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The expert that I learnt the most from was Clover Hogan. She made me realize all of the horrific... Competition #6 Expert learning 17/5/23
If AI was able to clone people's voices, it may cause problems that relate to the copyright law... Photos and voices 16/5/23
I think that idea 4 would have the best and biggest impact on nepotism. This allows for more... What should be done? 16/5/23
The results of this poll were predictable in my opinion. I predicted that people would treat... Nepotism poll results! 15/5/23
I think that there could be benefits from the protestors being televised, but this depends on... Not for everyone? 11/5/23
Being a nepo-baby might give someone an unfair advantage because they would not have to work... Nepo-babies in the news 10/5/23
People should not have to make it clear if they are a nepo-baby. This is because announcing that... Nepo-babies in the news 10/5/23
I believe that nepotism begins at step 8. At this step, Ema is given a role in her father's new... Where does nepotism start? 09/5/23
I believe that unemployment will spread with the development of artificial intelligence. With... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 09/5/23
If people do not support the new king, I believe that it is not right for them to join the... Not for everyone? 09/5/23
I do not believe that AI, or someone who uses AI to create art, cannot be called an artist. This... AI poll results! 08/5/23
AI could make human artists less important in the future. This is because AI artwork may create... Thinking questions 06/5/23
I think that it is both a good and bad thing that AI can produce art. It is a good thing because... Thinking questions 06/5/23
I do not think AI should be able to copy other artists' styles. This is because it would make... Inspiration... or stealing? 05/5/23
I think that royalty is a topic that can cause people to be upset. Many people may think that... Reflect on the lesson! 05/5/23
I do not think that there is a role for royalty in the modern world. I think this because the... Are royals relevant? 05/5/23
I think the role of royalty is to influence the public to become united and grow the economy. I... The role of royals 02/5/23
Opinion B is the opinion that I agree with the most. This opinion is fair for royals, as well as... Royal responses 02/5/23
People in the metaverse have the ability to buy things without using their real money. This can... Particular people 01/5/23
In the metaverse, I would try to design new modes of transportation that are better for the... Expert challenge: The metaverse 01/5/23