The women in media quiz

A new topic means a new quiz! This one tests your knowledge about gender inequality in the world and in the media.

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  • I scored 8 out of 10. I learned a lot of interesting things from the quiz . According to the report of 2019, the United Nations discovered that women worldwide had 28% of managerial position which is less then men managerial position. In 2023, according to the University of Oxford that only 39% of news were written by women. I was shocked to learn that women's in the US has 44% of top editorial roles where as the brazilian women has only 7% of top editorial roles.It is less then the percentage of India and Sweden where thay have 13% and 43%. But it is relief that women employees are increasing in many high Professions more than ever.

    1. I agree with you @fearless_mandarin because even i was shocked and sad at first when I started the quiz and I learnt that there are less women in managerial positions And that there a few number of women that are opportuned , not until when the quiz ended and I learnt that there is actually an increase and progress in ensuring women are given equal opportunities in various countries. This reassures me that there might actually be a stop to this bias.

    2. I got 6 out of 10 , not a problem, I have learnt today a lot from the quiz . One thing that shocked me is , United Nations said that it will take 140 years to accomplish gender equality and that's so long.. I think we must achieve the gender equality and raise awareness as soon as possible. I would like to give the example of my country that, in India , as we all know that it it the country rich in culture and tradition so there are some areas where the women are not allowed to gain education, they are still living under huge pressure of society, she's not allowed to express her views and expression.

      1. I scored 6 out of 10 and I learnt many new things and also I was shocked to hear some things as you said but I was not shocked to hear about what you were shocked at. but any way I was shocked over many things in the quiz. In Nigeria my country, women are among the must vulnerable due to how our various cultures and traditions are wired to look at in this context. They don't get to express their views as it seen as a disrespect.

        THANK YOU.

  • I scored 8/10 ,I learned that women don't have equal rights as men .
    Such as political matters: women are not allowed to get voted in some countries .
    Interesting fact the first woman to be voted was Liyda Taft in USA in 1756.

    1. Indeed, we have discovered that in certain nations and societies, women are not accorded the same rights as men and are not treated in the same manner. However, I refuse to acknowledge that women lack the same basic human rights as men; after all, the government has granted us these freedoms; what right do they have to deny women these rights?

      1. Actually, what you said is really the true fact because in so many countries and companies, women are not given the chance to make their own decisions. They can only do what the men instructs them to do. For equality purposes, I think the women opinions need to be hard.

        1. I agree with you because in some countries, women don't have the right to become presidents. it is like most of them have been subjected to a particular position and thus, they wouldn't work hard to exceed those limitations, because no matter what they do, they will not exceed the boundary set for them.
          Although a lot has been done to correct that notion in so many places, now, there are more women than the men practicing journalism. with the right sensitization and awareness programs, the perspective of people will change and that can help the world to become a better place for everyone.
          Thank you.

      2. I agree that because people believe men are more powerful and deserving than women, they frequently give men more prominence and authority over women in many modern countries and communities. Women typically feel devalued and uneasy by them, which is why it's difficult for them to have confidence.
        Therefore, I believe that action about inequality should be taken by the government.

        1. Interesting ideas. Can you think of any examples of what action the government can take?

        2. But I think that neither our society nor the authorities speak out about it; at times, they just sit back and let things happen without saying anything. I think that our authorities are partly to blame for gender prejudice problems.

    2. I agree with you but when men are meant to be respected by women but sometimes, they take it too far and treat women like they are nothing but that is not right. Women are not meant to have same rights as men, but men should also have at least a little respect for women because even if a husband and a wife come back from work at the same time the women go to cook for her husband but don't get me wrong a man also helps his wife sometimes so in eases a man is not meant to have the same rights as a woman but they are meant to have respect for each other.

      1. Can you explain what you mean by "a man is not meant to have the same rights as a woman?"

  • Based on the quiz I took I scored 9 out of 10. I learned that social biases are false beliefs that are not based on facts but on assumptions. To my surprise, only 28% of women held managerial positions in their workplaces globally which shows a great sign of gender inequality. However, I was glad to learn that the number of female journalists increased significantly from 21% to 40% from the year 2021 to 2022. This shows that there are signs of gender equality, giving women more opportunities to participate in different careers. This is a great achievement and I hope to see more gender equality in the future.

