Topical Talk in your classrooms


Did you complete the lesson about business and politics at school with your teacher? If so, we’d love to hear about any good discussions you had in the comments below. You could tell us…

… about any good debates between you and your classmates. For example, about what political decisions your pretend business should make.

…how you changed your mind about something during the lesson. For example, did any of the different perspectives change your mind about what your pretend business should do?

…your reaction to the businesses in the news. Do you think that the business owners made the right decisions?

If you haven’t done this lesson yet but you’d like to – let your teacher know. They can download the Topical Talk resources.

Ask your teacher to send us photos of the lesson in action for a chance to appear on our social media!

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  • hello everyone,
    We are very pleased to be associated with topical talk. Just as topical talk has given us an opportunity to give our opinions and comments, English language has increased the enthusiasm of speaking and writing. Every day we think about various topics of topical talk. It is a great achievement for me to present my opinion in front of everyone. The topical talk helped us learn about the contribution of artificial intelligence to our environment and the contribution of artificial intelligence to the social environment. In the same way, I can present my country, school and myself to different countries and people of the world in my own capacity

    1. Yes, I agree with you because with the help of the conversation I have been able to improve my skills while conferring verbally and textually, my lexicon in English language has also greatly improved, and I also have become very outspoken and more confident, I have also learnt to always listen to the opinion of others very closely and also either agree or disagree about a suggestion in a discussion.
      Thank You!!!

      1. This is great to hear, wondrous_mode!

  • Hello!!! Today we had a very interesting discussion at school! Some of my classmates want to open their own business, so they were talking about their ideas! What I noticed in all of their talks, is that all of them want to change something through their future job! This is just an example of the way people aspire to make our world a better place! A place, where people can come together and actually help eachother out! This is a change I myself want to see in society! Imagine being able to make a difference with just a business! In my opinion, this is amazing!
    What are your thought of this topic? Do you think that a business can alternate people's perspective of the world?

  • Hey Kim!
    What a great discussion the economist foundation gave us this week. It is a wonderful one! In my class we discussed this topic thoroughly and we our teacher gave us great examples, we asked questions and she answered all.
    We used Aliko Dangote as an example. Dangote is multi millionaire known for various businesses (production of cement, petroleum products, sugar, salt, pasta and many more) in Nigeria, Africa and the world. Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and Africa. People who know Dangote know that he is a very strategic business man with lots of knowledge.
    My class then used Dangote to ananlyze this topic and our teacher to imagine Dangote working for APC(All Progressive Congress).
    The power Dangote has is INFLUENCE, people tend to listen to successful and rich people so if Dangote advertised APC and told voters to vote for Tinubu, other parties would be offended by his actions which could be drastic to both politics and business, APC dream would fall and Dangote could lose a lot of customers from the other parties.

    So business and politics don't rhyme in this aspect.....

    1. I completely agree with you! The discussion seems really engaging and it's impressive that your class had such a thorough conversation. It's great that your teacher used Aliko Dangote as an example to analyze the topic; his influence and success in business make him a significant figure. It's true that when influential people like Dangote support a political party, it can have a major impact on both politics and business. Other parties might feel offended, and it could potentially affect Dangote's customer base. It's fascinating to see how the worlds of business and politics can intersect in this way.

  • In my class we discussed on if businesses are doing something about climate change and to my surprise one of the major business that is in my country is not doing anything about climate change ,that particular business is a business that supplies animal feed and human edibles, they are not doing anything about climate change and that is causing great problems in the society because I think that all businesses should do something about climate change for the well being of the community. I think that there is a need for the government to shut down any manufacturing company or businesses that is not doing anything about climate change.
    In conclusion, all businesses should be able do something about climate change for the betterment of the society.

    1. Reflective_conversation, thank you for your comment.

      Perhaps a business would need to spend a lot of money to do something about climate change.

      How would you persuade a business to do that?

    2. I disagree because some industrial businesses are actually doing some changes to climate and to the atmosphere but in a negative way. Most of them discharge dangerous fumes into the atmosphere which end up destroy the ozone layer exposing us to the ultra-violent heat of the sun and the melting of icecaps in polar regions. It is not only gases that are released, but also chemicals. They are released into the water which kills the life forms of the creatures living in it.
      THANK YOU!!!

