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Hello funny twilight, To become a leader is definitely difficult. People would abuse you and... Future leaders: poll results! 18/3/24
Hello powerful llama, I personally think that athletes should try their best to compete in... the enhances games 18/3/24
Hello Divya, I think that if robots engage in warfare, many places and people would be... AI: and the future of war 14/3/24
Hello Topical Talkers, i would like to say that people are really not taking care of the... Do you want your kids to have a world tomorrow? 13/3/24
Hello, crafty signature, I agree because most people today rely on the internet to work and... Suggest a discussion 11/3/24
Hello Topical Talkers, In my opinion I think that the 60-day curfew is the best way of... Freedom v safety? 08/3/24
Hello, I personally agree with you because most of the presidents that we have now are now... Suggest a discussion 06/3/24
Hello, I think that the "first past the post" electoral system is very fair. Reason because... How does the Indian election work? 06/3/24
Hello Topical Talkers, According to my point of view, I think that it is up to the voters of... Who has the power? 04/3/24
Hello, I think that more percentage of the money should be spent on totally preventing crime.... Prevention or protection? 04/3/24
Hello, From my own point of perspective, I honestly think that it is parents and teachers that... Who has the power to stop social bias? 03/3/24
Hello, I agree because the utilization of stimulants to enhance athletics is wrong because it... Suggest a discussion 02/3/24
Hello, I agree because the use of drug stimulants can totally ruin the health of some... Suggest a discussion 01/3/24
Hello, I scored 5 out of 8. I noticed that immigration is basically like a turning point in the... What do you know about immigration policies? 01/3/24
Hello Topical Talk, I scored 13/16. To be honest I do not think that enhanced games are... Show what you know! 29/2/24
Hello Topical Talk, I personally agree with option B because sports is basically a form of... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 29/2/24
Hello, I would love to say that if young people in a certain community were not informed about... Responsible citizens 28/2/24
Hello, I absolutely agree with you because doping can seem right to someone that uses it at... Suggest a discussion 28/2/24
Hello glorious_truth, I think that the use of illegal drugs is an "unfair advantage" because... Unfair advantage? 28/2/24
Hello, I agree with you because it is very vital that people rove to other places to learn how... Suggest a discussion 25/2/24