    1. How do you think that businesses could increase the amount of women in managerial positions?

      1. I believe businesses can increase the number of women in managerial positions by implementing a few strategies. Firstly, they can establish mentorship and sponsorship programs to provide guidance and support for women in their career progression.
        Secondly, promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives within the organization can help create a more inclusive culture where women feel valued and empowered.
        Additionally, implementing flexible work arrangements and family-friendly policies can support women in balancing their professional and personal responsibilities.
        These are just a few ideas, but it's important for businesses to actively prioritize gender equality and create opportunities for women to thrive in leadership roles.
        What are your thoughts on this?

      2. I feel that increasing the number of women in managerial positions shouldn't be the way forward rather I feel we should level out the requirements so all people even with different genders can be rated properly.

        1. In many countries, employment requirements have already been levelled out, as you suggest. Why do you think there is such inequality despite that, and more men are still hired for management positions than women?

          1. I suggest they may be using unethical methods to make sure that the employment rate is exactly the way they want it, lack of representation, and bias against mothers could all be reasons why there is still such inequality.

      3. Hey Tracey, Tax Risk Manager @ KPMG
        I think women can increase managerial positions by having equal hiring opportunities because if every one if hired with fairness without nepotism they can be more gender equality and by sponsoring . By creating equal opportunities and fostering a supportive environment are crucial steps towards achieving diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Keep advocating for these important principles! Thanks 😊

      4. Hi Tracey,
        I think businesses can increase the number of women in managerial positions if provision for leadership trainings for women, implementing mentorship programs and sponsorship for them to achieve higher professional courses in their various professions is made available.
        Also, I think offering women equal business opportunities and pay with men, giving them opportunity for bringing their initiatives to create a supportive work environment for women, implementing transparent promotion and hiring women.

        1. I agree with you because if all these provisions, opportunities and equal pays are being made available to women, they will be willing to bring in their creativity and initiatives to the table in order to improve situations or things. If they are taken through these trainings, they will be prepared for whatever opportunities that are coming and I think that they will do it well because of some of the gender bias situations they have been through and also to prove that they are not meaningless to the country but to show that they are very capable of doing good to the people. Offering women equal opportunities would make them feel loved and it will be so helpful to everyone in the country. Also I think that it will be very good as it will teach the young ones good morals (that is having the sense of equality in everything they do).

  • I got 8 out of 10. It is so nice to see that the women are now contributing to different sectors of the society. Earlier women even don't get a chance to express her opinion in any important discussion but now 28% of managerial positions are taken by the women. It shows that now the opinion of the women is given due considerations. Through this quiz, I also came to know that within 140 years we will be able to see completely gender equality in workplace since we have already started seeing the result of gender equality in many sectors. It feels good to learn that female journalists are increasing day by day which show the independency of the women. I believe that if women get the proper rights as men, they have the power to change the world and advance it. For the betterment of the world, we should not restrict the rights of the women. We have to give them full rights to lead their own lives and contribute to the advancement of the world. Let's hope for a world which is free from gender inequality where man and women are working together for the betterment and flourishment of the world.

    1. These are good points , however, how do you feel that it may take up to 140 years to see complete gender equality in the workplace ? Are there any ways that you think this could be done quicker?

      1. Honestly I think it's never possible for anyone to create actually equal environment. I believe this because achieving progress often seems to involve diminishing something else, whether in writing or in discussions about equality. Elevating one gender can sometimes come at the expense of the other, perpetuating a cycle of neglect and inequality. Therefore it is in shocking for me to imagine that it will take 140 years approximately for people to achieve some form or degree of equality or equal rights. But in that regard, I do think it's possible for us to create balance across all sectors and give women and girls the opportunity to have their voices heard . Well many sectors women did and are having big impact, but that's not a lot. Therefore, in order to have a huge impact, we must understand what balance is and how to balance gender neutrality or a gender perspective across different sectors. so I believe that by creating a balanced perspective we can influence the job market or society in this regard.