  • We discussed the carbon footprint in my city visa vis the business community in my classroom. To my greatest surprise, I heard that there is a household company in the heart of the city where I live with a high level of carbon emission yet has no climate change program.
    The company is not actively participating in policy making by the government and this can be dangerous because one policy from the government can bring down the entire organisation.
    I think that such organisations should participate in politics because if they don't , they will most likely be affected.

  • In my opinion, our discussion was quite fruitful. Regarding the video, the first scenario highlighted leaving a country that attacks another (Country B). Personally, if I were in a country involved in such conflicts, I'd opt to relocate my business elsewhere. Safety should be a priority, and operating in a stable, peaceful environment is crucial for business sustainability. I also feel that both the workers and brand ambassadors are free to air their own opinion even if it differs from the opinion of the business as long as they do not commit crimes and behave badly themselves

    1. I agree because as a business owner, one's top priority should be the safety and welfare of its workers and associates as well as the safety of the business as a whole.
      As well as considering the safety of its workers, the business should also be careful not to get themselves involved in the war. War is a tense situation for everyone, and if the business involves itself in the war, there could be serious consequences.
      I support the business leaving the country that started the war, because as well as protecting the lives of its workers, it also shows its displeasure with the attacking country. That is a really good example of peaceful protest, advocating for the rights of war victims without being violent.
      I do feel that brand ambassadors should feel free to express themselves, as far as their criticism is constructive. They should be truthful and honest, but careful not to offend any party in the war. Especially on social media, celebrities should remember that their words can be used against them or interpreted the wrong way, so they should choose their words carefully.

      1. I completely agree with you. But would you please see through this that leaving the attacking country would not be considering the welfare of the workers in the attacking country knowing that your workers and staff are probably not the ones who started the war.

  • Hello everyone,
    During the lesson, I came to a realization about my pretend business and how different perspectives can greatly impact decision making. Firstly, I was satisfy that our business should focus solely on increasing profits, as that is often seen as the terminal goal in the business world. However, as I listened to the various perspectives from my friends, I started to consider other part that should be taken into account, such as ethical considerations and long term sustainability. This made me re_ evaluate my initial position and opened my mind to the idea that our pretend business, should prioritize a triple bottom line approach, considering not only financial success but also social and environmental impacts. This shift in my mindset was crucial because, it helped me to understand or know the importance of balancing profitability with responsibility, ensuring the longevity and positive impact of our business.
    Thank you !!☺️

  • Hello,
    In our civic class, we discussed the political situation in Nigeria. We learned that many Nigerians view politics as a DIRTY GAME. This is because of the prevalence of dishonesty, corruption, unfulfilled promises, electoral fraud, and bribery in the political arena. These practices damage the reputation of our country and undermine the democratic principles that should guide our governance. Many politicians use their power and influence to enrich themselves and their cronies, while ignoring the needs and welfare of the people. This creates a system that fosters distrust, apathy, and cynicism among the citizens, who feel that their voices and votes do not matter. However, this situation can be changed if Nigerians become more active and engaged in the political processes. We can protest and fight for our rights, and demand accountability and transparency from our leaders using the media. We can support candidates who demonstrate the good qualities of a leader. By doing so, we can create a more democratic, inclusive, and responsive political system that works for the benefit of all Nigerians.

    1. Hi reasoning_knowledge! This sounds great but I don't think this was a Topical Talk Festival lesson. If you'd like to try one, ask your teacher to download our next breaking news topic lesson from Monday! Can you guess what the topic might be?

  • Exploring different perspectives during a lesson can definitely influence decision-making for a pretend business. It broadens one's understanding and consideration of various factors. As for reactions to businesses in the news, it's subjective and depends on the context, but discussing different viewpoints can lead to insightful discussions on whether the decisions were optimal.
    It sounds like you're discussing business perspectives and decision-making in your lesson. Different perspectives can indeed influence decisions, and analyzing real-world businesses can provide valuable insights into decision-making processes.

  • I was discussing this topic with my classmates and a debate arose "Whether a company should appoint a candidate as the face of the company". Group One debated in its favor and said that if it is a famous celebrity then it might affect the company positively and the sales of the company might increase overnight. Group two said that if in the future that celebrity gets into a short argument with the owner then even a tiny negative comment would affect the business a lot. According to them, the company should take the help of most of the current famous celebrities and not keep one as their permanent candidate.

