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I disagree with opinion C, which states "Voters should be able to choose their leader - not just... How would you respond? 28/3/24
I feel like elections depend on the situation that should decide whether or not to be held... Should countries hold elections during wartime? 28/3/24
Yes, many factors can give athletes advantages in sports beyond just performance-enhancing... Unfair advantage? 27/3/24
I agree with you "reasoning_tiger", using performance-enhancing drugs in sports like football... Unfair advantage? 27/3/24
A rule to keep my event safe would be that all participants must wear appropriate safety gear at... You make the rules! 26/3/24
I personality agree with Option C most, which is providing support for mental health, is the... Prison staff 26/3/24
To begin with, the most important thing for prison officers is to make sure that everyone in the... What’s the purpose of prisons? 25/3/24
To start with, local journalists face challenges like not having enough money or people to cover... Challenges to journalists 22/3/24
Opinion: B - “A bad prison can make crime worse instead of better.” I agree with this because... What if prisons aren’t working? 22/3/24
Staying informed about local news helps us become more responsible and active in our community... Responsible citizens 21/3/24
To begin with, supporting women's football involves fans, media, governments, sports... Women's sport 21/3/24
In the United States, I see more young people becoming more active in politics. However, it is... Are young people politically engaged? 19/3/24
I would like to give my opinion on "Not enough", this is simply because, in the new, there has... Too old, too young, not enough, too much 19/3/24
I also get why you feel that because traditions should be safe and important to learn. Not just... Animal rights 17/3/24
To start it off, in my opinion, the age limit for voting elections should be 18 years old... Age restrictions 17/3/24
Many people are aware of the damage caused by climate change, but not enough are taking action.... Why don’t people change? 12/3/24
In my community, some people came up with an awesome idea to help the planet – they're making... How to make a change 12/3/24
I would caption the photo "Joining hands for a green future!" because it vividly illustrates how... Caption this! 11/3/24
Everyone is responsible for helping to stop climate change. Stopping climate change is... Climate change and inequality 11/3/24
Global events like COP28 have proved to be effective in addressing environmental challenges by... Global action! 10/3/24