      2. Hello,Tracey!
        140 years to see complete gender equality in the workplace shocks me, but I realize that until we actually start to enact change, then we will remain stagnant as a society.
        I think that to speed up the process of attaining gender equality, we need to spread awareness. The only way we can ever move forward is if we are informed. "When ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace", to quote Dalai Lama.
        We need to realize our shortcomings. The first step to resolving issues is accepting our faults. Then, we spread the news. Campaigns, talks, rallies and peaceful protests can and have been organized. We need to be active, not passive. Nobody will take us seriously if we do not take initiative and do something.
        Women need to demand better working conditions and we need to support them. If we all come together to support women in their fight for equality, we could actually do this. The key is respect for others' rights. If we respect women and their ambitions, it will go a long way in promoting equality.
        To sum it up, I feel that creating awareness about gender inequality and being supportive of women will go a long way in promoting equality.

  • With all sincerity I got 6 out of 10.But it's sad to hear that "men get paid more than women". I don't think this is depicts high level of misogyny: this is because everyone should be paid accordingly regardless of their gender, as long as they are doing the same job they should be paid equal amount. Imagine a male and a female working as a farmer and at the end of the day the male gets 1 dollar while the female gets 77 cents this is not good enough because they must have done exactly the same job, but if they did not do the same job they could be paid differently.
    I think that it's not right to do so.
    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - can you think of some ways we can work together to bridge the gender pay gap?

  • I scored an 8 out of 10. This quiz has taught me that women rights is still no where near been gained. I've learned that USA is top for editorial roles, which I guess it would be. Not because I live in USA but because I've noticed there has been a lot of changes here with basic gender rights. I've also learned that within 140 years there will be gender equality, if anything that is whats being expected. That means 14 more decades, which is a lot just for a right. But that does makes sense because 39% of news are written by women and take up 28% of management position. Without this information I would be currently thinking women are slowly increasing over men in the working industry.

  • Hi
    This is a wonderful topic to discuss about because it have opened my eyes about women in media. Actually I have not heard anything about women in media but with the help of this quiz and this topic I was able to get a little knowledge about women in media.
    It was captivating for me to learn a lot about the Achievement of women in different areas as well as in the media sector.
    Gender equality in my understanding is when a gender both men and women are treated equally in everything like in education and sports etc. I believe we are at that stage now.

    1. Great to hear you enjoyed learning about this topic - can you think of some examples where men and women aren't treated equally and how we can change this?

      1. Hi Aimee
        Thank you for this wonderful questions that you have asked me
        Yes I can think of some examples where men and women aren't treated equally and how we can change this
        Their are some examples of how men and women aren't treated equally
        In my country people see that the boys have more potential than girls cause the mindset that girls have no value cause they would eventually get married in be absolutely of no value to there families this means that boys are more caring to their families more than the women and the women are only interested in getting married very fast so that they will enjoy the money from the man that is only what the care about.

        1. I'm not sure about this because there are some homes now where it is the mother that take care of the children and the father is not working rather parading around drinking and smoking and also causing harm to his family .

          1. I'm not sure about this because... yes they father are not helping the mothers in helping the smooth running of the family but we can assist them by helping them in finding jobs for them so that they can be useful to their family

      2. The examples that men and women aren't treated equally such as women pay more for common household items than men do, Women make less money than their male counterparts, Gender harassment. We can change this being fair to women and not harass them, women can do jobs like the men such as CEO's, Doctor, Engineers etc. There is a saying in my country is" What a man can do, a woman can do better".

  • I scored 7 out of 10 , I got to know so many things about the progress and the state of women in today's time . However I was disappointed a little knowing the fact that women are not given equal opportunities to make progress in their work , and also I was quite flabbergasted to know that women are not in the field of journalism , they are there but in a lesser number as compared to men. I think the door for entering in such fields and getting higher positions should be open to women as well .

  • Hi there!
    I liked the fact"Women accounted for 39% of the total people employed in 2019"
    In 2019, women accounted for 39% of the total workforce, indicating their significant presence in the labor market. This statistic highlights the increasing participation of women in various sectors of the economy, including industries traditionally dominated by men. However, it also underscores the ongoing gender imbalance in the workforce, with men still outnumbering women in many fields. Several factors contribute to this gender disparity in employment. Historically, women have faced barriers to entry and advancement in certain industries due to stereotypes, discrimination, and structural inequalities. Additionally, caregiving responsibilities, such as childcare and eldercare, often fall disproportionately on women, impacting their ability to participate fully in the workforce. Efforts to promote gender equality in employment have led to increased awareness and initiatives aimed at reducing gender-based barriers and promoting equal opportunities for women in the workforce. However, achieving full gender parity remains a challenge that requires ongoing commitment from policymakers, employers, and society as a whole to address systemic barriers and create a more inclusive and equitable work environment for all.