  • Hello Topical Talkers!

    Today in our class we had a debate about businesses and politics. In our class the debate was that each group had a made up business and in my group we had only three people, and there were three roles, so each of us had a role. The roles we had where one person had to think about the money, another would think about the customers and employees, and the last one would think about the morality. My role was thinking about the customers and the employees. The debate was about our perspectives on different situations. One example of a situation that we had to debate about was war. The example our teacher gave was the war of Russia and Ukraine, we had a debate in our group to see if we would not do company with that country. Our group said we would not do business with a country that was in war. Our reason was that, my partner had that had the role of having the priority for the money, he said being in a war we have a chance of getting bombed and losing money. There were many more reasons that we had, but we had to move on.

    Bye Topical Talkers!

  • Hey everyone,
    During a recent discussion with my classmates, we engaged in a thorough provoking discussion about what political decision our pretend business should make. One of the clue points we focused on was the possible impact of environmental policies on our business operations. My few friends argued in favor of adopting sustainable practices, and investing in renewable energy sources, reproduce the endless benefits for both our business and the environment. Others had covered about the potential costs related with such decisions and argued for a more cautious approach. Our debate highlighted the importance of carefully considering the economic and ethical inference of political decision within the context of our business, eventually encourage a deeper understanding of the need for balance and agreement.
    Thanks !!🙏

  • I didn’t faced any debate topics like that, but I have an idea on a topic "business and politics," my perspective often revolves around the idea that businesses should prioritize neutrality and ethical responsibility in navigating political decisions. While acknowledging the importance of corporate engagement with societal issues, I argue that overt political endorsements by businesses can be divisive and risk alienating segments of their customer base. Instead, I advocate for businesses to focus on upholding values of inclusivity and social responsibility, engaging in political discourse in a manner that respects diverse viewpoints and promotes positive societal impact. By maintaining a neutral stance on political matters and focusing on ethical business practices, pretend businesses can foster trust and loyalty among customers while contributing positively to the broader community.

  • Hello today we had a nice discussion on the topic Business and politics following the power point.
    What was interesting though was the conclusion that we are all influenced so much from brands and businesses. We tend to follow fashion according to which brand is more appealing or even which celebrity supports it. It was also surprising that when we asked if we would change our favourite sport brand we answered negatively but when our teacher told us that if our favorite celebrity supported another brand then we would change too. Not so encouraging to see that most of us are misled from ads, campaigns, promotions.
    Next lesson will focus on how we can avoid it.

    1. It was interesting too that the top businesses for us were mostly sport brands or mobile brands. These two illustrate that young people use technology and social media but they also prefer to feel casual when it's time to dress.
      We then were arranged in groups to promote our favorite product of the brand to the other group and were excited to see that most of us were very persuasive.

    2. Our class discussion was super exciting, the part where we had to come up with pretend businesses brought out our creativity. My reaction to businesses on the news is positive because it tells us how good or bad the business is going or how popular the business is based on the celebrity who supports it, and the media coverage of the brand. We also looked at what could make businesses leave a country, for some of the examples we looked at I think they made a good decision because it would be better for both them and their businesses. I also think that the decision whether or not to stay depended on not just the leader of the company but also the people who work there.

  • Hi there!
    From my perspective, whether business owners made the right decisions depends on various factors, including their adherence to ethical principles, consideration of societal impacts, and alignment with personal values. I might evaluate their decisions based on whether they prioritize the well-being of their employees, customers, and the community at large. Additionally, I may consider if their choices align with legal regulations and if they demonstrate transparency and accountability in their actions. Ultimately, the "right" decisions are those that uphold integrity, promote fairness, and contribute positively to both the business's success and the welfare of stakeholders.

  • During the discussion about business and politics we talked about if our business was in the Ukraine and Russia war would we withdraw from Ukraine or Would we keep our business in Ukraine. At first, The money, morality, and also the workers and customers priorities in my group were saying that our business should stay in Ukraine. They said this because they didn't just want to leave the loyal customers behind , they didn't just want to leave them in the war. I disagreed with all of them because I was saying how if we left, it would be a better opportunity for our business because when people are in a war they usually don't have enough money. That would mean that our business wouldn't be as successful as it was before. My group agreed with me, and my argument made them change their mind completely.

