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Hello topical talkers, It was quite a complicated decision but I actually pressed yes. Leading... Your country in your hands! 06/3/24
I scored 8/10. I believe that elections are a way for most people to express their opinion and... The elections quiz 06/3/24
I scored 8/10. I learned a few more things about percentages basically concerning about men... The women in media quiz 26/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about inequality between men and women in... Suggest a discussion 26/2/24
You have a point but I believe it could have a negative impact in countries too. Too many... What do you know about immigration policies? 18/2/24
Yeah, but the immigrants are humans and they need to find a home. In my opinion, it's inhuman to... Fair or unfair? 18/2/24
1.People can find a new home 2.People can find a safer palce to live with better conditions to... What are the benefits of immigration? 15/2/24
I scored 7/8 . I actually learned a lot about immigrants from UK moving to Rwanda and what's... What do you know about immigration policies? 15/2/24
It was a sensational quiz! I enjoyed it a lot. I learned som things about companies around the... The business and politics quiz 14/2/24
I believe that if a business want to support and encourage people to vote someone specifically... Businesses and elections 14/2/24
I think we should talk about the ways you can build or even make your business popular Suggest a discussion 14/2/24
1. Will the AIs take over a lot of jobs in the future? 2. How will they affect our every day... Suggest a discussion 11/2/24
This quiz helped me understand a few more things about the eco-anxiety.The climate change not... Show what you know 11/2/24
The world suffers from climate change and unfortunately my country, Greece too. Every day this... How to make a change 05/2/24
Unfortunately, I believe its B. Based on my personal experience Greece suffers every day from... Climate change in your country 01/2/24