    1. I'm not sure about this because... the facts stated in this quiz are based on information of 5 years ago this inefficient information would lead to an unfair treatment for male employment as nobody knows how many changes have been made since then, and how much percentage has increased.

  • I scored 6 out of 10 as there was so many statistics
    Overall it seems that is a slight increase on women's job and especially managerial which is hopeful for the future. The number would be more but I think that in some developing countries now seem for women to declare their rights more strongly.
    It also stated that in 140 years we will achieve the same equal rights for both men and women which it may seem long but I think that at the time equality will not be considered an issue but just a bad past perception.

  • I got 7/10 right but I was shocked to find out that Social biases are a false belief that something is true based on assumptions rather than facts. A question I did get wrong was that Women accounted for 39% of the total people employed in 2019, I had thought it was 50%. I was also shocked that The United Nations predicts it will take 140 years to achieve equality in workplace leadership.Another thing I found shocking was that on average, women earn 77 cents for every dollar men make.

    1. Do you think more women would like to be employed? What do you think stops them from trying to find a job?

  • I scored 7 out of 10 but the answers to these questions are shocking proving our need to make a diffrence. Less the 40% of manager percitions are those of women and the gender pay is large, it shouldnt matter of sexual oriantation or gender at all. This is shocking to me that women are bearly involved in Journalism then men bieng forgotten however i am glad it has increased since 2016 as this small diffrence is for the better now.

  • I scored 6 out of 10 and what I learnt is that in the world women are not really involved in the economy, the following are some reasons why:
    1. Lack of education: This is a main reason, and it is because of a very bad mindset that states that a girl should not have quality education but home training, now home training is not bad, but a girl should also have standard education so that she will be aware of some things, the world will not thrive if only the male gender is enrolled in school, girls too should be enrolled because of the great contributions they can add to the world.
    2. Marriage: Even though this is not as popular as it was, many people still practice it, some people force their daughters to drop out of school to get married, their husbands sometimes do not allow them to get jobs and work the only work they do is manual labor. This should be looked down on because it affects the girl in many ways.
    3. Poverty: This is another reason, some families are too poor to afford school fees and send their girls too school, this needs to be solved by the government.
    There are many more, but it is our job to ensure the success of the female gender both boys and girls.
    Thank you for seeing my views.

    1. Hello @ charming artist,
      I agree. Women seem not to be engaged in politics, but this is just an assumption that is not proven. From case study it shows that less than 50% of women are working but you forgot the fact that this number is increasing daily. I understand that factors affect these women, and it is not their fault, but I think that more can be done by men to increase the number of women working. In 107 economies alone, 2.7 billion women are not allowed to work posing a big problem to women at large but what I think can be and should be done is allocation of more articles and specialists to this kind of places, because handling them would really encourage women worldwide.
      I think that everyone has the right to be treated equally and that gender inequality is not good, that is why I am thankful for what I have learnt from this quiz.


    2. Hello Charming Artist

      I scored 6 out of 10 in the quiz. I am in accordance to what you have said I personally feel that all human beings are intelligent and smart meaning both male and female, but some women in my part of the world are not given the chance to show their true potential making them look like they are only made to be mothers and house wives. There are many successful women in Nigeria some are, Mosunmola Abudu, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chimamanda Adichie, Amina Jane Mohammed etc. there are many factors that can lead to the success of a woman these are:

      1.) EDUCATION: I strongly feel that education is a key to success in life. many women are not given the opportunity to go to school because they are being looked down on by some elders in the community. At the part of the world that I am in many women are not given the opportunity to go to school. as you have said, if the males are enrolling in school then the women also have the right to enroll in school.

      2.) COURAGE: I strongly feel that if women have a lot of courage to fight for their rights I feel that they will overcome many challenges. A sad thing is that some women have been looked down on and have been silenced because some people think that women are the weaker gender, but if women decide to stand up and fight for their rights I feel women will not be subjected to silence.

