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In fact, hosting a major sporting event in my country, especially hosting developing countries,... Coming to a town near YOU! Or not? 28/11/22
When Arab or European fans raise slogans in support of the Palestinian cause, when an Egyptian... Sport and politics: do they mix? 28/11/22
It should not entail respecting the cultures and religions of other people, and it should be... A speech that got people talking 23/11/22
I agree with person A because doctors save many lives every day and they are very wonderful and... Pick a side! 22/11/22
What will benefit the country that will host these tournaments and activities greatly, as there... World Cup: what’s the legacy of big events? 21/11/22
Superheroes form a powerful alliance to fight crime wherever it is found on Earth, and confront... Who could change the world? 15/11/22
Presidency (and being a leader) is a very difficult and tiring matter at the same time and a... Would you be a leader? 11/11/22
In my local area, the problem of littering is everywhere, and where most of the garbage is... How sustainable is YOUR community? 08/11/22
In my opinion, the inventions mentioned above, each one is no less important than the other, but... Get creative, save the planet! 08/11/22
Future event organizers when creating a meeting should create it online rather than traveling to... Are COP events sustainable? 08/11/22
Clothes became a commodity that was used many times and then was thrown into used clothing... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 03/11/22
The olive tree is one of the evergreen oily tree plants, and the olive tree has many economic... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 02/11/22
What foods can be made in your country? These are dairy, tomato sauce, taboon bread, Mujadara,... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 02/11/22
From my point of view, I see that the people who benefit most from space innovations are the... Space innovations: what do you think? 02/11/22
Yes, a person has the freedom to choose and the freedom to say what they want, and that is in... Should the internet be a human right? 02/11/22
I would like to know that there is life on planets other than the planet Earth on which we live... What makes space 'out of this world'? 02/11/22
Writing messages is a big mistake, because the messages do not change people’s opinions about... Mind your language! 02/11/22
The idea of ​​songs is a beautiful idea, because people love music, songs and melodies, and if I... Protest songs: what would you choose? 02/11/22
Yes, Internet access is the view that all people should be able to access the Internet in order... Should the internet be a human right? 01/11/22
95% that adolescents who use social networking applications and sites are doubly exposed to... Competition #1 Interpreting statistics 01/11/22