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I couldn't agree more and also schools should organize training programs for improving digital... Are green skills the future? 12/2/24
Nowadays, all countries are meeting the challenges of clime change , so it is not option to turn... Are green skills the future? 10/2/24
Yes, I think green skills will play an effective role in the future as it is connected to most... Are green skills the future? 08/2/24
Hi, We know skills in general are the knowledge and abilities that enable us to achieve our... Suggest a discussion 07/2/24
I would like to thank you first for this interesting competition topic because as students while... Competition #3 winners 06/2/24
Well, seeing this picture is actually our perfect dream that everyone is working to save our... Caption this! 05/2/24
Hi, From my point of view, I won't be happy with replacing human adults on the Hub with AI... AI bots on the Hub? 05/2/24
Yes, the information age has changed the way many people get their news, but local newspaper... Responsible citizens 04/2/24
Climate change affects all regions around the world, we are seeing now that polar ice shields... How to make a change 04/2/24
I agree that prevention is better than cure. As crime prevention plays a crucial role in... Prevention or protection? 04/2/24
Yes, People will always need to learn for themselves, even if machines are intelligent too." I... Will schools exist in future? 03/2/24
Hi, I agree with you as people will always need to learn to remain relevant and keep them up... Will schools exist in future? 03/2/24
Well I can see this from different point of view. I know it is becoming more common too see... People v robots 01/2/24
Honestly, I feel hopeful and concerned at the same time. I feel hopeful as it has a role in... What's your reaction? 01/2/24
I believe that all parts of society must be included in political systems, I felt grateful when... Competition #2 winners 31/1/24
Climate change is spreading out in the media and with the number of environmental awareness... Why don’t people change? 31/1/24
I believe that many jobs are and will be created by AI like natural language processing engineer... Jobs of the future 30/1/24
Personally, I agree that climate change reminders make you feel disappointed and grateful at the... Climate change: regular reminders 30/1/24
I agree that artificial intelligence is crucial in education process. For example, it can be... Classroom spy! 30/1/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion about human intelligence and artificial intelligence... Suggest a discussion 30/1/24