      3.) KNOWLEDGE ON THEIR RIGHTS: I personally feel that if some women have more knowledge on their rights I feel no one will be able to look down on them instead they will be great because they will feel nothing can stop them which will make them achieve what so ever they want to achieve. I feel some women have been ignorant with them also keying into the fact that they cannot achieve any thing apart from being a house wife. Women knowing their right will go a long way in making them achieve success.

      In conclusion what I have to say is that many women have been limited in many many things but what I have to say is that women should not back out, instead they should defend their rights.

      THANK YOU!!!

      1. Hi grounded_seal, I am happy that you have done your research and have seen that a woman's true potential is held back by many factors both internal and external, but nevertheless we as humans should empower them it is our duty to help everyone, both male and female, so lts brainstorm together alongside other talkers to find ways to end gender Biase.
        Thank you for reading.

    3. Well done, charming_artist. I think you've put your finger on one of the main sources of gender inequality - lack of education for girls. Do you see a link between the three points you made? How do you think we could persuade more parents to send their daughters to school?

      1. By showing them the advantages of sending their daughters to school, programs should be raised to create awareness of the importance of a girl's education and the risks of raising uneducated girls.

  • I scored 6 out of 10 and that was because I did not know a lot women in the media but I now learnt a lot in this quiz. I am made to understand the fact that the number of female journalists are increasing and not decreasing. This is very important because it make us understand the fact that there is no job that is particularly for men or women. I was also made to understand that the 2019 record from the United Nation stated that women world wide had 28% managerial position and that is less than the managerial position for men. This is one of the things that are informal as we all know that every one both male and female has the right to make career choices. I also saw that in 2023, the Oxford University made stated that it was only 39% of news that was written by women the rest was men. It was shocking because this is a high level of gender inequality and women are supposed to be given the opportunity to express their views and opinions.

  • Good Day Everyone,
    Well from this quiz I learnt a lot but what caught my attention is that men carry out more investigative journalism than women. Women may not have carried out investigative journalism due to fear or lack of courage but it does pains me to know that and I wish that all women will endeavour to also join men and make the aspect of investigative journalism be equal genderly.
    Thank You.

    1. Are there any jobs that are typcially done by women where you would like to see more men working in future, jazzed_tamarillo?

  • I scored 7 of 10 .i had learn a lot because for eg i dont know that news reviews written by women where less than the 50% or that they where more men than women in the news. Here in spain I had seen more women in news than men i think that percentage is in other countries but i think that in other countries are more inequality .

  • Hi, I got a 7 out of 10 on the quiz and I learned that scientists have estimated that it could take around 140 years to achieve complete gender equality. I found out that this estimate is based on how fast we're currently progressing towards equality. This is important to me because it shows that not enough people are working to improve the situation. If we want a world where there is full gender equality, it might take 140 years, which is a long time. By then, some people might not even be alive anymore. Yes I plan to use this information when I am making a post in women in media because I think it's important for people to know. If more people understand the situation, maybe we can speed up the progress towards complete gender equality.

  • I scored 7 out of 10 and I learnt that the United Nations discovered that women all over the world had 28%of managerial positions and in my opinion ,businesses can put more women in managerial positions. I feel that this is a sign of gender inequality, I feel like more women should be placed in managerial positions because they can serve as inspirations to other young girls and women around the world and it also shows equality and fairness because both men and women's voices will be heard and their issues will be justly recognized. But I am happy that the rate of female employees around the world is increasing.

  • We scored 8 out of 10 which was not surprising as we are aware that women in the media are still not as seen as important as men. It is getting better and increasing, however it stills needs a lot of work. We need more women journalists in out world!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - how can we put in the work to ensure women are represented better within the media?

  • It makes sense that currently, only 39% of the work force are women as it is more likely women will be stay at home Mums. However, this number will hopefully rise as it becomes more acceptable for men to be stay at home parents.

    1. Can you explain why typically it is women expected to stay at home over men and why you believe it isn't yet considered acceptable for men to stay at home to look after their children?

