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Greetings, We all know that it is the modern age. The human kind has developed a lot. Humans... Competition #8 winners 14/3/24
Greetings, I think and strongly believe that with the peoples contribution,commitment,unity and... Eco-anxiety, what can be done about it? 11/3/24
Greetings, I think that ai holds a lot of potential to transform the emerging world. I think... Will AI transform the emerging world? 11/3/24
Greetings, Today, media can cause a great impact on any topic or field. Like wise,I think that... The media and elections 10/3/24
Greetings, I scored 12 out of 16 and I was really shocked to know that 44% consume enhancing... Show what you know! 10/3/24
Greetings, If we look and understand from everyone's point of view,all of these opinions seem... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 08/3/24
Greetings, I think that Joe Biden's and Poland's policies are fair. As the president of a... Fair or unfair? 05/3/24
Greetings, As for me I will try to make a balancement in every skill as that will be very... Competition #7 winners 05/3/24
I would be really thrilled and happy to meet you. I would have a lot of questions to ask you. I... Joycelyn Longdon 11/2/24
Greetings I think that ai is and will be really helpful and beneficial in the field of... AI and the future of education 10/2/24
Greetings Prisons also known as jail, detention center and so on is basically known as a... How should prisons be run? 10/2/24
Greetings, I think that a job that ai will be able to do better than people in the future is... People v robots 08/2/24
Hi Respectfully saying,I kind of disagree with your comment. Although everyone has their own... Suggest a discussion 08/2/24
I think that the caption "THE PLANET'S BETTERMENT IS IN OUR HANDS" is good . I think that this... Caption this! 08/2/24
Greetings, In my opinion, I believe that everybody is responsible for making an effort to stop... Climate change and inequality 08/2/24
Greetings, I think that the topics "AI" and "Eco-anxiety" link . We know that AI has now become... Competition #3 winners 08/2/24
I think that it is better to restrict people from freedom if it is for their own safety as it is... Freedom v safety? 06/2/24
If a celebrity is the face of a brand it is obvious for the brand to be more successful but the... The “face” of a business 06/2/24
Greetings, I think that businesses whether they are small or big can make a really big and... How could businesses make positive change? 06/2/24
Greetings, I scored 9/12. This was a really amazing quiz .I helped me a lot in aquiring some... The business and politics quiz 05/2/24