about what people are capable of". As those performance-enhancing-drugs all do is "Enhance" that capability of a person. So, In MY Opinion I think that it doesn't really show people's capability. I do know that this is just my opinion. I respect anyone else's opinion too. If you have your own opinion to share! You can gladly reply to my comment and share your thoughts.

  • Something that I learned from the quiz is the fact that all athletes are paid. This is pretty cool but I really believe this is what makes the enhanced game capital intensive. There are also many disadvantages of paying all athletes. One of which is the fact that It will cause a financial burden on the payers. Salaries of athletes really cost a lot and would require massive funding, this is a real burden on the officials of enhanced games. If all athletes are paid, the budget for organizing enhanced games would increase due to the inclusion of the money required to pay athletes. Managing the money for paying athletes involves a lot of time and financial tracking. This means that officials would have to allocate time and resources to handle athlete's payments. All in all paying all athletes would be a really good thing but it also has it's disadvantages.

  • I scored 11/16. I find it very interesting how 44% of athletes use enhanced drugs, but only 1% get caught. Just imagine how unfair it is for that 1% to get punished, when others have done it too, they just got luckier. I believe that this is in fact incredibly delicate. Some athletes may only use enhancing drugs, because they feel like there is no other way of getting a fair chance in the competition. Due to that, I definitely understand why people have been trying to balance things out a little bit more. If some can do it, then why can't others? Well, I actually think that just because someone does something doesn't mean that others should too. I don't very much agree with transforming cheating into a completely normal activity. I am wondering, if people would go as far as to change the entire game's concept, then why not think about what can be done in order to stop players from consuming enhancing drugs? Technology is advancing day by day. I think that if a project to research this would be launched, the researchers would find a way to figure out which athletes are cheating and which are not. I believe that it could be possible, especially because The Olympics take place every 4 years. In my opinion, there's plenty of time. By all means, just a few years ago, many people believed that electric cars weren't going to be a thing, but they really are. Recently I have started to notice electric cars in my hometown quite often. Also the medical industry keeps evolving. Things are moving at an incredible speed.
    Overall, I think that there should be found way to eliminate the cheaters from the competition, so that it can remain a fair game. I strongly disagree with embracing cheating and making it legal.

    1. How do you think that competitions can work towards eliminating cheaters from the competition?

  • Hi,everyone.
    I scored 13 out of 16 in the quiz competition. By participating in this quiz competition, I gained a lot of knowledge about the Olympic Games and Enhanced Games. I got to know the overall history of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games is an international sports competition in which athletes from different countries of the world participate. I also know, the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Greece about 3 thousand years ago. This game is held every four years. I was astonished that women first participated in the Olympic Games in 1900. I also learned that in 2021, Olympic Games were not attended by spectators due to covid-19. I was most surprised that according to the World Anti - Dropping Agency, 44% of athletes use drugs and only 1% of athletes are caught. Athletes are also paid. In my opinion, this is an "unfair advantage". Athletes use drugs to enhance their performance but they forget that drugs can harm them physically and mentally. Even the use of drugs can cause the death of athletes. In this case the officials of enhanced games should be aware and take appropriate action against it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • 10.out of 16. It was really surprising to see that 44% of athletes take enchanted drugs almost half of them.
    This means that they aren't supported on their own strength whole 56% of them are real athletes that can achieve their goals only by training and a healthy lifestyle.
    For me these athletes are remarkable people because they were not subjected to taking substances just to win.

  • I have done the test again for the 3rd time and still got a 14/16.
    I had just seen that out of 44% athletes who use these performance-enhancing-drugs only 1% are caught in the Olympics. I have still not changed my opinion on the performance-enhancing-drugs because it is very bad for your own reputation if you are caught and you might even be jailed because using such type of drugs are strictly not allowed in any sports like football, basketball, Olympics, cricket, tennis and so on. But these performance-enhancing-drugs are allowed in the sports like the enhanced games and other games. There are many performance-enhancing-drugs but mostly people have heard of steroids.

  • I got 10 out of 16. I shoked when i know that only 1% of atheletes who take drugs are caught, this is unfair for the rest atheletes due to inequality. One can win the competition due to taking enhanced drugs, the other did his best but lose.
    I learnt also that the women started to compete in Olympics games in 1900.

  • Doping is an unfair advantage for sport persons. It is act of using steroids or drugs to enhance one's ability in their various sports. Although steroids can be used for personal use, it is wrong if people use it for competitions. The sport which I think is totally against doping is FOOTBALL. Football has several rules against the use of enhancing drugs. Recently the world cup champion Paul Pogba received a four year ban for doping which he means he can play football and he won't he receive salaries from juventus the club which he plays for. They are also other players who have received punishments in football as a result of doping they are Maradona, Andre Onana and other many popular footballers. I think the punishments are harsh and terrible, it should be reduced!

    1. Why do you think the punishments are harsh? If someone has cheated do you not think they deserve to be held accountable for their actions?

  • I scored a 15/16. I have learned much much more about enhancing drugs from the quiz. The most shocking thing I found was that most of the athletes use enhanced drugs while only %1 gets caught. This is very shocking to me because people who use enhanced drugs shouldn't even be considered athletes because they are using drugs. Well-trained athletes can lose by just one tiny drug and that is really unfair. Officials should do more checking and should not let anyone use any drugs.