      1. Hi Aimee!
        I think the reason why women are expected to stay at home and men aren't is because of the continuing stereotypes that have been passed from generation to generation. The mindset of society from their childhood has developed in a way where they have seen mothers taking care of the child at home and fathers going to work. Today, more women are working so working mothers are becoming a common trend. However, in some backward parts of the world, even today, women are expected to stay at home and not earn. If the women object they are told that they are crossing their limits. Similarly. when a man asks to stay at home and not earn, society views them as insignificant. People believe that men are supposed to be masculine and work hard for their families. The idea of stay-at-home dads isn't very acceptable yet. Men are subjected to hateful words when they talk about this. The continuing stereotypes will take a lot of time to subside even though the world is rapidly becoming modern. If we want these stereotypes to not rule over our society, then we would have to take small steps from within our homes. Only these small steps will bring big changes.

  • I scored 5 out of 10 in the quiz which means that I need to learn more on the female gender and how they are been treated in the society. I learnt that women are treated less in the society, women should be left, they should not be discriminated in the society, they should be give them jobs that people say that only men should be given because they do not know wether they would do it better than them because what a man can do a woman can do it better.

  • I scored 9 out of 10. I was actually shocked to learn that gender inequality still exists, that too at a large scale. When a man earns a dollar, women get 77 cents. Only 28% of the managerial posts are held by women. Only 39% of news were written by women in 2023. And that it might take around 140 years to see complete gender equality in workplace. But I was glad to know that the number of female journalists has increased from 21% in 2021 to 40% in 2022. Its relieving to know that the number of female employees is gradually increasing in many places.

    1. What does society need to do to make it possible for more women to enter the workforce, in your opinion?

      1. According to me, the only thing that the society needs to do is to give equal opportunity and support to both males and females. Females, when given chance, have made a name for themselves. So, the society only needs to support women with their decisions. This will make it possible for more women to enter the workforce.

  • I scored 7/10 and have come come to learnt that women are now starting to make a big impact in the society and even hold 28% of the world managerial positions, which means that women are now finally getting opportunities to have a say in some organisations and can also give their own possible ideas. But I have been saddened by the least length of time before we can stop gender inequality in workplace leadership alone which is 150 years, which means that we still have a lot of work to do and need to do better in the fight against gender inequality. I have also come to learn that for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 77 cents and this is bad because globally there are some single moms who rely on their salary for the upkeep of their children, so I think that we need to work on this aspect of women not receiving equal salary as men. I also think that with the increasing number of women in the media sector, they can help in the fight against gender inequality by giving media reports on gender inequality.
    In conclusion, I think that women should be given a chance to have equal rights with men in the society, and they can make a big impact in the society and chnge the world for the better good.

    1. Great use of evidence to back up your ideas. Please provide a source for your information.

  • Hii,
    I scored 7/10. I learned something interesting from the quiz. I learned the definition of social biases. I learned that women are taking part in different types of jobs like social journalism. Lastly, my favorite part that I learned was that women are getting their justice.

    Thank you .

    1. Can you explain what you learned about women taking part in different types of jobs?

      1. Hii Aimee ,

        That's a great observation. Women are now participating in various types of jobs, including medical fields, education fields, office work, air force, navy, etc. Earlier, women were not allowed to pursue these jobs, but with the development and advancement of technology, and the emergence of new societal perspectives, women now work in different fields for their betterment.

        Thank you.

  • I got a 6 out of 10. I learned that gender inequality is a bad thing and it should be stopped. I also learned that gender inequality is not affecting men but affecting women. I guess I didn't really realize how unfairly women are treated in the media until I took the quiz. So that's what i think about gender inequality.

  • I scored 6 out of 10 , I have learned that in recent years, the percentage of women in the field of journalism has increased, and they have a significant impact on public opinion.

    1. Can you explain why women have a significant impact on public opinion?

      1. I think it's because women possess emotions and feelings that help them empathize with others and control their emotions. This is an innate quality that women are born with.

  • So, I got 7 out of 10 on my test. Then I found out something really interesting! In 2019, only 39% of all the people working in the whole world were women. That means a whopping 61% were men! I also learnt that the United Nations found out that women only had 28% of the big boss jobs. That's kind of shocking, right? It seems like most of the important stuff is being done by men. But you know what I think? If both men and women got to do the same amount of important things, we'd solve a lot of those fairness problems.

  • I scored 7 out of 10. I learned a lot of interesting things from the quiz ........

    Certainly! Here's a summary of the key points and which i have learned from the quiz:

    1. **Gender Equality in Employment**: Understanding statistics like the percentage of women employed globally and the proportion of women in managerial positions highlights the ongoing struggle for gender equality in the workplace. These facts can be used to support arguments for implementing policies and initiatives to address gender disparities in employment.

