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Hello I think that I agree with option c because sometimes bussineses may invest in something... Profits or the planet? 10/3/24
Hello talented chemistry I totally agree but why do you think it is important to learn... The Importance of Learning Coding at a Young Age 10/3/24
Hello I think because of wars and companies helping the wrong/right side can affect a lot on... How might the news affect businesses? 08/3/24
Hello The skill that I will be closing is problem solving because mostly in this competition... Competition #7 winners 08/3/24
For me I believe that gender stereotypes are getting better over time for example according to... Stereotypes 06/3/24
Hello I totally agree with option A because it really is everyone's priority to save the... Businesses v the environment 28/2/24
boycotts are not that helpful to the companies that people are boycotting because the companies... Are boycotts helpful? 22/2/24
I agree with option A because international women's day is to remind us about women's... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24
Hello topical talkers I think that there should be a disscussion about the women that were... Suggest a discussion 20/2/24
𝐕𝐨𝐭𝐒𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐠𝐞 In my point of view voting age should be 17 because I think that when people are 16... Age restrictions 16/2/24
I think that the job that ai machines in my opinion can't do therapy because ai can't understand... People v robots 16/2/24
Ai can change the emerging countries in a lot of ways it might someday even help in surgery or... Will AI transform the emerging world? 16/2/24
The journalists face a lot of challenges and while some may look easy they are actually hard let... Challenges to journalists 14/2/24
I believe that prisons should be run strictly if they are easy on their prisoners they might do... How should prisons be run? 14/2/24
It would really be a good idea to make a discussion about PEACE AND WAR this topic would be... Suggest a discussion 13/2/24
Hello everyone I think that the person that will really help the world be better is Hermione... Competition #4 winners 12/2/24
Businesses can encourage people to vote and tell them how to even open sites to vote from home... Businesses and elections 12/2/24
It would be a very bad decision if I supported country A because then I would lose a lot of... Countries behaving badly 12/2/24
Hello I think that the brand should have no control over the celebrity but there are some... The β€œface” of a business 11/2/24
As for me I see a lot of news about climate change but they're all negative that's why I don't... Too much negative news? 11/2/24