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In this festival I have learnt many things which truly made me realise that before being a part... Competition #10 winners 28/3/24
I think there should be a hub discussion post about will increasing awareness regarding climate... Suggest a discussion 27/3/24
Well I think everything has a positive and a negative side, in the same manner AI also has both.... Will AI transform the emerging world? 27/3/24
Well I think a good caption can be "An eco-friendly unity to change the world ". This idea came... Caption this! 27/3/24
Well I totally agree with opinion B. Learning is not something which we do only in school but... Will schools exist in future? 25/3/24
Prison's are made so that people who do crime are given punishment, but if those criminals get... "If prisons aren't fit for purpose, then prisoners should be set free." 25/3/24
Yes I would like to be my country's leader in the future, so that I can bring useful changes in... Future leaders: poll results! 22/3/24
Well I thought that most of us would say no. As I would not like to be the leader of my country... Future leaders: poll results! 21/3/24
Well in my opinion I think the media has power in democracy. Though the selection of a leader... Who has the power? 21/3/24
I totally agree with you. News tells us what is happening around the world. It tells us the pros... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 18/3/24
Well I think that the statistics Less than one tenth of the people represent gender... Competition #6 winners 28/2/24
If I could meet Mr Richard Hughes I would ask him about, What are the most impactful change you... Richard Hughes 10/2/24
In my opinion I would withdraw buisness with country A for some period of time until and unless... Countries behaving badly 07/2/24
If I could meet Mr Daniel Hulme I would ask him questions :- 1) How will AI transform different... Daniel Hulme 06/2/24
If I could meet Mrs Caroline Hickman I would ask her about:- ◾What specific training and... Caroline Hickman 02/2/24
If I could meet Mrs Raman Rai I would ask her questions about:- ◾What are some specific... Raman Rai 02/2/24
Well I think even though virtual field trip provide accessibility to anyone with an internet... AI and the future of education 01/2/24
I agree because... I think ,Teachers will need to learn how AI works, its strengths and... AI and the future of education 31/1/24
The current piece of news related to climate which makes me feel good is related to the solar... Finding a balance 22/1/24
I think robots with AI will do better jobs related to data analysis as compared to human's.... People v robots 22/1/24