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I agree that media is good because it informs good because it informs voters, promotes clarity,... The media and elections 05/3/24
Hii got 10 /10 .. I have very much interest in Indian politics .. actually I knew about India... The elections quiz 04/3/24
I agree with u and I believe that stimulants not only cause health risks to an athlete but also... Suggest a discussion 03/3/24
I agree because... recently, we have discussed about the side effects drugs and we come to know... Suggest a discussion 03/3/24
I respectfully disagree you because I think that athletes should inform people and fans about... Should people know? 02/3/24
I am passionate about the topic which is "Artificial intelligence" because it has helped me to... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 02/3/24
I agree because... I believe that performance enhancing drugs should not be consumed and if... An interview with the President of the Enhanced Games 01/3/24
I agree because... I believe that the motive of the Olympic is to maintain International unity,... Sports and politics 01/3/24
There are a lot of topics that comes to mind but I would like share some of those here .. I... Suggest a discussion 29/2/24
I agree with you and I would like to say that it necessary that an athlete should eat to remain... Unfair advantage? 29/2/24
I think that international games plays an important role in promoting friendship,exchange of... Which sports “matter”? 28/2/24
I agree with point B and C because if the athletes are consuming perfomance -enhancing drugs and... What do you think about the Enhanced Games? 28/2/24
I think that the athletes should reveal about performance-enhancing drugs because this clarity... Should people know? 27/2/24
I scored 14 out of 16.. I was shocked that around 44 % are using performance enhancing drugs and... Show what you know! 27/2/24
I think that the statistics "less one tenth of people" represents 'gender equality" because I... Competition #6 winners 26/2/24
I agree with you because there are some faults of media that they are not showcasing and not... Do you feel represented? 26/2/24
I agree because... there are many female cricketers of india that are contributing more than... Do you feel represented? 26/2/24
I agree with you and I was surprised that women are paid less than men although they are doing... Gender inequality: have your say! 25/2/24
I agree with point A that it reminds the world how incredible the women are .. there are some... International Women’s Day: good or bad? 25/2/24
There was a discussion about women empowerment in our class ... We have learnt how women raises... Did you do the classroom lesson? 24/2/24