  • In our class debate we split into two groups. Some of us believed businesses should use brand ambassadors to promote their products, thinking people will buy if they see familiar face.
    Others disagree fearing that the business might suffer if the ambassador did something wrong. With debated back and forth until we agreed that businesses should have brand ambassadors but with short contracts. This way, even if the ambassador message up, it won't hurt the business too much.
    We finally concluded that businesses should carefully choose their ambassadors to ensure that the positively represent the brand.

    1. Yes, it was fantastic, highly competitive, and for some of us, more than just a debate—it was a belief. However, our co-presenters turned it around by explaining the merits of their idea and what they were attempting to convey, which is that if we just tried and understood it, we will discover the intelligence behind it. We the participants also learned a great deal from each other, making it a wonderful experience and stimulating debate.

  • Hello.
    I just finished an interesting discussion on business and politics. Through these talks I got to know business and politics in detail. A business is an organization that provides services to customers in exchange for money. On the other hand, politics is the combination of various individuals participating in various development activities of the country. Just as the political crisis affects the business sector, various business reasons have an impact on politics.Through this discussion, I learned how business and politics are simultaneously playing a role in the development of the country. I also learned a lot about how it affects people. Due to various problems in the world, many businesses are closing down or shifting. But in this regard, many businessmen have taken extraordinary steps which are very commendable. So, if any problem comes, we must face that problem together. Only then will peace be established in the world.

    Bye.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion.

  • Hi Topical Talkers!
    We had a very interesting debate in our class today. We were asked to list brands that we think is the larget brand in the world, then I chose SAMSUNG to be the latest largest brand in the world. Honestly, my whole mind was that Samsung was the best but some other people came up with ideas like apple, Gucci, meta and so on. So the debate that we had made me understand the fact that there are other brands that are far bigger than my chosen brand. Then we were given papers and asked us to design a business and make out our top priority. My group designed a cosmetic company thus making our priority our workers and customers. We were given also a paper that contains 3 different scenarios that requires us to think and make decisions and also to know if there is any information that could make us think twice about our decisions which we did and we took pictures along side the class. This discussion really gave us time to discuss with our group which helped to improve our problem solving skills.

  • Hi everyone!
    In our class,we had a discussion about the relationship between business and politics. We had some really interesting debates about how businesses can operate within political systems to make money. We learned that businesses can influence politics by voting and expressing their opinions on political matters.

  • in my opinion For educators to improve active learning, critical thinking, cooperation, communication skills, confidence-building, and problem-solving abilities, topical talks and teamwork are essential in the classroom. Teachers may create active learning environments that improve student engagement, encourage teamwork, and equip students for success in both academic and professional settings by using these techniques. Students are exposed to various viewpoints, cultures, and experiences through thematic discussions and group projects. Exposure to this environment fosters empathy, understanding of others, and cultural awareness. It aids in developing global citizenship in pupils and enables them to function in a multicultural and interrelated world.

  • as in STEM school they depend on teamwork and working in groups and to discuss with each other depend on think ,pair and sharing which help them to learn faster and to understand the thing that they don't get or misconception they have with some information .Cooperation and teamwork are prioritized in STEM education. As they collaborate in groups, students develop their ability to communicate effectively and solve problems. Students' interpersonal skills are developed and real-world events are simulated through collaborative projects. Pupils are encouraged to think creatively, investigate creative ideas, and come up with original solutions to issues.

  • In one debate with my classmates, we discussed the ethical implications of implementing cost-cutting measures versus maintaining corporate social responsibility. While some argued for maximizing profits to ensure the company's survival and growth, others advocated for maintaining ethical standards, even if it meant sacrificing short-term gains. Ultimately, we reached a consensus that a balance between profitability and ethical responsibility is essential for sustainable business success.
    Thank you!

  • During our class discussion on green skills, a classmate asked if social media could be considered a green skill. Some classmates argued yes, as it can raise awareness about environmental dangers. Others disagreed, viewing it simply as a platform for sharing news. What do you think?

