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I agree that women are better at speaking about women and men are better at speaking men. This... Selam Gebrekidan: this topic’s poll! 01/3/24
I actually agree with D after that live lesson about women in the media. ( The one that was at... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 28/2/24
Surprisingly, I stumbled onto 10/10. I kinda guessed with most of them. That quiz adpted to my... The women in media quiz 26/2/24
I strongly agree because with you on the part about it not mattering about someone's age because... Age restrictions 26/2/24
I think that people aren't changing for one of the reasons below: They don't care about our... Why don’t people change? 22/2/24
I would like to see things like not being enemies with your component. To adapt on my point is:... How could businesses make positive change? 22/2/24
I think it is fair because we are helping you to stay safe and to protect you. We are asking you... Freedom v safety? 20/2/24
I agree with A because everyone is responsible for the world and we have a part to play in this... Businesses v the environment 19/2/24
I think there should be a hub discussion about " What is expected in prisons" because nobody... Suggest a discussion 17/2/24
Quote A and D were the ones I agree with the most. With quote A, I talk about Climate Change... "Climate anxiety is a failure of the systems of power." 16/2/24
Alicia, you are correct. They probably won't take it as seriously but I hope they realise how... Global action! 16/2/24
COP is a negative and positive thing. The reasons are: Positive •They are trying to improve... Global action! 14/2/24
I happened to get 11/12 even though I don't have too much knowledge on politics and business.... The business and politics quiz 14/2/24
Age Limits Voting: 18 because at that age you understand the world better and that is the age... Age restrictions 13/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion about: What does a good business mean? I sometimes... Suggest a discussion 13/2/24
I think there should be a Hub discussion post about : "At this point in life , do you think AI... Suggest a discussion 13/2/24
Hello Thoughtful_hedgehog. I agree with you because it is crucial to know about legal and... Suggest a discussion 12/2/24
I think there should be discussion about "how do you think climate change works" because even I... Suggest a discussion 10/2/24
It is so sad that people around the world-not just in the UK- are abusing animals and beating... Animal rights 10/2/24
Hi everyone. Boutcher Cofe Primary School A are very pleased and appreciated to be a part of... Topical Talk in your classrooms 09/2/24