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I strongly agree with you and can relate to it as well. Nowadays eco-anxiety is growing globally... Eco-anxiety how it affects us and our wellbeing 27/3/24
I feel that media can be useful tool for the people to understand what is going around in the... The media and elections 12/3/24
I think that it still won't be fair as first of all it raises a major safety concern. Secondly,... You make the rules! 26/2/24
Honestly, I feel that not all things that make you different from others is unfair. We need to... Unfair advantage? 26/2/24
I totally support you steady maths as sometimes immigrants settle in other countries so that... Fair or unfair? 24/2/24
I totally agree with option A. The reason behind this is that the statement "it's... Businesses v the environment 24/2/24
The topic that I would like to suggest is " women 's revolt " I believe that after decades of... Suggest a discussion 24/2/24
The questions of the quiz very really very interesting and the designing of quiz was really very... The business and politics quiz 24/2/24
My classmates raise a very common question but the answer that we found was mind blowing so the... Classroom spy! 23/2/24
AI is a subject which has a start but no end because new emergence of technologies take... Test your knowledge 23/2/24
you are truly correct intelligent orchard women's have gone through many struggles and... Gender inequality: have your say! 20/2/24
I believe that every girl that sacrificed their choices and life or passed through struggles and... Competition #5 winners 20/2/24
I have my strong opinion towards point A. International day women's day is celebrated to... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 20/2/24
My thoughts are really very clear to this as it is whole hearted responsibility of everyone to... Who has the power to stop social bias? 19/2/24
I support the option A "Nations that fail women,fail I believe this statement is true The... “Nations that fail women, fail.” 19/2/24
Earlier there was no chance that women would be allowed to perform in sports not even in any of... Women's sport 19/2/24
As we all know saving environment's beauty is everyone's duty that's why I pick option A as it's... Businesses v the environment 18/2/24
I want that education in future should be provided to everyone and everyone should get this... AI and the future of education 18/2/24
I totally agree with option A the developer of the machine is fully responsible if there is... AI accident: who is responsible? 18/2/24
I agree with youas even I believe that local news is a good source of information and can even... Responsible citizens 17/2/24