  • Hi everyone.
    Boutcher Cofe Primary School A are very pleased and appreciated to be a part of Topical Talk as this is an amazing place to connect and communicate with you and me.
    In our class , we did finish our topic on politics and each individual learned something knew. Politics was one of my presonal favourites because:
    •I got to learn something knew
    •We had big debates
    •We got to learn what debates where happening in other parts of the world
    •Found out about some new debates
    •The news that was in Russia with Putin and others.
    • The amount of debates were huge
    •Finding out more about Politicians I did not know before.

  • Me and my classmates where debating whether we should leave or stay in the country that started the war. Some of my classmates said we should stay while others said we should go. Many of us gave our own opposing views like one person said that if we live we might not find a very profitable place again a another person said that if we stay people will criticize us . For me it was like topical talk but in the classroom, it was a very informative debate me and my classmates learnt a lot of things and had fun when we were doing it.

  • Hello!
    The discussion in my classroom was really nice. Everyone was interested to listen about this new topic called business and politics. Everyone was telling their own ideas in this topic. Me and some of friends discussed that the topic AI and this business and politics are related because we thought that in business and politics, AI could be used like to keep records of the profit and loss that is happening in the business. From AI, the business can know what most of the costumers want and make product according to that.
    Thank you!

  • In our class, we recently had a cool debate about green skills. Our teacher explained what they are, and we talked about which one is the best. Some of us said scientists or researchers are super important because they find solutions to environmental problems. They make new things and help the planet. Without them, reporters wouldn't have anything to tell the world. Another group thought reporters were the most important because they tell everyone about the cool stuff scientists find. They make people care about the environment. Then, there was a group that said media is super important too because they help spread the news even more. They can make people want to help the environment. This debate taught me that all these skills are connected and all help protect the planet. We need to work together and understand how each skill helps make a better world.

  • Yes, I think if business enters politics, it can bring a good side to politics. Because, through business, various initiatives can be taken in the economic way of politics. Which can play an important role for the development of the country. I think, because of politics, as other traders will gain, many will lose. By traders I mean some unscrupulous traders. Because unscrupulous traders kill the money of common people. Again, showing political power, took away land and deposits. Sometimes they buy land for a small amount of money and sell it to outsiders. Finally, I would like to say that politics has its good side as well as its bad side. Whoever does politics, this is his personal matter.

  • Hello everyone!
    Yes, I think if business enters politics, it can bring a good side to politics. Because, through business, various initiatives can be taken in the economic way of politics. Which can play an important role for the development of the country. I think, because of politics, as other traders will gain, many will lose. By traders I mean some unscrupulous traders. Because unscrupulous traders kill the money of common people. Again, showing political power, took away land and deposits. Sometimes they buy land for a small amount of money and sell it to outsiders. Finally, I would like to say that politics has its good side as well as its bad side. Whoever does politics, this is his personal matter.

  • Hello everyone!
    Our country's politics and business are two important issues. A successful businessman knows well the needs of common people. Similarly, a successful politician also knows what the political field is like. Now if this successful businessman and successful politician can be brought together then I think it will be good for our country. The politics of some countries, including Bangladesh, are completely different from those of some developed countries in Europe, America and Asia. If politics can be done by doing business in the politics of Bangladesh, it is possible to take over a part of politics. If a successful businessman in our country wants to share some of his business money with a ward councilor or a big leader in the area, then a good relationship will be created between them.
    I will mention more details about them in the next comment. If I write everything now, the comment will be full.
    thank you.

  • We recently had a class discussion about the importance of green skills. Our teacher explained that these skills can help make the world a better place in the future. She encouraged us to think about various green skills, such as entrepreneurship and scientific research. We all had different ideas about which skill is the most important, but by the end of the class, we agreed that all green skills are valuable. Each skill contributes to improving the world in its own way. Whether it's being an entrepreneur or a scientist, every effort counts. Thank you for listening to our discussion on this important topic

  • So like I'm really grateful to my school for me part of the topical talk society. Its a great honor because it serves as a means of opening up your ideas on or giving your opinions on different aspects . Well through out this week in my class, we have been talking about elections.
    We talked about the importance of elections: we found many importance such as, I brings about legitimacy of the political party and government, It shows the level of organization in a country etc.
    And us Nigerians have mainly two organizations in charge of supervising the elections ,which are the INEC [Independent National Electoral Commission] and the SIEC [State Independent Electoral Commission].
    Both of them have some functions in the government to carry out. They also have some common or like functions which are: They supervise and monitor elections, They deal with the registering of candidates, political parties, and voters.
    And in class, we've talked about the level of corruption that occurs in the country that a political party that wasn't voted for ends up winning the election.
    So I as a student wants to see the little way in which I can bring in change to the country. THANK YOU.

