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Will unemployment spread with the development of artificial intelligence? Artificial... Will artificial intelligence affect other professions? 08/5/23
It's great to hear that you had such a positive experience at the festival and that it opened... AI and art are two faces for one coin 08/5/23
completely agree that the replication of human voices by AI is an important topic to discuss.... Student suggestion 05/5/23
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You make a valid point. While it is true that some people may feel anxious or overwhelmed when... Suggest a discussion 28/4/23
I do agree with your sentiment. Mindy Lauper's work is an inspiring example of how individuals... Who inspires you? 28/4/23
Hello, Thank you for sharing your perspective on strikes. I agree with you that strikes can... Lessons learned! 27/4/23
I completely agree with your points about the need for daily actions to protect the environment,... Is one day enough? 27/4/23
Hello, Thank you for sharing what inspires you to take action for the environment. It is... Who inspires you? 27/4/23
When I read about the words that describe you above and that you are a journalist, I remembered... Ask Tina Brown! 19/4/23
I joined the discussion on "Earth Day" and answered "Truthful knowledge from Beit Hanoun School... Competition #2 Global discussions 19/4/23
I had previously read in one of the books that the developed countries have more health and... Can everyone strike? 17/4/23
I would prefer that there be strict laws for climate change. "I will be a little strict." But I... Earth Day poll results! 17/4/23
One of the golden rules of financial freedom is that you transfer your expenses from things that... ...Matthew Ball! 14/4/23
As an expert, if we use the “carbon pricing” method in cities with high carbon emissions, in... …Clover Hogan! 14/4/23
Mr. Bin Mango, would you allow me to ask you a question, before you became a member of XR, what... ...Ben Mango! 13/4/23
Mr. Clover, I would like to ask you a question. In our school, we are taking an initiative now,... …Clover Hogan! 12/4/23
I'm curious about this question after I read the text, Dr. Mathol What is the difference between... ...Matthew Ball! 12/4/23