    2. **Gender Pay Gap**: Recognizing that women globally earn less than men on average emphasizes the need for pay equity initiatives and policies to ensure fair compensation regardless of gender. These statistics can be utilized in discussions advocating for equal pay for equal work.

    3. **Representation in Journalism**: Learning about the increasing representation of women in journalism, particularly in top editorial roles, highlights progress in gender diversity within the media industry. These facts can be referenced to showcase examples of positive change and encourage further efforts to promote gender equality in leadership positions.

    4. **Regional Disparities**: Understanding that the representation of women in top editorial roles varies by location underscores the importance of considering regional contexts and challenges when addressing gender inequality. These insights can be used to tailor strategies and interventions to specific regions and cultures.

  • I scored 5/10 and I am very shocked to see that gender inequality still exists very much. For example, I heard that the number of women journalists are increasing, some of the men journalists are thinking that the woman cannot do it so they are trying to take all the available opportunities for themselves. I think that there are some women that are doing their best in journalism trying to make a change to show that women journalists can do many things that some male journalists can not do. Here are some exceptional Women in Journalism. Amber Lyon, Veronica Guerin Robin Roberts, Shereen Bhan, Yamiche Alcindor, Martha Gellhorn Fredricka Whitfield, Christiane Amanpour, Hu Shuli, and Ethel Payne Laila Muhammad.
    In conclusion, I think that the world needs to acknowledge what women journalists are doing so that the gap that exists in gender inequality will be reduced.
    Source: Https://

  • I scored 6 out of 10 . By this quiz i got information about many things like women are not not respected as men . As the report of united nations the number of working women are increasing in the field of journalism . There are many stereotypical comments on a women working in the society but they do not know about the advantages . Some of them are that a working women can support her family financially hence she would not depend on a men or any other . It will also help the country financially as the number of people working will increase and the economy of the country will be increased.
    Thank you!

  • i got 6/10 I learnt a lot about women in the media

    1. Can you tell us more about what you learned, schrewd_olive?

  • I got 9-10 correct. I learnt some interesting things while taking the test. I think some of the percentages of women doing certain jobs will go up quite a bit throughout 2024. I think that more women will be doing jobs like construction soon enough.

    1. Interesting - why do you think there will be an increase in women doing construction jobs?

    2. I totally agree with you intrepid technology, most people think that there are jobs meant for men like that of a barber, engineer, or a doctor and jobs that are strictly meant for women for example e.g. household chores secretarial jobs, receptionist etc. And as we have recently seen those barriers are getting broken . In my opinion if this continues to happen gender inequality would become a thing of the past.

      1. How can we make sure these barriers continue to be broken?

  • Hello!
    When I took this test a lot of new things appeared to me. I scored an 8 out of 10 and I'm proud I did. This shows me my understanding of how the women in the world get mistreated and ignored. By taking this test it has made me realise how men are favoured over women when it comes down to jobs. From what I've seen, men get paid way more then women which is not fair in the slightest.
    Thank you for reading my comment!

  • I got 7/10 on the quiz and learnt some new things...that more men then woman are journalist and that women are trying harder to increase the amount of journalist women. I think this is a fair way to sort it. I also think the men are getting too much credit for this and they need the women to be appriecated .

  • I scored 5 out of 10 on this test. I have learned how unfair for women things may be, for example, women may not have the right to receive a certain type of job opportunity because some people say that 'Men can do this job better than women'. Also in certain countries people believe that men should go outside and take job opportunities, while women stay at home to look after others, which is honestly not fair to women who want to experience different types of job opportunities and live a fair life just like men do. And i've just learned that women get paid 77p less than men do, this is also a problem we need to raise awareness about. Everyone, (no matter what gender they may be) should get paid equal amounts.
    Thank you for reading my opinion about gender equality

  • Hello, I scored 8 out of 10 and i was very shocked that only 39% of women were employed in 2019 and that it will take 140 years to achieve equality. Today me and my class got into a circle and we all took turns to say if the media about women is fair, most people said no and explained their reasons it we watched a couple of videos to explain in more detail.
    Thanks for listening .