  • Hello everyone!
    If a successful businessman is able to share some of his income or business with a ward councilor or an elder brother of the area, he will take a step forward to become a successful politician.
    Being a ward councilor is not just four words. It costs his money and labor. This money and labor do not have to spend! He needs to have something in his identity that instills love for the councilor candidate among the people of that ward. Because no one will vote for a new or unknown person who has never been seen by the local people as a councillor. To become a ward councilor, one needs money first, then labor and lastly one's identity. It is possible to become a councilor through the above points, there are many more but here I have tried to tell the main points.
    What is needed to be the elder brother of the area? To be the elder brother of the area, the first thing you need is recognition, then labor. In some cases money is also required but I will not discuss that.
    Here only a businessman can become a successful politician by sharing some of the profits of his business, through councilors and elder brothers of the area. He who becomes a councilor has to struggle a lot in the same way as the elder brother of the area.
    In the next comment I will discuss what it takes to become a successful businessman or a successful politician. That's enough now.

  • At first, when I heard about green skills, I thought it was just about planting trees and looking after plants. But after discussing it in class, I realized it's much more. Green skills aren't only about trees; there are many ways to protect the environment. You can be an entrepreneur, a reporter, or specialize in other areas. I was surprised to learn that all of these are green skills. By developing these skills, we can help the environment and even secure jobs in the future. It's important to understand that green skills are diverse and can be applied in various ways to make a positive impact on our planet.

  • Well, when it comes to the question of what businesses should do in terms of business and politics, I think that there is no simple answer. It depends on the specific situation and the company's values and goals. Some companies might prioritize profits above all else, while others might consider a range of factors, including social responsibility and sustainability. Some companies might take a more activist approach, while others might prefer to stay out of the political arena. What do you think is the right approach for businesses?

  • Hello everyone!
    People don't know a businessman as much as people know a ward councillor. If a businessman wants to enter politics through a councillor, then I think politics will be quite easy for him. Now the question is how the businessman will join politics through the councilor? The answer is to develop relationships. Improving relationships is not a simple matter. A businessman will go on to become a successful politician if he gives some profit of his income or some share of the business to the councillor. This is how the councilor will recognize him. If the businessman is in any danger, the councilor will be the first to come to his aid. If the councilor is seen in any event in the area, he will be honored. After that, if the businessman wants to become a minister. But the councilor will help him. In this way businessmen can easily enter politics through their money.
    Thank you for patiently reading my entire comment.

  • Hey there,
    Today we had a brief discussion about this topic, but the knowledge we acquired was great. We want what businesses and politics are, distinguished some differences between them, and found ways to make them corelate. We also addressed business and politics in my country. We spoke about how young people with minds that can bring innovative ideas never have the platform or ears to speak and listen to them, and we found out that this is so because in my country, nothing or no one can boom or thrive without being politically inclined toward a group. Take a young man who aims to build a startup company; without a political party to boost his name, it will go down the drains. So, if this young man associates himself with a big man who is politically inclined and even offers favors, just be "seen" or" believed" to be with him, it will push his name, and investors might consider investing in his ideas. We concluded are lesson with a little known fact and we derived a lesson form this. A famous in west africa, paid big politicains to stop all importation

  • Today I gained some great knowledge about business and politics. I realized that wherever you go and whatever you do would include politics. I was shocked to hear this because I assumed politics had to do with presidents and political parties. And I noticed some of the popular brands like Apple and Coca-Cola and concluded they were the most attention-grabbing brands. In my perspective Coca cola is the first most popular item on Earth because Coca-Cola is everywhere and is very affordable. Both in the city and in the village. I think Apple is the second because it creates a new version each year which makes people eager to see the new features it contains. And lots of people like to change their devices yearly. It would be more entertaining to get an updated version. Apple is something that almost anyone would die for. It goes far to the extent that in some country in the Eastern part of Africa people cut their toes in order to get money for apple products. These are great businesses that gets lots of money and have the ability to easily win the hearts of citizens in an election.

