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I'm passionate about various Festival topics, but I particularly enjoy discussions about... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 19/3/24
A good question to spark a discussion or debate about immigration policies could be: "Do you... Suggest a discussion 12/2/24
Caption: "Amidst the rising tides of climate uncertainty, a solitary tree stands as a silent... Caption this! 09/2/24
I firmly believe that option A is correct – everybody is responsible for helping to stop climate... Climate change and inequality 09/2/24
In this scenario, I would agree with option B the most. The owner of Techsolves holds the... AI accident: who is responsible? 09/2/24
Businesses can play a role in encouraging civic engagement, including voting in elections.... Businesses and elections 08/2/24
If a significant event occurs and local people are not informed, it could indeed have negative... Responsible citizens 08/2/24
Here are some potential job roles that could emerge due to advancements in AI: AI Ethicist:... Jobs of the future 08/2/24
Exploring different perspectives during a lesson can definitely influence decision-making for a... Topical Talk in your classrooms 06/2/24
Young people should focus on developing green skills such as sustainability literacy, renewable... Are green skills the future? 06/2/24
I think that "Renewable Energy" and "Sustainable Agriculture" link because both focus on... Competition #3 winners 06/2/24
Many people express a desire for positive changes in political and social issues like climate... How could businesses make positive change? 05/2/24
In class debates, we often discuss the impact of AI on the future of work and education. Some... Classroom spy! 05/2/24
Prioritizing the purposes of prisons depends on perspective, but I'd say the top priority should... What’s the purpose of prisons? 04/2/24
It's a complex balance. Yes, restricting freedom during a state of emergency can be justified... Freedom v safety? 04/2/24
People might experience eco-anxiety differently based on factors like location, socioeconomic... Joycelyn Longdon on different experiences 04/2/24
I'd love my AI robot to be a virtual assistant that not only helps with tasks but also engages... AI companion 04/2/24
I believe the impact of AI on the planet depends on how it's developed, deployed, and regulated.... AI and the planet 04/2/24
Good news: Scientists have made significant progress in developing innovative carbon capture... Finding a balance 04/2/24
Certainly! Here are a few potential AI-related jobs: AI Ethics Consultant: Ensuring responsible... Jobs of the future 02/2/24