  • I got a 9 out of 10. I was very amazed at the amount of jobs occupied by women. I also found out that later in 2022 only 21% of journalists were women and now the percentage of journalists women is now 53.4% according to the Zippa Science data .I was so happy that the rate of gender inequality has reduced. I was shocked when I found out that Brazil had the lowest amount of female journalists I initially thought that it will be India. At the same time I was not that shocked because the typical African person thinks that women are not capable of doing anything outside house work. In conclusion ,I am very glad that gender inequality is rapidly reducing.

  • I never knew that women accounted for 39% of the total people employed in 2019. That is bad because that means that 61% is men. To me that is unfair and if we are being honest only 20 % was hired really because of their work. The other 19% was most likely hired because the companies wants to seem "diverse". There needs to be a change and fast.

    1. That seems to imply that only 20% of women are actually qualified for the jobs they do. Can you give a reason for your view that 19% of female employees were only hired to make companies seem diverse?

  • I scored 7 out of 10. I've learned a few facts that I didn't know of such as that In 2023, the University of Oxford found that only 39% of news stories were written by women. But i did enjoy the fact that the number of female journalists is increase, I like this because it means that some jobs are changing their inequality and maybe give a influence on other. I was shocked that women in the US have 44% of the top editorial roles and that Brazil only has 7%.

  • I scored 7/10 in the quiz and was really surprised to know that even now when governments around the globe have taken various measures to promote women and give them more opportunities they still are not paid equally they get 77 cents per dollar earned by males almost 3/4th of what males earn and to think even after coming so far we still will need another 114 years to provide women their rights!!!! It is high time and we have to TAKE ACTION to change the things for once and for all.

    1. Well said, empathetic_opportunity! What action should we be taking, in your view? What would *you* do to bring about faster change?

      1. The first thing we have to change is the pace at which things are moving, instead of relying on campaigns and passing of bills in legislature to bring a change we have to adopt a more radical approach "FORMATION OF AN INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR WOMEN" that unites the women from around the globe and is managed and take actions solely for the upliftment of women is one solution we can look forward to. Also *ME* as a student can take certain steps to bring equality at least in school. We can start to reserve some seats for girls in school student council as well as in sports team to break the stereotype that women can't play sports, we can also appreciate the skills of certain girl students who have performed exceptionally in various fields like art, academics, drama etc. This will become an inspiration for other girls who don't actively take part in activities due to fear or under confidence and will help them to move forward.

  • I scored 6 out of 10. After my research i've learned that women in media have been making incredible progress and playing a crucial role in shaping the industry. They are not only taking on lead roles in movies and TV shows, but also producing, directing, and writing captivating stories. It's amazing to witness the increased representation and diversity in media, as it allows for more authentic and relatable narratives.

  • In the quiz above, I scored 9/10. There were many interesting facts about equality and the evolution of women's in the workplace, but there were one that really astounded. To be more specific, hearing that social cohension and the successful inequality elimination will be achieved after 140 years, I was shocked because by that time I thought our contemporary society is taking pivotal steps that are bringing our world closer and closer to the harmonization between the genders. However, I am now aware that if our planet doesn't act up and fasten the procedure, then it will take a big time to solve the issue.

  • Hello everyone , I got 6/10 I am actually very proud that indian became a country which support female journalist it is also said that India has ranked 127 out of 146 countries in terms of gender parity -- an improvement of eight places from last year according to the World Economic Forum's annual Gender Gap Report, 2023. Which in my opinion this will definitely make a change in the world .
    Thank you all.

  • Hi there,
    I scored 6 out of 10. For me this quiz was a little learning journey. From which i have come to know some interesting things about women working as a labour, man and women inequality etc. I was shocked to know that, in 2023 there was only 39% of news written by women. My answer to this question was half of them. My thoughts about this was wrong. In of the questions I answered the right thing and some of them were wrong and I was happy to clear my wrong thoughts. Though I didn't thought that 28% of women would be in the managerial position, obviously it is less than the men which is kinda sad and shocking. In editorial roles there is a huge difference between the mentioned countries. I think soon this difference would be equalised by the countries itself for their own good. I think because of being a women no one should be paid an unfair salary. By fixing this the work in every sector will increase gradually. I am happy to know that women are taking different high valuable jobs.
    Thank you all for the chance to talk and for the quiz.

    1. Interesting ideas. Can you tell us where you found your evidence?