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Yes, I agree with you. In Nigeria, many people are leaving for " greener pastures". A lot of... Why are there rules about immigration? 17/2/24
Hello, everyone! A smaller discussion I found on the Hub that I feel should be highlighted is... Suggest a discussion 17/2/24
I agree with your point that says immigrants may threaten citizens' lives and immigration may... What do you know about immigration policies? 13/2/24
Keeping an open mind, I decided to look at the mentioned immigration policies from two points of... Fair or unfair? 13/2/24
Hello, inventive signature. To answer your question, that is what entrepreneurship is all... An interview with Phyllida Swift 11/2/24
I feel that businesses should focus not just on making profit and meeting the demands of their... The business and politics quiz 09/2/24
I think that in the future, no matter what career path we choose to follow, we have to... Are green skills the future? 08/2/24
I chose that businesses should have some, but not total control over their faces, also known as... The “face” of a business 07/2/24
This is true, in Nigeria, prices of goods are increasing by the day, and it makes the cost of... How might the news affect businesses? 07/2/24
A political issue that I'd like to see changed is electoral malpractice. In politics, we hear of... How could businesses make positive change? 06/2/24
I agree because as a business owner, one's top priority should be the safety and welfare of its... Topical Talk in your classrooms 06/2/24
I do think that businesses should be allowed to encourage people to vote. Voting is a duty of... Businesses and elections 05/2/24
I believe that women may not feel as good as men in sports because generally, sports are seen as... Women's sport 05/2/24
I actually experience mixed feelings on this topic. On one hand, I feel that prisoners shouldn't... Show what you know 02/2/24
Yes, I do. It all depends on the way that the news is being laid down. When dealing with people,... Too much negative news? 02/2/24
Thank you. In my opinion, not all crimes punishable by incarceration can have an alternative... What’s the purpose of prisons? 01/2/24
I totally disagree with option C. A person who has escaped from prison cannot and should not be... What if prisons aren’t working? 31/1/24
I think a prisoner's attitudes can change when in prison if enough counselling has been given.... How should prisons be run? 31/1/24
Although the government, media and fans all contribute to encouraging women's sports, I would... Women's sport 31/1/24
The topical talker that made me rethink my opinions and have an open mind was enigmatic leopard,... Competition #2 winners 30/1/24