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It would be very challenging to be a leader of my country but I would like to give it a try. I... Your country in your hands! 11/3/24
For me, it all depends whether the enhanced games know for sure that the substances they use are... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 06/3/24
Enchanted drugs use substances that are not so friendly to our body. Steroids and any hormone... Should people know? 01/3/24
I believe that every sport matter. Ok some people tend to focus more because of their popularity... Which sports “matter”? 29/2/24
I don't believe that some sports matter more than others. It all depends tha attraction each... Which sports “matter”? 28/2/24
I absolutely understand how unfait it is for all the unpaid work women do at home. Some of... Gender inequality: have your say! 25/2/24
I believe this happens to only a very small amount of journalists. These days journalists have... Challenges to journalists 19/2/24
For me, each one of us is important and unique and all of us together equally important. In my... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 19/2/24
By increasing the number of prison stuff, they might feel safer and it will also help their... Prison staff 17/2/24
I don't quite agree with quote D. I understand that an individual can't make big changes. ... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 17/2/24
One positive is that a reminder awakes you in a way and tells you to act. Because our life is... Climate change: regular reminders 15/2/24
Personally reminders of climate change make me feel negative. That is because when extreme... Climate change: regular reminders 14/2/24
Hi magical_tennis. Nice points for all the negative points you mentioned. You are right . You... Global action! 14/2/24
Freedom is a right for people that they should have it during their whole life. If someone wants... Freedom v safety? 11/2/24
In my opinion the brand could have some control over the celebrity but it doesn't have the right... The “face” of a business 11/2/24
I believe that young people should volunteer in many different actions that a lot of charities... Are green skills the future? 11/2/24
Of course news can affect businesses but to a greater extent the smaller ones. For instance when... How might the news affect businesses? 09/2/24
Hallo, i think if prisons doesnt working many bad people will be free and no one cant stop... What if prisons aren’t working? 05/2/24
One piece of news that made me feel concerned is the one I heard on TV about sea level rising.... Finding a balance 05/2/24
One of the traditions we have in our country for many years but activists try to oppose it is... Animal rights 04/2/24