  • Hi!
    My class had a discussion about this topic. I was surprised to know that some businesses have cooperation in politics in order to brand themselves and gain lots of profits.
    Firstly, my teacher talked about how a certain businessman was in cooperation with a party who had won the elections. The businessman told the party to stop all importation of sugar because he will supply the country with sugar. Now, that businessman is know worldwide and has gained lots of profits.
    My teacher made another example of the brother of a president in a country who was selling tiles. Due to the man not getting enough profits, his brother made the citizens pay tax if they paint their walls, thus the people had to depend on the tiles the man as buying in order to decorate the outside of their house.
    Lastly, my teacher made an example that when business people want a contract, but the people they want it with are rejecting their proposals, they can go in cooperation with other sectors that are going to places involved with the company rejecting them. By doing this, they are branding themselves positively creating a good impression of the company rejection them in order to give them a second chance.

  • Hi
    My topical talk in my class room was great. I have learnt a lot of things. It is good for me and classmates. I have completed my lessons and I enjoyed much.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share, hopeful_analysis! What activities did you enjoy in particular?

      1. Katie
        I enjoyed all activities in my class.
        Thank you.

  • When my classmates were discussing the top companies in the world, I changed my mind. Originally, I thought Apple was the best company. However, some people who said Meta was the best told me and my partner, "No one would buy an iPhone if they can't do anything on it." After considering her words, I joined their group.

    Also, in the video, the first scenario included leaving one country to invade another (Country B). As a business owner, your primary focus should be the safety and well-being of your employees and colleagues, as well as the overall safety of the organization.
    In addition to protecting its employees, the company should avoid becoming embroiled in the battle. War is a difficult scenario for everyone, and if the company becomes involved, it might have catastrophic effects.
    I support businesses fleeing the country that began the conflict because it protects the lives of its employees while simultaneously expressing disapproval with the attacking country.

  • My classmate and I were having a disagreement on whether or not to remain in the nation that had begun the war. While some of my classmates believed that we needed to stay, others believed that we ought to go. Many of us voiced our divergent opinions. Some claimed that if we leave, we might not be able to find a more profitable location, while others claimed that if we stay, people will criticise us. Our class argument was quite instructive, but in my opinion, it was similar to what is currently going on globally. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that we have to leave our mark wherever we were.

  • In Ghana, inflation and ransom kidnapping pose challenges to businesses. The rise of fake food has increased demand for organic food, boosting profits. Businesses should be cautious when endorsing political candidates and encourage voter engagement. They should respect the rights of ordinary people to express opinions and guide messaging within their industry, avoiding personal lives when discussing other brands.

  • In my class, we had a lot of debates to see whether business owners are making the right decisions in their businesses. For example, we thought of whether or not businessmen in Nigeria made the right decisions about entering into politics. For example, a businessman in my country Nigeria, with the name Peter Obi made the right decisions of being a politician and a businessman also. Some of the businesses he was in included: Next International Nigeria Ltd, Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, Guardian Express Bank Plc., Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Cham's Nigeria Ltd, Data Corp Ltd and Card Centre Ltd. He was the youngest chairman of Fidelity Bank Plc.
    In conclusion, I think that there are some businesses owners that make the right decisions of entering into politics, while there are some that did not.

  • Hello there! Today my classmates and I had a very detailed and interesting conversation. We got to participate in an interactive lesson. While we were working in our groups and creating different made up businesses, I realized how much different people can be based on what their role was. I realized the perspective is a huge part in making decisions for our company. For example, me and my partner got the focus of money out of three roles. Because we had to play in character, we made decisions that would only benefit us and our company in the end. We couldn't focus on our employees or even our co-workers. Listening to other roles, however, allowed me to change my views about how to get money. It allowed me to be more friendly and still allow my company to earn money.