  • I got 10/16. I can't believe 44% if athletes got those drugs

    1. Can you tell me some of the things you learned?

  • I got 9/16. I learned that the olympic games are taking a turn and a lot of people that are joining are probably going to take performance enhancing drugs. I also feel like when they're in the enhanced games they can work and use these drugs to their best ability!

  • I scored 11 out of 16. I learned so much information from this quiz, the most surprising and shocking being the fact that 44% of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, only 1% of the 44% of athletes are caught using performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs can enhance the athlete's strength, speed, and ability to jump higher. The use of performance-enhancing drugs can be used to win, but what are the effects of using them? According to "", using performance-enhancing drugs can lead to a downfall in health, and can cause strokes. Strokes are supposed to be avoided and using performance-enhancing drugs are going to boost chances of experiencing a stroke. Performance-enhancing drugs are also banned for a reason. They are so dangerous to use and make it unfair for athletes who are gifted with the enhancements provided by the drugs. Imagine you worked so hard and studied so hard for a test, and someone just cheats and beats you. That is most likely how the athletes who worked hard feel right? Performance-enhancing drugs should not be used as it makes it so unfair, but also is very dangerous and harmful to people.

  • I had a score of 12/16, and the answer that shocked me the most is that the 44% of competitors doped themselves bye using game-enhancing anda that only the 1% are caughed. I was surprised. I do not understand people Who makes anything to be better than the rest when they know they are not better because they don't make the effort and the insistence the rest does.
    The Olympic Games have fascinated me since I was little, the fact of how a person, through endurance and a lot of effort, manages to compete against the best on something in the world. The simple fact, which is not at all simple, of getting there is incredible. If you haven't fought day after day to be there, feel like you can't take it anymore but keep fighting to get there, you don't deserve to be there. If instead of choosing the hard but good path, you choose the easy but wrong path, you don't deserve to be there. With all this I mean that if you do not get there through your own effort and insistence, and you get there through other paths such as doping, I do not consider that that person deserves to get there, because the people who have made an effort daily, that would be too unfair and irrational, especially if the one who has doped wins, and not the one who has been training hard for years.

  • Greetings,
    I scored 12 out of 16 and I was really shocked to know that 44% consume enhancing drugs and only 1 % of them are caught. I personally think that games are about own strength and fairness. I think that it is unfair for those who are not capable of buying them or don't want to consume enhancing drugs. I think that this should be checked to make the game fair and real. This can make it look like the people who are working really hard are not enough while others win just by consuming enhancing drugs without any efforts.
    Thank you

  • I think that doping isn't fair. Only 1% of Athletes are caught doping in The Olympic Games. I was shocked to see that The Olympics began 3000 years ago! Also that 44% of Athletes dope is very crazy because I didn't expect there to be that many doping athletes! The Olympics had begun in 776 B.C. I found that out after some information gathering. I think it's not fair because some athletes can afford to buy performance-enhancing drugs but some can't because some athletes are very good at sports but since the others use the performance-enhancing-drugs they can easily lose. But this is just my opinion, if any of you others have your own opinion you can reply to me!

  • I scored 9/16, It's really surprising that Olympians still use performance-enhancing drugs. Only 1% are caught and 44% use them. It's a really unfair advantages for others who actually practiced and put effort into it.

  • i got 9 0ut of 16 in the quiz and i was kind of shocked that 44% of althletes worldwide use drugs to win what ever they are doing i wasnt shocked that 9 but some of the questions were really shocking

  • I scored 9/16. Personally, I think I did ok because I didn't really have a lot of knowledge about this subject. One thing in this quiz that really caught my attention is the fact that 44% of athletes use drugs in the Olympics and only 1% of them are caught. I'm surprised because its banned. I thought to myself that if it's an international event, shouldn't there be stricter rules? This also got me thinking about Enhanced Games. If about half of the athletes in the Olympics use performance enhancing drugs illegally, why don't they just participate in the Enhanced Games and get paid for it. It wouldn't be very dangerous because if it was why aren't a lot of athletes in the Olympics suffering consequences?

  • I scored 11 out of 16 because reflecting on my recent experience, I realized that my understanding of the Olympics was limited before. I was surprised to learn about athlete using performance enhancers, as I had always assumed that every athlete competed on a level playing field. Additionally, the impact of covid-19 pandemic on the Olympics,particularly the restriction of spectators, was something I hadn't considered. Furthermore, I was shocked to discover that women were initially excluded from participating in the modern Olympics to due to gender inequality. These revelations have dipping my understanding of the Olympics its complexities. I now recognize that there are many factors that play beyond simply the athletic competition themselves. My perspective has deepend, and I more aware of the historical and contemporary issues surrounding the games. Moving forward, I will approach discussions about the Olympics with a more informed and critical mindset.

    Thank you for taking time to read about my reflection on this topic.

  • I scored 8 out of 16. The least thing that shocked me was the part when it says that women were able to compete in the Olympics in 1900, and men were able to participate in the Olympics since 1896. Also I did not know that 44% of athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. But only 1% are caught at the Olympics for having drugs.

    (I also love topical talk)

  • What I scored on the test was a 12 out of 16 which is not bad in my opinion. The most interesting thing I learned from this test is that the Olympics began over 3,000 years ago which is amazing because you would have to think about what games they would play over 3,000 years ago. Another interesting thing that I learned was that 44% of athletes that compete in the Olympics use enhance-performance drugs but only 1% of those athletes get caught using them. I thought that the Olympics were strict on athletes using performance-enhancing drugs but they didn't catch not even half of those athletes.