  • It was a really thoughtful lesson. After our first presentation on business and some dilemma questions about whetherbusinesses shoukd continue on countries behaving badly we planned a second lesson where each team had to promote each business. One group presented a sport company another a famous brand with technology, another with environmentally products and so on. It was a surprise that we used so many presentation skills in order to convince a class ( which was our sponsor) to choose one. And the second supposed was that they chose the environmentally friendly products. This means that nowadays the younger generation seems to understand our planet's problems and wants to assist on overcoming them.

  • Today in my class we made a company with our groups. Next we talked about our company, what it does, what it sells, and why. Then we all got roles, and we watched three videos that talked about scenarios with our businesses. After watching those videos we had to discuss what we would do in that scenario and why. Lastly, one side of the room said strongly agree and the other said strongly disagree, and we had to read the saying that was on the board then go to the side of the room we think in our opinion. The statement we had to agree or disagree with was, "Business and brands can't avoid politics in 2024!"

  • Hi
    Today we did a lesson I have been looking forward to which is: Business and Politics what could go wrong? In my opinion this lesson would have been better with a larger and older audience due to the amount of conflict, but we did good for our age. First, we chose our business. Me and my friend agreed pencils would be the best because we have little to no room to be politically involved. This is when our first problem occurred. The other twoo group member completely disagreed so after carefully thinking in our roles we chose pencils. Then, while we were sharing our ideas on the first problem we started a small fuss which could have sent our but we overcame it and agreed that we should continue selling in a country that has invaded another.We chose this because people might stop buying from us but since large groups like schools use our products they cant stop buying necessities. Finally, in the last part of the discussion everyone was worn out so our answers were shorter but to the point. In my opinion this lesson was amazing and made me want to learn more about politics in the future!

  • Today in my classroom we talked about we talked about branding and a board. Branding is like a promotion for your company. A board is a group of people overseeing how they cooperate and their actions. We did groups of three and had to make up a name, a product, and how we would be branding. We had two minutes so we did not completely figure everything out but, we did find a name, product, and how we would be branding. We also had a debate on which is the biggest brand or business and we decided on amazon. In conclusion we learned a lot and it was a very educational activity.
    Thank you!

  • In class we were debating and asking what company makes the most money. In my opinion I would say Amazon makes the most. The reason why I say Amazon is because Amazon has more things to sell, that means people will buy more from it to get these things. If anyone else agrees or has a different opinion, comment.

  • In my classroom, we talked more about branding. Branding is how you promote a product of a business. For example, you wouldn't promote a winter coat in Africa, you would promote it somewhere like Antarctica. To show us this my teacher paired a group to be on the board of a business, we had to come up with a name, product, and branding for our business. We also had a debate on which business was the biggest. We had Sega, Nintendo, Walmart, and Amazon. At the end of the debate, we picked Amazon because it sells multiple things and is worldwide. Overall we learned a lot about debating and branding.

  • We have had lots of debates about which brand of business is the biggest and how they do it .I think that in places with war businesses should only sell in places in the country that want more peace.Some big,successful businesses include: nike,tiktok,bing,google:ect.

  • hi everbody,
    The lesson we did was extremely fun because we got to create are own business, and we faced different situations, which we needed to make a solid decision about. Are business, was called Carmek, and we faced problems like what if the country your business is based invaded another? What if the face of your company said something wrong?

    Another part( which we did separately) involved us exploring different businesses, and finding out which ones were the most famous and rich. The reason I found this fun, is because it let people express different opinions, and even change others too. We also took part in a quiz( which is on this website) and I enjoyed listening and showing my own opinion.

  • In our lesson,we had a discussion on the "importance of communication in business"
    Communication is the passing of message from one source to another to create awareness.communication has played an important role in business by enhancing all aspects of business activities,it a very crucial aspect in business because it is a means by which buyers and sellers get in contact.
    Well thank God for technology,it has made communication so easy,that buyers and sellers can communicate all over the world without having to see each face to face.
    These are some importance of communication in business;
    1 promotion of commercial activities.
    2 creation of awareness for goods and services.
    3 Reduction in cost of risk and travelling.
    4 facilitation of contact among businessmen.
    5 enhance international trade.
    6 provide fast means of spreading Information.
    7 ensure fast delivery of documents.
    8 enhancement of air and sea transport .

    With all this great importance of communication in business,we can always take part in business activities anywhere and anytime, regardless of the weather or location.